Changing University Course After First Year in Nigeria 2022

Changing university courses or departments after your first year is possible in Nigerian universities.

You can change from your current department to your dream course after your 100, 200, or 300 level.

Many years ago, I got admitted to study a course I did not apply for in JAMB. I intended to reject the admission on the JAMB CAPS.

But I accepted the admission when I discovered that I could change to the department of my choice after my first year.

You know how you want to study a course, but the university of your choice gives you a different department. A department that you don’t have a single clue of its prospect.

For example, you could apply for Pharmacy and get admission for Biochemistry.

Well, that is how I felt at that time. I felt like a failure because I did not get my dream course.

Sometimes, you could decide to apply for such courses because of your low JAMB and Post UTME scores.

The good news is that you can do what is called an intra-university transfer to your dream course at your university.

Every university has its requirements, but it is possible to change your course.

I will show you in this post how you can successfully change your course in a Nigerian university.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you.

Changing University Course After First Year in Nigeria

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The process for changing university courses after gaining admission can be technical. There is a lot of uncertainty in the process. There is no assurance that your change of department application will be successful.

You know other coursemates and students from other departments are attempting the change to their dream course.

The process for department change is competitive, especially for Professional courses like Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, Mass Communication, etc.

The secret to your application success is getting all the necessary information. You need to be ahead of your competitors in all ramifications.

Here are some terminologies you must understand as you undergo this process.

Intra-University Transfer

Intra-university transfer is changing from one department or faculty to another in the same university.

Here are the two types of intra-university transfer in Nigerian universities;

  • Change of Department – Changing department to another course within the same faculty.
  • Change of Faculty – Changing from a department in one faculty to another.

Changing from Political Science to Law is an example of inter-faculty transfer. The change from Linguistics to Mass Communication is an example of intra-faculty transfer.

Inter-University Transfer

An inter-university transfer is changing from one university to another school.

The fact of inter-transfer is that you cannot change to another department in your new school.

For example, you can change from Medical Laboratory Science in UNN to UNILAG. You would not be able to transfer to another course in UNILAG.

Requirements for Changing Course in Nigerian Universities

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Here are the requirements for changing courses in Nigerian universities;

  • O’Level Subject Combination
  • First Year CGPA
  • Department Requirements
  • Borrow Courses
  • Departmental Clearance
  • Apply for Change of Course

O’Level Subject Combination

WAEC or NECO O’level subject combination is the main requirement to change course in the university.

Your O’level result combination must be correct for the department you want to change.

For example, a student who wants to change to Nursing after the first year must have a credit pass in the following subjects;

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology

A wrong O’level result will hinder your chances of changing course. You must determine if your WAEC or NECO result meets the course qualifications.

First Year CGPA

CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average. It is the average of your 100-level results.

A high CGPA of over 4.5 is needed to apply for a change of course.

Because the process is competitive, universities take students with the highest CGPA.

You need to put up an impressive academic performance in your first-year result.

A high CGPA is the gateway to changing the course of your dream.

Department Requirements

Every department in your school has its requirements for change of course. Find out what the requirements are for transfer students.

Some departments may have the policy of not accepting transfer students for a particular academic session.

For example, the Nursing department in some schools does not accept change of department students.

Go to the department you want to change to ask relevant questions. Find a way to meet the HOD or academic adviser of the department.

Borrow Courses

Borrowing relevant extra courses is necessary for a change of course application.

You must take the same courses as the department you want to change to in your first year.

For example, as a Microbiology student, you must borrow Parasitology in your first year.

Find out the courses the students in your preferred department offer, not your course outline.

Departmental Clearance

Departmental clearance is a requirement to transfer to another department.

The HOD of your current department would have to sign you out of the department before you can transfer to another course.

Find out the requirements or what you will need for your transfer application to e successful.

Apply for Change of Course

The requirement for department transfer is to apply for the change of course.

Application for change of department is online.

  • Purchase the form
  • Fill the form
  • Submit your application online
  • Submit your document to the university registry department

Alternative to Changing University Course

There are a few alternatives to apply for a change of course.

I recommend you consider these with your transfer application.

Buy JAMB Form

Buying the JAMB form is the best alternative to apply for a change of course. It is the surest way to get your dream course.

You can combine your first-year academics with JAMB preparations. It will be easier if the courses in your 100 level are similar to your JAMB subject combinations.

But ensure that your JAMB preparation does not affect your first-year result.

Read the best strategies on how to pass your JAMB examination.

Apply for Direct Entry

Application for direct entry is after your first-degree program.

Peradventure, you did not succeed with your change of course application or JAMB. You can finish your undergraduate studies and then apply for direct entry.

Levels to Change Course

You can change your course after the 200 level and 300 level.

For the 300 level, you would have to step down to the 200 level.

Some departments would step you down to 100 level from 200 level. It depends on the policy of the department.

Ask me any questions in the comment box below.

Good luck to you.

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117 thoughts on “Changing University Course After First Year in Nigeria 2022”

  1. Good evening
    I have so many questions to ask because am so confused right now most of the times l feel so lost.
    My first question is, is it possible to change from physiology to medicine and surgery and what course do I need to borrow.
    Secondly, I was told if I study physiology I won’t be able to work in the hospital in Nigeria is that true.
    Thank you.

