11 Effective Tips on How to Pass UNN Post UTME Exam 2021

This post contains effective tips on how to score high and pass the UNN Post UTME screening exam. All you need to know to gain admission into UNN.

Drop your JAMB score in the comment box at the end of this post. I will advise you on the score to target in your Post UTME examination.

Also, If you have any question or need clarifications, do let me know in the comment box.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME screening examination is a computer-based test (CBT) conducted for prospective students seeking admission into the university known as the Lion Den.

Every year, over sixty thousand JAMBites choose UNN as their preferred first choice of institution in JAMB. To gain admission into UNN, you must strategize and prepare adequately for the Post UTME examination.

The nature of UNN Post UTME is four subjects comprising of 15 questions each. The subject combination is the same as that of your JAMB subject combination. For example, if you wrote Economics, English Language, Government and Literature in English in JAMB, this is the same subject you will write in your Post UTME screening.

When I was preparing for my Post UTME screening a few years ago, I remember how inadequate I felt while preparing for the screening exam.

At times, I wondered if I would be able to survive the stiff competition to secure admission. As you know, UNN is one of the top university destinations for admission seekers across the country.

Below are effective strategies to pass UNN Post UTME in flying colors.

How to Pass UNN Post UTME Exam

Here are tips on how to pass the UNN Post UTME examination;

  1. Do Not Be Afraid
  2. Study with JAMB Syllabus
  3. Practice UNN Post UTME Past Questions
  4. Practice JAMB CBT Questions On Myschool
  5. Stay Informed
  6. Arrive UNN Campus a Day Before Your Examination
  7. Know The Format of the Post UTME Screening Examination
  8. Avoid Anxiety During the Examination
  9. Eat Well
  10. Revise The Questions That You Answered
  11. Pray

1. Do Not Be Afraid

Most students who come for the Post UTME screening fail the exam before the conduction of screening exercise.

A few years ago, I too was unsure whether I had made the right decision to put UNN as my first choice in JAMB considering the very bright students who are also competing for the limited admission slot.

On the day of the exam at the Nnamdi Azikwe library, I almost fainted when I saw the number of students who applied for the same department as myself.

“How will I enter; how will I survive?” I asked myself

I advise you that you should not be overwhelmed by the statistics of students who have applied to study in UNN.

It is an individual struggle. If you strategize and prepare smartly, you would be a Lion or Lioness (male or female UNN students) in the next coming months. Do not be afraid.

2. Study with JAMB & UNN Post UTME Syllabus

The UNN Post UTME syllabus is similar to the main JAMB examination in terms of question format. The type of questions you answered during your JAMB is what you will see during the Post UTME.

When you are preparing for the screening exercise, make sure that you study only within the domain of the official JAMB and UNN Post UTME syllabus. You will be at an advantage if you can revise the topics in the JAMB syllabus before the Post UTME examination.

Do not get intimidated by those who prepare for Post UTME with books for PhD students. I tell you, nothing will come out.

3. Practice UNN Post UTME Past Questions

You must get a copy of the UNN Post UTME Past Questions and answers so that you can be familiar with the format of the screening examination.

Over the years, there has been a report that UNN lifts some questions directly from past questions and answers.

During my own time, I saw some similar questions in the past Questions and answer booklet.

Some prospective students go on to cram the answers on it. It does not work out well for these set of students.

The purpose of the past Question and answer booklet is for you to know the type of questions you will see on the day of the examination so that you evaluate your readiness for the screening.

Make sure that you practice the past Questions and not just cram the questions and answer.

Click the link below to download UNN Post UTME exam questions and answers pdf free download. The pdf file contains English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics multiple-choice questions.

4. Practice JAMB CBT Questions on Myschool

CBT practice with Myschool is my most preferred recommendation on how to prepare and pass the UNN Post UTME examination.

Most applicants do not know that they can practice JAMB CBT on Myschool. Visit the website or download the mobile app to practice CBT questions for free.

Click here to download my UNN Post UTME mobile app on Google Playstore.

Make sure that you make it a daily ritual to practice Questions. This technique will make you realize the topics that are your weak point. It will help you to focus on vital areas you need to understand.

5. Stay Informed

Information they say is power. When you are prepared adequately for the examination, you still need to be formed so that you don’t miss out on vital information concerning the UNN Post UTME screening exercise.

I recommend that you join my Facebook Group and UNN News Hub. Visit the University of Nigeria website to get official information.

6. Arrive UNN a Day Before your Examination

You must arrive Nsukka a day before your Post UTME exam date. Come to Nsukka on time so that you will get familiar with the environment. It will help you to stay calm.

I recommend that you connect with a relation or friend who is a student about your accommodation.

If you don’t know anybody in UNN, you don’t have to be worried.

Arrive on Nsukka campus and locate St. Peter’s chaplaincy. The National Fellowship of Catholic Students (NFCS) is an arm of the chaplaincy that provides free accommodation for any students who do not have anywhere to stay during their Post UTME screening. It was the place I camped during my UNN post UTME examination.

7. Know the Format of the UNN Post UTME Screening Examination

Before you sit for the UNN Post UTME screening, you should know the way the questions are structured. You will be required to answer 15 questions each for your four subject combinations. That is a total of 60 Questions. The exam is over 400.

