How to Calculate Secondary School GPA in Nigeria 2024

A secondary school GPA calculates your total cumulative grade points in High school.

It represents your grades on a scale of 4.0 or 5.0, depending on your country and school. But for this post, I will show you the calculations using the 4.0 scale.

Calculating your Secondary School GPA in Nigeria is simple if you learn the steps you will find in this post.

You may wonder what the significance of secondary school GPA calculation is.

The GPA calculation is used to prepare secondary school transcripts for students who want to study abroad or for other purposes.

Also, in this post, you will learn how to convert your WAEC or NECO results to GPA.

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GPA Grade Points

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High School GPA grade points represent your grades using letters assigned numbers.

For example, getting an A in a subject means you have five (5) or four (4) grade points.

The following are the GPA grade points used in Nigeria;

1A1 & B24
2B3 & C43
3C5 & C62
4D7 & E81
A table representing GPA grade points

Secondary School GPA Calculation

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Now, let’s assume the following are your grades or results in the WAEC examination;

WAEC ResultGrade
English LanguageC4
General MathematicsC5
Civic EducationB3

Now, you will have to calculate the GPA grade points by multiplying the grades with the assigned points.

WAEC ResultGrade Points
English LanguageC43
General MathematicsC52
Civic EducationB33

The next step is to calculate the GPA using the formula;

GPA = Total Grade Points divided by 9.

GPA= 22/9 = 2.44

The GPA from the calculation above is 2.44.

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