UNILAG Hostel and Off Campus Accommodation 2024

The Prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG) offers great hospitality in hostels and accommodations.

A good accommodation is needed both in direction and satisfaction to be an engaged student and a more participating Akokite.

This article compiled information on UNILAG accommodation both on and off campus.

Consider this an accommodation guide, so sip your juice and read through it as I bring home all you need to know.

Are you a new student looking for hostels and accommodation to help you through your stay in UNILAG?

Are you a student who wants to know about UNILAG’s different hostels and their cost? 

Are you a student who wants to know about the living conditions of UNILAG hostels, the spacing and balloting?

Are you also interested in the off-campus hostels?

This article is for you.


UNILAG has three campuses, all on the mainland. These are;

  • Akoka Campus
  • Former School of Radiography
  • College of Medicine

UNILAG Hostel Accommodation

UNILAG has fifteen well-modified hostels, six for males, seven for females, and two for mixed hostels (male and female).

UNILAG Male Hostels

There are six (6) boys’ hostels in UNILAG. These are the names of male hostels in UNILAG;

  • Eni Njoku Hall
  • King Jaja Hall
  • Mariere Hall
  • Saburi Biobaku Hall
  • Sodeinde Hall
  • The El Kanemi Hall

Eni Njoku Hall

The rooms are considered small and portable. This, however, makes it quite uneasy for squatting and congestion.

Eni Njoku Hall is not too rugged, noisy and loud. The residents of this hall keep it calm and down, so if you’re a calm type, this might be your hall, as it’s an easy-going place.

King Jaja Hall

This is a 2-man to 16-man room. The hostel was named after Jaja of Opobo.

The hostel has exciting features, including a common room where residents watch soccer! Remember, it’s a male hostel.

Sadly, the sanitary condition is poor. On the brighter side, it’s close to some amazing faculties. The faculty of Science, Engineering, Law, Art, Department of Business Administration, and Mass Communication.

Are you an early bird?

Do you like attending lectures early?

If yes, then this hall might do for you.

Did I mention that Jaja is very populated? Oh yes! It’s very populated and lively, just like Moremi Hall. Not forgetting, King Jaja Hall is fun!

Mariere Hall

This is a four-occupant hostel. It’s one of the neatest and most well-kept male hostels. Imagine!

Mariere Hall has a steady water supply, air-conditioned rooms, gym faculties, and a fun atmosphere.

Also, it is close to the school’s Faculty of Arts, Engineering, and commercial banks. Isn’t it amazing?

You should know that this hall is for the very neat ones. Again, this might be your hall if you like easy access to things.

Saburi Biobaku Hall

This has about eight occupants. The Faculty of Environmental Science and Education is close to the main gate.

The rooms are small, beautiful, and classic. Don’t expect less! 

The occupants are way too serious, or maybe creepy!

Sodeinde Hall

This is a private male hostel. The occupants and rooms are like that of Queen Moremi. The hostel is the most expensive and most comfortable. It has the best looks, and it feels like home.

The El Kanemi Hall

It’s comfortable with a beautiful interior.

UNILAG Female Hostels

there are seven (7) female hostels in UNILAG. The female hostels are;

  • Fagunwa Hall
  • Kofo Ademola Hall
  • Madam Tinubu Hall
  • Honours Hall
  • Queen Amina Hall
  • Makama-Bida Hall
  • Queen Moremi Hall

Fagunwa Hall

This hostel has rooms similar to Makama Hall. It’s a four-occupant hostel (Two Double Bunk Beds).

The rooms are neat, and the surroundings are superb.

Kofo Ademola Hall

This hostel is popularly known as Madam Kofo Hall. It has large rooms and is located at the far end of the school, so going to class early might pose a problem.

It’s known for its bed bug issues and poor sanitary.

However, Madam Kofo Hall is very comfortable. For a determined student, nothing is impossible.

Madam Tinubu Hall

It is also known as MTH, Alhaja’s Hall. It is located in the new hall and is a four-occupant hostel.

The rooms are like that of Fagunwa and Makama Hall.

It is clean, with good sanitary and a conducive environment to support every student or resident.

Honours Hall

This hostel is located on the outskirts of the school’s main area.

Residents of this hostel face water supply issues; even when there is a good water supply, the water is not always neat.

The hostel is someway unsafe and is known for theft, robbery, and rape. Don’t be scared! This is only history.

Honours Hall is close to the school back gate and DLI (Distant Learning Institute); this, however, can help you meet appointments.

Queen Amina Hall

It is a four-occupant hostel. The rooms are relatively small, and the storage lockers are outside the room.

It’s close to the main gate and the Faculty of Education, so if you’re an education fresher or student, this hall might help you meet up for lectures.

Makama-Bida Hall

In this hostel, each room has two double bunks. It has a poor water supply and isn’t too hygienic.

Regardless, it offers housing and comfort, like the rest of the work is left to you.