Note that sometimes for each subject, you will be given 17 questions to answer 15 questions. Do well to answer your best 15 questions.

8. Avoid Anxiety During the Examination

One factor that makes students perform poorly during the UNN Post UTME is anxiety.

From the time you see the population outside the Post UTME venue, your heart begins to beat like a drum. It is normal to feel anxious, try to relax your nerves so that you can focus your attention on answering the questions.

Tell yourself that you can make it and all is well.

9. Eat Well

If you usually prefer to write an examination on an empty stomach, then no problem. But if you are like me that can’t do without food, please do not go to the exam hall on an empty stomach. Your brain needs plenty of energy during your screening exercise.

Also, make sure that you evacuate your stomach and don’t eat unfamiliar foods so that you don’t experience stomach upset. You can experiment after the exam.

You can read my experience on how stomach upset disgraced me in UNN – Walk of shame.

10. Revise the Questions that you Answered

After answering the questions and you still got few minutes to the termination of the Post UTME exam, do not rush to click the submit button.

Use the spare time to revise through the options that you have clicked just to make sure that you have not made any mistake.

Be confident in the options you pick and not let some random person confuse you in the exam hall. It is best to work alone to avoid external confusion.

It will be painful to realize after the exam that you exchanged a correct option for the wrong one. That will not be your experience.

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11. Pray

If you are a Christian, a Muslim or a traditionalist, pray before and after your UNN Post UTME examination for academic success. The race is not by power or might but by grace. You need divine guidance to excel in your examination.

It is my prayer that the Lord God almighty will crown your efforts with success. You will share your testimony of gaining admission into UNN.

How to Reprint UNN Post UTME

Here is the procedure on how to reprint your UNN Post UTME slip and screening application form;

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your phone or laptop
  2. Go to the UNN Post UTME screening application form portal
  3. Input your JAMB registration number in the box
  4. Click the green submit button
  5. You will see your UNN Post UTME slip containing your exam date and venue

Also, read how to check UNN Post UTME Screening Result

How to Apply for UNN Post UTME Hostel Accommodation

Here are the steps on how to pay and get UNN Post UTME hostel accommodation;

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your phone or laptop
  2. Visit the UNN Post UTME Hostel Accommodation Portal
  3. Enter your JAMB registration number
  4. Click on the screen search button
  5. Generate Remita RRR to get bed space
  6. Make payment using Master/Visa card or at the bank
  7. Go back to the UNN Post UTME Hostel Accommodation Portal
  8. Reenter your JAMB registration number to get your bed space allocation slip

Is UNN Post UTME Form Out

Announcement for the UNN Post UTME is available on the University website.
Application for the UNN Post UTME screening exercise is done online. Visit the University E-Portal to apply.

UNN Post UTME Screening Exam Date

The UNN Post UTME screening exam date is between 18th to 26th January 2021. Check the UNN website to know the date for your exam.

How Many Questions Are In UNN Post UTME

There are 17 questions in UNN Post UTME for each of the four subjects you are writing (JAMB subject combination). You are to answer 15 questions per subject. In total, you will answer 60 CBT questions in UNN Post UTME.

How Does UNN Give Admission

UNN gives admission using the National Universities Commission (NUC) admission quota system.

45% admission slot is base on credit for those who meet the departmental cut off mark.

35% quota is for catchment areas, candidates from states within the University catchment area e.g Ebonyi, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Edo, Delta, Abia, etc.

The remaining 15% slot is allocated to candidates from the educationally less developed state (ELDS) e.g Kogi, Kwara, Benue, Niger, Kastina, etc.

Does UNN Accept NECO

UNN and other universities accept NECO result for consideration for admission. Applicants must, however, possess a minimum of five credits relevant to their prospective course of study.

Does UNN Write Post UTME

UNN writes Post UTME examination. The screening exercise is a computer-based test. University of Nigeria, Nsukka is the first University in Nigeria to adopt post UTME screening exams.

How Is UNN Cut off Mark Calculated

UNN cut off mark is calculated by your aggregate score (JAMB and Post UTME). The cut-off mark is fixed by the various departments after the conduct of the Post UTME screening exercise. UNN cut off mark is not usually released officially on the University website.

Does UNN Accept Second Choice

UNN like other Federal Universities in Nigeria does not consider a second choice candidate.

How Many Campuses Does UNN Have

There are four campuses in the University of Nigeria

  1. Nsukka campus – Main campus
  2. Enugu Campus
  3. University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital – Ituku Ozalla
  4. Aba campus – Abia State

Which Is the Oldest University in Nigeria

The University of Ibadan is the oldest University in Nigeria. University of Nigeria, Nsukka was the first full-fledged indigenous and autonomous university in Nigeria.

Is UNN The Best University In Nigeria?

UNN is one of the best University in Nigeria according to various ranking.

How Many Students Are In UNN

There are over forty thousand undergraduate students at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

How Big is UNN

UNN has a landmass of 871 hectares (Nsukka campus), 200 hectares (Enugu campus), 500 hectares (Ituku-Ozalla campus).

