UNN First Year Clearance Documents & Procedures for New Students 2024

In this post, we will examine the UNN first year clearance process. New UTME or Direct entry students in Nsukka or UNEC campuses will find this article helpful.

First thing first, congratulations on your admission into UNN. Welcome to the Den, a place to restore the dignity of man.

I have also included the necessary information about payment procedures in this post.

Note: Do not make any payments like school fees or acceptance fees online using your ATM card.

All payments must be at the bank using your generated Remita RRR number.

You will submit the teller receipt during your final year clearance. That is the reason why you must not make payments online.

Please let me know in the comment box if you have any questions. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

The first section of this post covers clearance procedures for Medical students.

First-year clearance for College of Medicine students is a little bit different. It is because their Faculties is not on the Nsukka campus.

Students not in the College of Medicine should click on UNN Clearance Documents for Fresh Students to jump to the main content.

Students in the following Faculty do their first year clearance in UNEC Enugu Campus;

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies

Venue: UNEC Main Hall

UNN First Year Clearance for Medical Students

Here is the list of departments in the UNN College of Medicine;

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Nursing and Nursing Sciences
  • Radiography and Radiological Science
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Medical Anatomy
  • Medical Physiology
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics

The first year clearance is the first point of action for new students in the Den. The process can be stressful for Medical students.

As you may know, the College of Medicine is not on the Nsukka campus. The first question on your mind right now is where then do medical students do their clearance.

First year clearance for Medical students takes place in Nsukka Campus at Ekpo Ref. It runs here for the first few weeks of resumption.

Students who resume late would go to UNEC Enugu Campus or Ituku Ozalla for clearance.

The Faculty Officers in the College of Medicine spend about two weeks on the Nsukka campus. After this time frame, they would return to UNEC or Ituku-Ozalla.

It is why it is advisable to resume on time to do your first-year clearance in the Nsukka campus.

Location for UNN First Year Clearance

The location for UNN first year clearance is Ekpo Ref UNN.

Usually, it will occur here within the first two weeks of resumption. After which it will be in your department Faculty Office.

If your Faculty is on the Nsukka campus, you can always go to your department for your clearance.

UNN Clearance Documents for Fresh Students

Here is the list of documents required for UNN first year clearance;

  1. WAEC / SSCE / NECO / GCE Result
  2. UNN Admission List
  3. UTME Result (JAMB)
  4. UNN Post UTME Result
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Admission Notification Slip
  7. Acceptance of Admission
  8. Local Government of Origin Certificate/Identification
  9. Student’s Profile Slip
  10. Letter of Attestation
  11. UNN School Fee Receipt Fee
  12. Jamb Admission Letter
  13. Passport Photograph


Original WAEC result is necessary for UNN first year clearance. But, if you recently sat for WAEC or NECO examination, you would get a waiver. That means you can continue without the original result slip.

So, if your original WAEC and NECO result is available, ensure you get it from your secondary school.

UNN Admission List

UNN admission list

It is a printout of the page where your name appeared on the admission list uploaded on the UNN website.

Download the admission list in pdf uploaded on the University of Nigeria website.

Print the page where your name appears on the pdf document.

UTME Result (JAMB)

Original JAMB result is compulsory for your clearance. You can print your UTME result on the JAMB portal at a token of one thousand Naira.

UNN Post UTME Result

It is a printout of your Post UTME result. To check your Post UTME result, you must pay a token of one thousand Naira.

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a document by the National Population Commission certifying your age.

It is compulsory to have our birth certificate before school resumption.

Usually, you must be sixteen years and above to finish your clearance.

But, if you are below the age of sixteen. You would need a waiver from the Office of the Registrar to complete your clearance.

You use an affidavit from the court in place of a birth certificate.

UNN Admission Notification Slip

UNN admission notification slip

UNN admission letter is available on your UNN student portal.

UNN Acceptance of Admission Slip

UNN acceptance of admission slip
UNN acceptance of admission letter

UNN acceptance of admission slip is on your student portal. Print and sign in the space provided.

Local Government of Origin Certificate

A certificate of the local government of origin is compulsory. The Faculty officer would verify your local government certificate.

Get your local government certificate from your local government area.

UNN Student’s Profile Slip

The UNN biodata slip is available on your school portal.

  • Login into your school portal
  • Click on Profile
  • Select Student Profile Details

You can edit the details in your UNN student profile at any time.

UNN Letter of Attestation

Here is the picture of the UNN letter of attestation sample.

