FUTMINNA School Hostel and Off Campus Accommodation

The management of the federal University of technology has made hostel accommodation available to all students both fresh and returning and for both indigene and non-indigenes student

The hostel accommodation is available for all levels except for the 300-level student who would be going for their various IT programs

The Federal University of Technology Minna, has two hostels, the old and the new hostel for both boys and girls, which are located after the school clinic.

Each room in the hostel has its bunk and student are expected to come in with their bed, four (4) students are expected to stay in a room in the old hostel while two (2) students are allowed in the new hostel.

The management of the federal University of technology has tried to make sure that the basic supply of electricity and water is been met.

FUTMINNA Hostel Fees

FUTMINNA have two different hostels(old and new), so are their prices different.

The old hostel goes for twenty thousand Naira (₦20,000), while the new hostel goes for one hundred and ten thousand (₦110,000).

FUTMINNA Hostel Application

To apply for the Federal University of Technology Minna, hostel accommodation, students are to make sure that they have been cleared after their registration and documentation and then proceed with the following steps;

  • Visit the FUTMINNA student portal
  • Login in to your dashboard using the required details asked
  • Scroll down to the right and click on the menu option
  • Locate and click on the hostel button
  • Fill in all the required details asked
  • Proceed to make the payment, using either electronics/bank teller
  • Print out the hostel payment confirmation through your dashboard

Due to insufficiency of bed space, bed space is given based on first come first serve, so as a student, you should always stay updated by always listening to the university radio station Search FM (92.3), so as not to get a pooping message of “no bed space available “when you try to book bed space for the hostel

Preference is normally given to freshers and final year students during hostel accommodation booking.

It is because it is very necessary that as a fresher, you should get accommodation within the school environment;

  • Have easy access to the school resources
  • Familiarity with the school environment
  • Meet with other students
  • Sharing and learning new things with them and improving yourself.

FUTMINNA Off Campus Accommodation

Aside from the University hostel accommodation, the student also stay off campus which is provided by the community leaders

For the off-campus, accommodation prices range from thirty thousand (₦20,000) for a single room and between the range of eighty to two hundred thousand Naira (₦80,000 – 200,000) for self-contained accommodation.

Both the hostel accommodation and the off-campus accommodation are readily available to any student, it all depends on what you want and what makes you more comfortable as a student.

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