12 Common Mistake Students Make in the University and Polytechnic

The university, polytechnic or college of education is a place where young people from different geographic backgrounds and orientations come together to acquire higher education.

These undergraduates enter tertiary institutions with a high zeal to succeed.

Some of these students envision themselves making perfect academic strides like getting a CGPA of 5.0, a different category of students is relieved that they are finally out of the nose of their parents.

For them, it is about time to explore life – an opportunity to be free and enjoy life.

I remember the first day I arrived at the University Campus. I was overwhelmed with happiness and freedom. I was happy and couldn’t wait to get started with life on campus.

I experienced a mixed feeling when my Mom finally bade me goodbye. That first night in my room on campus, I felt lonely as I realized I was now to experience the real world, no longer under the protection of my parents.

Upon arrival at the University, Polytechnic or College of Education (COC), everything may seem different. Life appears to be strange because you are now with lots of strangers in an unfamiliar environment.

This experience can be overwhelming. You immediately begin to miss the warmth of your parents, families and community. You don’t have to wine but instead, face reality. It is now time to confront the real world.

Whether you are a student or your kid is about to go to college, there are common mistakes that undergraduate students make during their stay at the University. You should try your very best to avoid these errors.

Common Mistakes Students Make in the Tertiary Institution

  1. Failing to start studying early
  2. Not taking continuous assessment serious
  3. Attending too many parties
  4. Poor social life
  5. Focusing only on book
  6. Not building confidence
  7. Addiction to drugs and hard substances
  8. School of choice
  9. Not joining writers or debate club
  10. Allowing distractions
  11. Not learning a skill while in school
  12. Not taking care of your health and exercising

Failing to Start Studying Early

Most fresh students under the excitement of gaining admission into the university, polytechnic or college of education fail to draft out a study schedule.

They make the deadly mistake of waiting until a few weeks before the semester exam before they begin studying, run helter-skelter to attend night classes and tutorials.

You should note that your first-year results influence your final CGPA. Do not say that you will wait to get studious in your second year because are you go higher; the challenge becomes overwhelming.

Advice to Newly Admitted First Year Students

  1. Start studying from your first week of lectures.
  2. Ensure that you read for at least 2 hours every day.
  3. Read the lecture materials for the day.
  4. Try to read ahead of the class.
  5. Join study groups of not more than six students.
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. Take care of your health.

Not Taking the Continuous Assessment (CA) Serious

Continuous assessment makes up for 30% of your grade in a particular course. The continuous assessment usually comes in the form of assignments and tests. Make sure that you do your homework and submit as at when due.

Make sure that you do not miss any tests. If you can get a reasonable score in your continuous assessment, then your chances of getting a higher grade are guaranteed.

Attending Too Many Parties

The campus a community with diverse people from different backgrounds. That means that a lot of social activities and interactions take place in the school. From the first day you arrive on campus, you’d realize that there is plenty of social events.

Beginning from fresher’s night to Faculty dinner night and the list goes on. There are lots of parties organized on campus every day, a chunk during the weekend.

If you are indisciplined, you will find yourself attending all these parties. The effect is always negative on your academics.

Do not be carried away by attending every party on campus. It is okay to participate in a few like your department dinner night.

Attend parties that suit your fancy and are appropriate. These parties should not interfere with your academics.

Poor Social Life

A lot of students make the mistake of not engaging in enough social activities and sharpening their social interaction skills. When you arrive on campus, you shouldn’t avoid social interaction, especially with your classmates.

During your stay at the university, you will need to engage in productive social interaction. It can be making connections with students in other faculties.

The connections you make in school will go a long way during your afterschool struggle.

Focusing Only On Book

Many students make the common mistake of going to university solely to achieve a high CGPA. You are in school to study, that is not only what tertiary education entails.

Inasmuch studying your books, is the primary purpose why you are in the tertiary institution, ensure to engage yourself in sports activities and attend the fellowship.

If you do nothing else apart from studying, you’d realize that you only went through the school, the system did not pass through you.

Not Building Confidence

There are people who after graduating from the higher institution do not know how to initiate a meaningful conversation.

When you are in the tertiary institution ensure that you develop your confidence, learn how to speak to the crowd.

How to Be a Public Speaker in School

  1. Familiarize yourself with your classmates
  2. Take up a position in the class
  3. Make an effort to answer questions in class
  4. Join a group in your fellowship

Stay Away from Drugs and Weed

Some students spend their time and money in the university, polytechnic or college of educations taking drugs and hard substances like a weed. It is a big mistake because at the end of the day drop out of school.

School of Choice

The school that you are attending has a factor for creating platforms for your future. Most students are unhappy with their school environment because they are not attending their preferred school of choice.

If you are in this category, try to adapt to your school environment so that you can succeed.

When you choose institutions, try to avoid schools with high cases of cultism and other evil vices.

Joining Writers Club

Some students who are passionate about writing do not join writers and debate clubs in their institution. Their excuse is that they do not have the luxury to engage in extracurricular activities that would not add to their CGPA.

Joining a writers or debate club will give you more exposure and opportunities. If you love to be a writer, ensure you register with a debate club in school. Participate in extracurricular activities approved by the school.

Distraction and Academic Excellence

As a student in the university, make sure that you do not make the mistake of allowing your academics to suffer due to side attractions in the school environment.

Stay focus and surround yourself with the set of students who want to succeed academically.

If you must attend occasions and shows, make sure it does not interfere with your academics. You should not be found somewhere else when the lecture is going on. Set your priorities.

Not Learning a Skill – Soft Work

The reality of today’s economy is that your certificate may not be enough to keep you afloat in the real world.

While you are in school, you must learn a new skill. It can be make-up, graphic designing, programming, blogging, hairdressing, gele tying, photography, barbing, baking, affiliate marketing, creative writing, etc.

No matter your course of study, these skills will give you a heads up after graduation. As you strive for academic excellence, ensure you incorporate useful activities into your schedule.

Not Taking Care of Your Health and Exercising

Some students under the guise of being serious academically fail to take care of their health. Your wellbeing is a paramount factor if you want to succeed academically.

When you fall sick, you may not be able to participate in an examination.

When you feel sick, immediately report to the school clinic. Make out time in the week to exercise. It will help to improve your mental capacity and your health in general.

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