    • What school are you studying, Physiology?

      It is possible to change from physiology to Medicine.

      There are a few opportunities for Physiology graduates in Nigerian hospitals.

  2. Please sir which is the best and easiest
    Is it changing from philosophy to law or changing from political science to law and what course will I borrow sir

  3. Good day

    I attempted to make a transfer on my student portal for unilag

    The remittaa as being generated but I have decided again not to attempt the change

    I hope I won’t have any further issue as per remitta generated

    Thank you

  4. Hello ma,I am othuke whom you answered that they may give me a different course to study.
    Now if I may ask ma that how will it be possible does it mean I will still buy any form or what can you suggest me to do cos I want to school this year.thank you

  5. Ma what is the department score for this year,cos I scored 46 as my aggregate score and I am going for mechanical engineering at delsu

  6. Can I change from business administration to accounting in same school because I wrote commerce instead of accounting or government in jamb.

    • Hello James,

      You can start the process towards the end of your 2nd semester in 100 level. This is usually when the form is available.

  7. Hi, can I switch from MLS to MBBS in OOU (the same University) or Other University after 100 level?
    E.g; MLS in OOU to MBBS in UNILAG.

  8. Thank you so much for such an educating post.

    I wanted to ask if it’s possible to change from social work to business administration in UNILAG.

    I will appreciate your feedbacks as soon as you can.

    God bless

  9. Pls can I change from education course to another faculty like faculty of art

    E.g changing from English education (faculty of education) to thearter art (faculty of art) in the same University.or in another university if I wish to change university. Thanks

    • Hello Abdul,

      Inter-faculty transfers are not easy but it is possible if the departments are related in one way or another.

      The same thing applies to inter-University transfers.

    • Hello Morolake,

      At the moment, it is not possible because the intra-university application has ended.

      Also, there’s a very low chance of LASU allowing you to move to Nursing from MLS.

      At best, I suggest you write to them @

    • Hello Favour,

      Since the Faculties are different, it might be difficult.

      But it’ll be possible if both departments have a few courses in common and you can borrow other courses.

  10. Pls can i change from nutrition and dietetics to nursing in uniosun after i have completed my 100 level and do i need to borrow course

    • Dear Kelvin,

      Depending on your school, you can if you meet borrow the necessary courses from MLS and meet every other requirement set by the Department.

      The difficulty there may be that there might be no space in your coursework for borrowed courses.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

        • Dear Kelvin,

          The choice to study or not study it is totally up to you to make. If you consider the job opportunities there and it seems favourable, you can study it. If not, then you can reapply next year.

          What was your JAMB score?

    • Dear Victoria,

      You can if you meet the proposed requirements of the school you intend to transfer to. But I must warn you, it’s not going to be easy moving from nursing to medicine in a different school. For some schools, it is impossible.

      • My question now this..
        How does jamb recognise that you have transferred department?what do you do to make everything you did in your school tally with what is in your jamb Portal.
        I have completed my transfer from physiology to nursing,what do I do to make my jamb Portal change as well, regularise jamb or what please explain to me

      • After the department transfer gets successful and your portal in school changes,what do you do to make jamb recognise what you did? is it jamb regularisation or something else? Please tell me.

    • Dear Precious,

      You can change from Slt to medicine if you follow the instructions in the post and meet all the department’s requirements.

    • Dear Blessing,

      You can change from Nursing to Medicine if you meet all the requirements made by Delsu.

      But as the post says, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the process.

  11. Is it possible to change from computer science to nursing with a Jamb subject combination of Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics

  12. Hello sir please can I change course after 100 level from sociology to law my school is Anambra state university

    • Yes, Chidera

      You can change from Sociology to Law at Anambra State University.

      The possibility of you successfully transferring to Law would depend on the requirements of the Faculty.

      I recommend you visit the Law Faculty in your school to make further enquires.

    • It depends on the required CGPA set by the Department of Sociology.

      You should find out from the department the required minimum CGPA.

    • Yes, Alade.

      Generally, it is possible to change from Economics to Sociology.

      But I will need the information on your school for confirmation.

      • Can I change from economics to sociology after my first year in BSUM? If yes, then will i be step down to 100 level?

        • Yes, Alade.

          It is possible to change from Economics to Sociology.

          Concerning if you will step down to 100 level depends on the HOD of Sociology.

          You will need to visit the Sociology department in your school to find out the requirements and if you will have to step down.

          Good luck.

          Let me know if you have further questions.

      • Hello sir, my name is Miracle kalu. I was thinking if I can change from insurance course to businesses administration in faculty of administration in the university of Uyo after my first year

        • Hello Kalu,

          It will be easy if the department you are changing to is in the same department. This way, you’ll do similar courses and borrow the ones you do not have in common.

  13. Is there any possibility of switching from agric and resource economics to medicine after 100 level.even if you meet the requirements

  14. Can I change my course from bsc biology to nursing when am suppose to be in 200level back to 100level bcos they just start the course in my school

    • Yes, Adebiyi

      What university?

      You can change from Biology to Nursing.

      Some schools will allow you to continue from 200 level so long you borrowed the necessary courses.


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