Queen Moremi Hall

It’s the largest female hostel in terms of compound size. It has four types of a room of different capacities.

It has a 4-man room, 6-man room, 8-man room, and 10-man room.

The water supply is very good, and the hostel has excellent facilities.

Just like Jaja, it has a common room for students to relax and catch fun.

Moremi Hall is neat and spacious. Most students in this hall are model-like ladies, and just like Jaja, it’s populated and fun!

UNILAG Mixed Hostels

UNILAG also has some mixed hostels (Male and female). They include;

  • Henry Carr Hall
  • Erastus Akingbola Hall

UNILAG Hostel Balloting

Now that you know about UNILAG’s different hostels, how do you secure them?

After paying your school fees, and other dues, the next thing is to the ballot (for the hostel).

This, however, has some procedures.

What Is UNILAG Hostel Balloting?

Think of it as Black Friday Shopping, where everyone is trying to shop for a limited amount of products.

In this case, students fight the heavy traffic to secure hostel space via the UNILAG Balloting Portal.


Let’s see how it’s done.

How to Ballot for UNILAG Hostel

Here are the procedures on how to ballot for the UNILAG hostel;

  1. Go to the UNILAG portal via studentportal.unilag.edu.ng
  2. Log into your portal.
  3. Scroll down to the accommodation icon.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Select your desired hostel.
  6. Click on hostel reservation.
  7. Confirm your reservation.
  8. Download your hostel slip.

Note: Only registered students are eligible to apply.

Requirements for UNILAG Hostel Clearance

Here are the requirements and documents for UNILAG hostel clearance;

  • Hostel confirmation slip (Original).
  • Seven (7) passports.
  • Bio-data form (For Fresher).
  • WAPIC Receipt (Photocopy).
  • Lagmobile Receipt (Photocopy).
  • Admission Letter (Photocopy) For Freshers.
  • 2 Bed Sheets.
  • 2 Pillow Cases.
  • Parents Passport.
  • Signed Conditions of Tenancy.

Prices of UNILAG Hostels

UNILAG hostel costs ₦25,000 per session (Except Sodeinde Hall, which costs about ₦65000 to ₦85,000 per session)

However, the above-listed hostels are on campus and owned by the school. Students who couldn’t secure hostel space on campus (In the School) can always secure them off campus at different prices.

UNILAG Off Campus Accommodation

Hostels in Abule-Oja Axis

1. Abiola Hostel

Address: 25B University Road, Abule-Oja.

Type:  Unisex.

Price: 8-man 250k,4-man 270k,2-man 400k.

Description: Each room has a toilet, kitchen, and 2 floors (upstairs for females and downstairs for males).

2. Divine Grace Hostel

Address: 32 Lawani street (behind benzene tutorials) Abule-oja.

Type: Female.

Price: 6-man 220k,4-man 250k,3-man 250k.

3. High-tech Shelters

Address: 17 Abudu Street, Off Davies Street, Abule Oja.

Type: Unisex.

Description: Each room has a kitchen and toilet, and it’s quite small.

Price: 4-man 200k, 8-man 160k.

4. Micasa Hostel

Address: 22 Abudu Street.

Type: Female.

Description: Moderate size rooms; Generator is usually on every day from 5 – 7 am and 5 – 12 midnight.

Specifications: Only 3-bed spaces in the 6-man room are available.

5. Turay Hostel

Address: 3, Mosuro Street, ABULE-OJA (2 mins walk from UNILAG).

Description: 2-man room boys hostel.

Price: 150k,250k.

6. Mirabelle Hostel

Address: 25B University Road, Abule-oja.

Type: Unisex.

Price: 8-man 250k,4-man 270k,2-man 400k.

Description: Each room has a toilet and kitchen. 2 floors (upstairs for females, downstairs for males).

Hostels Around Pako Axis

1. Odecazdeo Hostel

Address: 4 Adeyinka Osijo Street, Off Pako Bus-stop, UNILAG First Gate.

Type:  Unisex.

Price: 4-man 200k.

Description: 3 – storey building.

2. Queen’s Court

Address: 2 Emily Akinola Street Off Pako Bus- stop Akoka, Lagos.

3. White House

Address: 1 Iyiola Olawale Street Akoka (Pako Bus-stop).

Price: 150k,250k.

Description: 4-man room boys hostel furnished with bunk beds.

4. Emmanuel’s Place

Address: 7 Obayan Street, Pako Bus-stop.

Type: Unisex.

Description: Bungalow. Female (to the left), male (to the right).

This is not an exhaustive list of hostels off campus.

Moreover, this is only a quotation as regards what you should expect or prepare. However, the above-listed off-campuses can be located by the address.

The UNILAG HOSTELS can be located on the school premises. So long, I hope you now know how to secure a hostel space for yourself this session both off campus and on campus.

Also, I hope you found what you were looking for, having read this guide. Good luck!

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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