UNN letter of attestation
UNN letter of attestation

Letter of attestation is from your parents or guardian to the University Registrar. It attests to responsibility for your financial and other obligations in UNN.

Below is the link to get the UNN letter of undertaking.

  • Replace name, address and sponsor details.
  • Note that the “RE:” must be in the letter.
  • Follow the format above.

Click on the link below to download the UNN letter of attestation.

UNN School Fee Receipt

UNN first year school fees receipt
UNN school fees receipt slip

UNN school fee receipt is available on your student portal after payment of fees.

After printing, ensure that the total amount in the figures is visible. Some printers may not show the amount in figures. Your Faculty officer would reject the receipt.

JAMB Admission Letter

You must accept your admission on JAMB CAPS before you can print your admission letter.

Students with JAMB CAPS issues will get a waiver form to complete the clearance.

Do well to visit the Admission office at the back of the library to sort out any problem with JAMB.

Passport Photograph

You will need sixteen (16) passport photographs for your first year clearance.

I recommend you get forty passports if you would also do hostel clearance. The other passport photographs would come in handy during other manual registrations.

Trust me; you need a lot of passport photographs in UNN.

NOTE: Print four copies of the above documents for your clearance.

UNN Acceptance Fee Deadline

UNN acceptance fee payment is open till the day before the matriculation ceremony.

You can attend lectures if you don’t have the resources to pay your acceptance and school fees.

I recommend you speak to your Faculty Officer about your late payment of your fees. He/she would be in a better position to advise you.

UNN Clearance Procedure for Admitted Students

The UNN first year clearance is in two stages.

  1. Verification of Student Documents
  2. Submission of Student Files

Verification of Student Documents

You would submit your documents to the Faculty Officer at the first stage of your clearance.

What you would do is arrange the documents in the order as instructed. You only need a single office file for this process.

Do not buy more than one office file.

  • Arrange one copy of each of the documents into the file folder.

You will get your documents after verification by your Faculty officer. Nobody will take away your original O’level results, birth certificate, etc.

Submission of Student Files

After the first stage, you will get three UNN file folders containing different forms.

At this stage, you must be careful because any mistake here would affect you in your final year clearance.

One of the file folders goes to the University exam and records department. The other two folders go to your Faculty and Department.

This means that you will arrange your documents in three different files.

For example, your birth certificate would need to be three copies. The same applies to other documents.

You are not obliged to submit these folders to the Exam Department or Faculty.

You must fill out the forms and submit them to your Faculty Officer.

Fill the forms in block letters. Don’t be in a hurry to fill out the forms and end up with mistakes. Any column you don’t understand, ask questions.

Make sure your handwriting is legible. It is your permanent University record we are talking about here.

After filling out the forms, attach your passports in the space provided.


The University has made adjustments to the clearance process.

Now, you will download the necessary forms on your school portal to submit to your Faculty officer.

Here are the new procedures for UNN freshmen/first year registration;

  1. All freshmen commencing registration should
  • (a)Go to the UNN website/portal
  • (b)Download all registration forms
  • (c)Complete the forms online: the forms are:
    • Form MIS – 01 – Students Information Form (SIF)
    • Form R/REG 01 – Acceptance of offer of Admission and pledge
    • Form R/REG 02 – Letter of Undertaking
    • Form R/REG 03 –Provisional Clearance
    • Form R/REG 04 – Checking of Credential- Degree/Diploma/ Certificate Courses full Clearance
    • Form R/REG 05 – Class Admit Card
    • Authority to serve as an admission Letter
  • (d)Print the forms and submit them to their respective Faculty Officers for manual registration.
  1. All freshmen should also attach WAEC/NECO Scratch card/Pin to verify their O/Level Results. Those admitted with two O/Level results should also attach two scratch cards for verification.

How to Download UNN Registration Forms

UNN clearance registration form
  1. Go to the UNN Student Portal
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number and password
  3. Click on login to the UNN portal.
  4. Select the menu on the left of your screen
  5. Click on clearance
  6. Select download forms

Problem with JAMB CAPS

Do not panic if you experience any challenges with your JAMB CAPS.

You can do your first year clearance and resume for lectures without accepting your admission to JAMB CAPS.

But it is important to resolve the issue to avoid issues in your final year.

Here is what you must do to solve the issue with your JAMB CAPS.

Do this immediately after you arrive at Nsukka Campus.

Go to the admission office (old library) at the back of the Nnamdi Azikwe Library.

