UNIZIK Hostel and Off Campus Accommodation 2024

One of the common challenges of students in tertiary institutions is the problem of securing convenient accommodation.

With no exemptions, the same is the case for students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU), Awka

The UNIZIK main campus is located in a suburb of Awka.

Accommodation at Nnamdi Azikiwe University is feasible through various means.

A student might choose to stay off campus due to personal preference.

Likewise, many others may as well choose to get accommodation directly in UNIZIK hostels.

In detail is the vital information about UNIZIK hostels, for students who’d wish to stay within the school.

To start with, the following is the list of hostels within the UNIZIK campus.

List of Hostels in UNIZIK

UNIZIK hostel

There are three (3) hostels in UNIZIK;

  1. Boys’/Male Hostel
  2. Girls’/Female Hostel
  3. Emalda Hostel

Boys’/Male Hostel

The boys’ hostel is a UNIZIK- owned hostel located adjacent to the SUG lion house within the school premises. It comprises a building huge enough to contain a handful of students. 

Each room contains at least two students and at most four, with the bed space spacious enough.

Girls’/ Female Hostel

Located adjacent to Law faculty within the school environment. Just like the male hostel, it is large enough to accommodate plentiful students.

Just like the male hostel, at least two students and at most four (in rare cases) are containable in each room.

UNIZIK Hostel kitchen

Emalda Hostel

Emalda hostel, though situated within the school environment, isn’t owed totally by UNIZIK..it is a private hostel located inside UNIZIK. 

It is located a few metres away from the economics department in Unizik. 

It comprises both male and female students mixed up together and regulated by strict rules.

Best Hostel in UNIZIK

Picture UNIZIK Hostel room
Picture of UNIZIK Hostel Picture

Factually, one cannot tell – because both hostels share similar architecture – the best between male and female hostels in UNIZIK.

Both the male and female hostels have a good and steady water supply.

There is an uninterrupted power supply directly from the school power plant.

Both hostels have the same size of the room and the same amount of fee.

However, a good visitor must acknowledge the superiority of the Emalda hostel.

The brilliant architecture, the uncluttered and cosy environment, coupled with the fact that constant electricity and water are obtainable here.

Also, it has tight security networks and operates with strict rules and regulations for the betterment of students’ welfare.

UNIZIK Hostel Accomodation Fee

The male and female hostels in UNIZIK can be secured by paying the allocated fee for each bed space. Though, each space has an equal fee allocated to it.

The average fee sums up to ₦40,000 as of the 2019/2020, 2020/2021 academic session with accrued expenses inclusive.

The Emalda hostel, however – since it is a privately owned hostel within the school – do not share the same fee with UNIZIK owned hostels.

According to the 2019/2020 academic session, the students willing to secure a space in Emalda hostel are expected to pay on average, a sum of ₦90,000 and ₦110,000 as of the 2020/2021 academic session with a limit of three students per room.

UNIZIK Hostel Clearance Procedures

Due to the non- monopolistic nature of UNIZIK hostels, students are often advised to proceed with hostel clearances immediately after hostel fee payment.

Most of these clearance procedures are digitalized. First off, it is the payment of the allocated hostel fee with evidence of payment.

This is because one may not be able to access the school hostel portal if he/she hasn’t yet paid the fee. UNIZIK hostel does her hostel clearances via their customized portal.

After payment, a secured link is sent to all the students interested, and these students are expected to log in (for returning students) and make necessarily clearances or sign in (for newcomers) and register before proceeding for the clearance.

After clearance, a cleared student is free to explore his/her preferred room and pack in without restrictions.

The Emalda hostel operates similarly, except for the dual nature of her clearance mode. The easiest mode is going directly to the hostel management to get the medium of payment, which is most times to a hostel-owned bank account.

Interested students are usually expected to be at the hostel premises that very day – A day whose date will be disseminated through various digital means– to proceed for clearance.

On the other hand, for the sake of students whose proximity isn’t close at the time, payments and clearances can be done through the hostel-owned portal. The portal is accessible using a customized link.

UNIZIK Hostel Application Form

Here are the procedures to apply for the UNIZIK hostel;

  1. Visit the UNIZIK hostel portal page
  2. Create an account with your university reg number (mandatory).
  3. Make a payment of ₦10,000 only.
  4. Login to the dashboard with the university registration number and password.
  5. Click reservation and pay your ₦30,000 hostel fees.
  6. Open remita.net.
  7. Click on pay other bills.
  8. Select e-invoice.
  9. Input your RRR code and submit. Pay with your card.
  10. Return to the dashboard and confirm your payment and print your receipt

UNIZIK Off Campus Accommodation

UNIZIK School Hostel

The off campus accommodation is located on the outskirts of UNIZIK main campus.

UNIZIK Off Campus locations are;

  • Hostels adjacent Enugu – Onitsha expressway
  • Temp site
  • Awka; Ifite, Awka
  • Amansea, Awka

Enugu – Onitsha Expressway

Located exactly adjacent beautiful gate, UNIZIK. The price of the lodges is relatively higher than the school hostel due to proximity and privacy.

This axis is convenient for students whose faculty are located close to any faculty near the front gate.

Prices of lodges in this axis are relative, ranging from as low as ₦60,000 to as high, or in most cases higher than ₦100,000, on averagely.

Temp Site, Awka

The temporary site is distant in proximity to the school’s main campus.

Transportation is usually needed to and fro. Lodges in this axis are relatively cheaper than lodges in the axis close to the school.

However, some lodges, have a higher price compared to others, depending on the luxury and spaciousness and how cosy they are. 

Some students prefer this axis because of its clean nature and settings, unlike other axis cluttered with population.

Average prices ranges as low as ₦65,000 – ₦130,000 (or more) for a self-contained and ₦200,000 – ₦400,00 for flats

The temp site has the best environmental settings for students, unless for the accumulated expenses due to daily transportation.

Ifite, Awka

The most populous, and populated axis in UNIZIK. This is due to the proximity to the school.

Ifite, Awka, comprises the famous first and second market, book foundation area, the famous miracle junction, and the populated yahoo junction. These areas are known as “up school”.

Whilst, areas like next level junction, laurel junction, are known as “down school”. As the name implies, the former is located at the upper axis of the UNIZIK campus, while the latter is located at the down path.

Prices in this axis are flexible, dynamic and not fixed. Prices of accommodation here are dependent on the nature of the lodge, the setting, spaciousness, and how unrestricted light and water are made available to such lodge.

Some are as affordable as ₦70,000 – ₦100,000 or less. While some can be as expensive as ₦200,000 or more for self-contained.

Amansea, Awka

Located at the down path of UNIZIK, a few metres after laurel junction, Ifite. Unlike Ifite, Amansea does not have proximity to the school campus, and hence, requires transportation.

Lodges in this area share the same price range as that of Ifite, Awka, but most times, they are relatively cheaper and more affordable.

Students’ Union and Hostels Off Campus

UNIZIK School Hostel

Each lodge around the aforementioned off school axis is mandated to register with the students’ union government.

As any lodge not registered is considered illegal as they are prone to insecurities. Students are often not advised to seek accommodation with such unregistered hostels.

This move is to ensure that the welfare of each student (on and off campus) is guaranteed without loopholes.

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