University of Ibadan Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall of Residence

Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall is well known as Zik hall with the slogan BALUBA REPUBLIC. The second-largest Male Hostel in the University of Ibadan.

According to an English Dictionary, Baluba simply means Unruly or Wild Person.

From the stated meaning above, I’m delighted to inform you that if you’re a gentle type at home and this hall is allocated to you, just know that you’ll be baptized into wild and unruly behaviours.

But get a lot of #ICONS, 7 and 4 pointers. Iwe plenrriii like sand for that hall but #IGBOLABI can’t be measured!

The four nights I passed in that hall in 2016, I almost got admitted into psychiatric hospital if no is God that call me back.

I just dey bark like #PUPPY everywhere.

Lemme stop here before I’m aromized!

And of the #greatest GBA! GBA!! GBAAA!!!



Zikites/bear witnesses on the group can also drop what you know about the hall…

Next one na #KATANGA



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