  • Stable the following documents together when you visit the admission office.
  • Printout of your O’level upload on your JAMB CAPS
  • UNN admission list where your name appeared on the list
  • Admission status on JAMB CAPS

Your problem will be taken care of by the UNN admission officer.

UNN Clearance Venue

  • UNEC Mian Hall: Law, Environmental Studies & Business Administration
  • Building Beside V.C Office: Social Science
  • Faculty of Arts Building Block B (Ground Floor): Faculty of Arts
  • JIMBAZZ: Biological Science
  • Abuja Building/Geology Building: Physical Science
  • Ekpo Ref: Other Faculties

UNN Direct Entry Clearance

The UNN direct entry clearance procedure is like that of students. Except for a few required documents and payments.

Here is the list of documents required for clearance of UNN direct entry students;

  2. Statement of Result (ND, HND, BSc)
  3. Direct Entry Verification Payment Receipt
  4. UNN Admission List
  5. UTME Result (JAMB)
  6. UNN Post UTME Result
  7. Birth Certificate
  8. Admission Notification Slip
  9. Acceptance of Admission
  10. Local Government of Origin Certificate/Identification
  11. Student’s Profile Slip
  12. Letter of Attestation
  13. UNN School Fee Receipt Fee
  14. Jamb Admission Letter
  15. Passport Photograph

Note that UNN direct entry students pay forty thousand for transcript verification.

UNN direct entry verification
UNN Direct Entry Verification
  • Go to your student portal page
  • Select other payments
  • Click on direct entry verification.
  • Generate payment invoice

Contact your faculty officer for more inquiries on transcript verification.

UNN Hostel Clearance

The UNN hostel fee is paid for those who intend to live in the school hostel.

  • Male Hostel = ₦20,000
  • Female Hostel = ₦25,000
  • Okeke Hostel = ₦35,000

Documents for UNN Hostel Clearance

  1. Hall levy/identity card receipt
  2. Admission slip
  3. Profile update personal data form
  4. Screening examination result slip
  5. JAMB admission letter
  6. Credentials (WAEC/NECO or statement of result)
  7. Testimonial (secondary)
  8. Birth certificate
  9. Admission list (print out where your name is)
  10. Local government letter of identification
  11. Letter of attestation
  12. School fees receipt
  13. Hostel allocation slip
  14. Hostel accommodation acceptance and undertaking form.
  15. Bio-data (handwritten)

Arrange the above documents in order and use file tack to fasten the documents.

UNN Laptop Fee

Is UNN Laptop Fee Compulsory?

UNN laptop fee is not compulsory for first-year students. You can decide to get a laptop through any medium.

A laptop is necessary for first-year students, especially with GSP courses.

Do not panic if you cannot afford a laptop. It is not compulsory.

A laptop would make writing and typing term papers less stressful.

How to Create a UNN Student Profile

unn student portal
Visit the UNN school portal
  1. Go to the UNN portal
  2. Click on Undergraduate on the Menu bar.
  3. Select Create Account
  4. Click on New Student
  5. Enter your JAMB registration number
  6. Click submit to get your UNN student profile login details.
  7. Go back to the UNN portal homepage.
  8. Log in using the JAMB registration number as username.
  9. Enter the password generated.
  10. Click on the left menu and select profile.
  11. Click on Change Password
  12. Enter a new password.
  13. Click Save.
create UNN portal account

How to Get UNN Matriculation Number

After your clearance with your Faculty Officer, the next point of action is to get your matric number. It takes three days to one week.

Mistakes made during clearance would lead to delay in getting matric numbers.

Note that in UNN, matric number and registration number mean the same thing.

How to Check UNN Matric Number

UNN student bio data
UNN Biodata form
  • Go to the UNN student portal
  • Enter your JAMB registration number and password
  • Click on login to access your student portal.
  • Click on profile
  • Select student profile details
  • Scroll down to Program details
  • Check if the JAMB number on the Matric number column has changed to your registration number.

If you experience a delay in your matric number, notify your Faculty Officer. If the problem is from your village, notify your pastor for prayers.

UNN School Fee Payment

Payment of UNN school fees is compulsory for first year clearance. You must submit the school fees receipt for clearance.

The school fee structure varies for the different academic sessions. Also, the amount differs across the various departments at the University of Nigeria.

