How We Should Listen to Music

Music is life, a source of inspiration, joy and excitement. Everybody loves to listen to a piece of good music. I’m talking about those great songs that uplift our soul and transcend us to a realm of completeness, peace and happiness. 

Our preferred genre of music usually depends on our current state of mind, our emotional state. That’s why you’d observe that certain instances, you’d prefer to either listen to rock, acoustic, reggae, gospel, rap, blues, etc. 

Your choice of music is in sync with your state of mind

Music is a medium we use to satisfy the taste of our minds. I love music very much, helped me survive tough times. What’s your favourite song?

Since we all love to listen to music, it can equally be displeasing when you find yourself in a room or environment with people with uncultured music culture.

Loud music is music that is played at high volume, often to a point when it causes a psychological or physical imbalance. Trust me it can be distasting when this occurs when you are trying to study, meditate or you desire complete silence.

Some people are so uncultured that they play songs at high volume indiscriminately. It seems as if they forget they are not alone in this world. They are just too reckless with the volume key. I often feel that these set of persons may as well be trying to prove a point when nobody cares. 

Your experience with people who play loud music?

But why can’t people enjoy their music with their headphones and leave the rest of us out of it?

I come from a developing nation Nigeria where loud music is not regulated. You can’t call the police because your neighbour is tearing down the neighbourhood with their loudspeakers well except for those whole live in wealthy estates in Lagos and Abuja. Does your country have regulations for people who play loud music?

It is the uncultured nature of some music lovers that make them feel they have to show off with their loudspeaker. If only they know how annoying their activity?

A few years ago, I lived in an apartment were playing of loud music was the norm. On this particular day, I got back to my room and settled down to study because I had an exam the next day. About that time, my neighbour loudspeaker erupted to the peak with “Na God ee win” song. The music was so loud that my heart began to beat along with the rhythm of the song. I was so pissed off that I resolved to call his bluff, at least not when I have exams the next day. I got to my neighbour’s room, I knocked. Nobody answered. I stood there for a while still contemplating what to do when I finally turned and sited my neighbour sitting in a pavement far off.

“You sit here while you explode our head with your music,” I said under my breath.

I quickly informed him that his music was instigating nuisance. Do you know what he said to me?

He said I should enter his room to reduce the volume. Heck yes, I removed the shit out of the speaker. Hehe.

Also, a year ago, I found myself in another apartment. Loud music players follow me everywhere.

This time around, it was very and most irritating because I was staying in an academic environment. The loud music here almost made me go crazy. How can students cause so much nuisance with loud music? 

The point I’m just trying to posit is that we should culture ourselves to enjoy our sweet music. Respect the privacy of those around you and never violate the serenity of your environment. You don’t need to pull down the whole neighbourhood to enjoy yourself. Play music at the appropriate volume. Preferably, get a headphone.

We all deserve to have peace of mind.

Music is Life.

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