How Much Is UNN Hostel Accommodation

  1. Female students – Fifteen thousand Naira
  2. Male students – Twelve thousand Naira

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Does UNN Give Scholarship

There are many scholarships opportunities open to students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

If you have any question concerning UNN post utme or any question about the University of Nigeria, I would love to hear from you, use the comment box. I will reply to you as soon as possible. You can read about my UNN experience – Diary of a Lion

  • Accept my congratulations in advance.

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73 thoughts on “11 Effective Tips on How to Pass UNN Post UTME Exam 2021”

  1. Please sir I want to know if this 60 questions for post utme is also applicable to students who will be writing jamb this year.
    And also I’m going for computer science in jamb and the cut off mark is approximately 230 please what score should I target in jamb

    • The answer to your first question is yes. 60 questions for Post UTME.

      Concerning the cut off mark for Computer Science. It would be higher than 230.

      Target a JAMB and Post UTME score of 290 respectively to get the top spot in the admission list.

    • Your aim should be 290 and above.

      MLS merit cut off mark usually hovers between 260 – 280 depending on the general performance of students.

    • That’s lovely. I wish you success in your admission pursuit.

      Hope you enjoyed your brief stay in Nsukka with the harmattan…

      I guess your result should be out or by the end of the day.

    • Hey Miracle,

      Target above 290 for your Post UTME. You should be looking at getting an aggregate score of about 250.

      Good luck.

    • Hi Golden,

      You’ve got an impressive score for your JAMB.

      I advise that you replicate your performance in your Post UTME. Target above 290 and you would make the merit list for Computer Science.

      The higher your score, the higher your chances.

    • That’s a good score, Prince.

      You would want to target an aggregate score of about 280 and above.

      Work towards 300 in your Post UTME. Goodluck to you.

    • To be honest, you’ve got a low JAMB score for electrical engineering.

      Your best bet now is to perform well in your Post UTME. Never give up.

    • Anayo,

      I will advise you work towards 290 and above. Accountancy is a competitive course in UNN.

      Good luck. I hope to see you in UNEC.

    • Hey Tessa, what course are you aspiring to study?

      As a general rule, your target should be to get a high JAMB & Post UTME score. The higher your aggregate (JAMB + Post UTME), the higher your chances of making the merit list.

    • Your JAMB score is quite low for ELS. However, try to boost your aggregate in your Post UTME exam.

      You stand a chance, you can still get admitted for a course related to English and Literally Studies.

    • Hi, Glory, you need to target a score of above 300 in your Post UTME.

      To be specific, a score of 340 will boost your aggregate to beat the cut off mark.

      Goodluck to you.

    • Hey Sharon,

      For starters, your JAMB score is quite low for Nursing Sciences. Though, you have a chance of making the admission list.

      You need to get an impressive score in your PUTME to get a high aggregate score. Your target should be 300 and above.


    • Aspirants who are yet to upload their O’level have the opportunity to do so immediately after the Post UTME exercise.

  2. I scored 219 in my jamb and I’m aspiring to study mechanical engineering in unn what is my target point for post utme please

    • Emmanuel, your target point for the Post UTME should be towards 300.

      You need a high aggregate score to beat the cut off mark for Mechanical Engineering.

  3. I scored 215 and I applied for biological sciences though not my dream course….please what score should I target for my post utme…..

    • Hello Chris,

      For Biological Sciences, I advise you target 270, 280, and above to get a high aggregate score.

      You should work towards getting an aggregate of 250 thereabout…

      By the way, it depends on a lot of factors. You can study your dream course in UNN. For now, focus on passing your Post UTME exam.

    • Victory, you need to get a high score in your PUTME to get Law with a JAMB score of 220.

      Your target should be 300 and above.

      I wish you luck.

        • Chisom, it will be difficult to get Medicine and Surgery in UNN with a JAMB score of 185.

          I would have advised you to go for a course in Biological Sciences or Physical Science.

          Anyways, get back to me after your Post UTME so I can advise you on the possible next point of action.


    • Your target should be 240 and above. The higher your aggregate score, the higher your chances of making the merit list.

    • Daniel, target a score of 260 and above.

      Note that the cut off mark for Political Science would be determined based on the general performance of aspirants in the forthcoming Post UTME exam.

  4. please, my jamb score is 181 and I applied for history and international studies, please what score should I target for my post utme?

    • Chiweta, the answer to your question is NO. An on-screen calculator is not available in UNN Post UTME.

      Calculations should be done on your Post UTME exam slip printout (extra copy).

    • Emma, you would need to target a score of 320 and above to stand a good chance of getting Medicine and Surgery in UNN.

      Good luck to you in your exam.

    • Daniella, you have an impressive JAMB score for Political Science.

      I advise you target 290 and above. To stand a good chance of making the UNN admission merit list.

      Good luck to you,

    • Stella, your target should be 300 and above. I trust that you are preparing for your Post UTME exam.

      UNN 2021 cut off mark for Law would depend on the general performance of Law aspirants in the Post UTME.

    • Hi Brightness,

      Target a score of 250 and above in your UNN Post UTME. Ensure that you study past questions for your exam.


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