How to Pay UNN School Fee

generate UNN school fees invoice
  1. Go to UNN portal
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number and password
  3. Click on login to access your dashboard.
  4. Select School Fee on the left sidebar
  5. Click on Get School Fees Invoice
  6. Pay school fees at the bank using the generated Remita RRR number.
  7. Go back to the UNN student portal.
  8. Select Pay School Fees
  9. Enter your Remita RRR number and confirm your school fees payment.
  10. Click on Print School Fees

Note: You can reprint your school fees receipt and other payment receipts at any time you wish on your UNN portal.

UNN Acceptance Fee

UNN acceptance fee

UNN acceptance fee is the first payment that you would make after seeing your name on the admission list.

How to Pay UNN Acceptance Fee

  • Go to UNN student portal on your Chrome browser.
  • Enter your JAMB registration number and password.
  • Click on login to access your Student Dashboard.
  • Click on Acceptance
  • Select Get Acceptance Invoice
  • Make payments at the bank using the generated RRR
  • Go back to your portal and click Pay Acceptance Fee
  • Enter your Remita number and click on pay.
  • Select Print Acceptance Letter

UNN Student Portal

UNN student portal is an online database that manages student records. You generate the Remitta RRR invoice on the school portal.

Also, you can check your semester results using the UNN student portal.

  • I would love to hear from you in the comment box.

Do let me know if you have any questions about first year clearance or UNN in general. I will get back to you ASAP.

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      Let me know if you have further questions.

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      Also, you could use this free time to learn handwork or digital skill here.

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      Congratulations! David

      I am happy about your admission.

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      But get the required documents you can see in this post for your UNN first-year clearance.

      Also, you could use this free time to learn handwork or digital skill here.

      Welcome to the Den.

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    • You will have to ensure that there is some way the Faculty Officer can verify your WAEC result.

      All of these would not affect your admission.

  43. Pls help me I went to check if my matric number is out but when I log in my jamb reg number the wrote the user name does not exist

    • Esther,

      I guess that you are trying to log in to your UNN Student Portal.

      It appears that your Matric Number has been generated. Whilst, you did not check on time.

      What you will have to do is to go to the Zenith Bank ICT to get your Matric Number.

      You will be able to access your school portal by the time you get the registration number from the ICT officer.

  44. In the clearance section for my undertaking the portal is showing me record not found and the other ones are showing…please what should I do?

    • Steve,

      Try to download the form again. It could be a network problem.

      Go to the Zenith bank ICT if the problem persists.

  45. Please I want to print out the 7 files on my portal I printed 5 the letter of undertaking is refusing to come up its showing “record nt found” Pls wah shud I do am confused

    • Chiamaka, at this time, only six forms are available for download.

      For the letter of undertaking, it could be a network problem.

      You should try again to download the letter of undertaking.

      The last form should be available on your school portal by tomorrow.

  46. please sir if want to login it will redirect me to Alumni portal, asking me to fill my bio data or change my password please what can do as i am unable make my payments

  47. Hello. Concerning the Direct Entry Verification fee, what year am I supposed to pay into? I hope this question doesn’t appear ignorant because my school fees year shows 2020/2021 but the DE year is showing 2019/2020. My question is, do I pay it with the year 2019/2020 because that is when I did JUPEB?

    • Hello, Blessing

      Talk with your Faculty Officer to confirm if you can make the payment for the 2019/2020 session.

      It could be that the ICT would need to upgrade your payment portal to 2020/2021.

  48. 1. Please regarding the new forms, when you say we should complete it online does that mean we should fill it online before printing out.
    2. Please I am having issues understanding the documents arrangement, the first documents ( birth certificate, jamb result etc), are we submitting it more than once and even the new forms.

    • 1. You will fill the form after the printout.

      2. Make three copies of each of your documents.

      You will get the order of arrangement from your Faculty Officer.

  49. 1.Please the new registration forms should they also be three in total copies or do we need just one of each for the Registration.
    2.what do we do first, student registration or hostel clearance.
    3. Are we going to submit all three files during Registration.
    4. Please how do we get the class admit card, because I don’t think it’s one of the portal forms.

    • Mark, here is the answer to your questions.

      1. Yes, you need three copies.

      2. You can do either. Better still, do both at the same time.

      3. Yes, you will submit your documents during the conference clearance with your Faculty officer.

      4. You will get it from your Faculty officer or during your MIS registration.

  50. Please the new registration forms should they also be three in total copies or do we need just one of each for the registration.

  51. Please I was unable to access my jamb admission letter while that I have accepted my admission on Jamb caps
    In the Cyber, they told me it have not started working that I should come back next week

    2 my original birth certificate has a different year from the year I used in jamb
    Where is the venue for hostel clearance and how do I go about it

    • Martha,

      You can get your JAMB admission letter immediately after you you accept your admission on JAMB CAPS.

