SUMAS School Fees Schedule 2024/2025

The table below contains the school fees schedule for the State University of Medical and Applied Sciences (SUMAS).

AccountAmount (₦‎)
Registration Fee 5,000.00
Examination Fee 5,000.00
Teaching Aids 4,000.00
Library Fee 10,000.00
Property Maintenance 5,000.00
General Studies (GST) Fee 5,000.00
Entrepreneurial Studies fees 5,000.00
Field Fee 10,000.00
Records Fee 5,000.00
Games Fee 5,000.00
Faculty Fee 1,500.00
Medical Fee 5,000.00
ICT Fee 20,000.00
Laboratory and clinical training fees for Medicine and Surgery200,000.00
Laboratory and clinical training fees for the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences150,000.00
Laboratory and workshop fees for the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, and Faculty of Applied and Natural Sciences100,000
Accreditation Fee 20,000.00
Website Hosting Fee 5,000.00
Student Welfare Scheme 5,000.00
Health Insurance Scheme 5,000.00
Student Union Fee 500.00
Sanitary Fees 5,000.00
Total for Medicine and Surgery 351,400
Total for Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences 301,400
Total for Engineering, Basic Medical Science, and Applied and Natural Sciences251,400

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74 thoughts on “SUMAS School Fees Schedule 2024/2025”

  1. Please my daughter got 231 in jamb, does she had the chance to study medicine and surgery in the university

    Among the provision for filling the admission form, my daughter forgot to add her evidence of payment in the credentials provided but we have paid. So what can we do?

    • Hello Mrs Chika

      His JAMB score is low for Nursing Science. I advise he applies to courses in the Natural Sciences.

    • Faustina,

      School fees are paid every session and not per semester.

      See the post to see the school fees schedule for Pharmacy.


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