      Try out another computer cyber cafe to print your admission letter.

      For the birth certificate, you will go to the court to swear an affidavit for your date of birth.

      Your birth certificate or affidavit must correspond with what you have in JAMB.

      The venue for hostel clearance is the student affairs department.

      Click on UNN hostel clearance to see the requirements and documents.

  52. Please the documents that would be arranged in the office flat file for clearance should it be the original or can it be a photocopy. Please reply

    • It should be a copy of your original documents for verification.

      By original documents I mean your O’level result, Local government certificate and birth certificate.

      Other documents are normal printouts.

  53. I am given admission in MLS, my clearance is it at Nsukka or Enugu. My 1st year lectures is it at Nsukka or Enugu

    • Well, Victor

      I cannot say for sure if UNN will release another admission list.

      Your best bet is to continue checking your JAMB CAPS.

      I wish you good luck.

    • Onyinye, you must pay your school fees before you start the clearance process.

      Officially the date for freshers clearance is July 19, 2021.

      But there could be a delay because old students are writing their second-semester exams.

      Try to reach out to your coursemates for more info.

    • Chinweuba, I asked you a question to get clarification on the matter.

      Your question is a little bit complex to understand.

      Nevertheless, you must present the local government certificate that you used in your JAMB to gain admission into UNN.

      For example, let’s say you used Enugu North LGA during your JAMB registration. It is the Enugu North certificate that you must submit during your clearance.

      Your birth certificate can be from Lagos if that is where your parents birthed you.

      I hope I have answered your question.

  54. Please I want to confirm this
    Will a five year course be 2024/2025 or 2025/2026? I’ve heard different views on this and would really appreciate the help.

  55. Please what colour of background is preferred for the passport,and I got admission in marketing where do I my clearence, also I want to know,someone said all first year must be in unn before going to unec is that true

  56. Please sir, I need your advice and direction on this. I obtained my local government identification in a local government where I have lived since I was born but that’s not where my parents came from. Meanwhile,my birth certificate (baptismal card) and my jamb result contains the local government where my parents came from. Is this going to affect me during UNN clearance??

  57. Please in my Student profile registration, i put in a wrong blood group because i dont know it
    Would that affect me in anyway

    • Ebuka, you can only use the ordinary WAEC result if you recently sat for the WAEC exams.

      Otherwise, you must provide your original O’level result.

  58. Thank you for such a good post. Sir, my question is,

    1. Can I do clearance with less than 16 passports.
    2. * I have paid for acceptance but I am currently short on cash, can I do clearance now and pay for school fees later. Is there any way to do clearance with every other document except school fees.
    3. Where in unec is clearance done
    4. Answer question number two.

    • Here is the answer to your questions.

      1. You cannot do your clearance with less than 16 passports. You should make at least 20 passports.

      2. You can resume lectures without doing your clearance.

      The deadline for UNN first-year clearance is the day before the matriculation ceremony.

      3. I need to know your Faculty to answer question three.

  59. I want to know if I can pay my school fees in the bag where I leave before going back to school,if yes please which bank and also they have not printed out any thing concerning school fees payment, but when I went to generate invoice for school fees it gave me the amount ,canbi proceed with that payment

    • Uju, you can pay your school fees at any Bank in Nigeria.

      TO your second question. Yes, you can proceed with school fees payment when you get the Remitta RRR generated from your school portal.

    • According to the University Management, the date for the start of first-year clearance is Monday 19 July 2021.

      But till this moment, the hostel portal has not been activated.

      The reason is because of the ongoing second-semester exams that will end on Friday 25 July 2021.

      I would advise you to stay back at home and see how the event unfolds.

    • Yes, Thomas

      You can pay your school fees at any of the commercial banks in Nigeria.

      The teller receipt you will get at the bank would be used to get the original school fees receipt later.

      Make sure to resume as soon as possible for your clearance.

      I wish you a stress-free clearance and success in your first year.

  60. Bro please can I study law with 252 in unn? Aside post utme,i want to use Neco result ..hope nothing is wrong with it and am I good to go??

  61. Well done sir

    Please the course on my jamb admission slip is different from the one UNN gave me sir

    How do I resolve this issue sir

    • Well, that is not a problem.

      Visit the UNN admission office at the back of Nnamdi Azikiwe Library. The problem will get sort out.

      You may be directed to visit the ICT centre for further resolution.

      Congratulations by the way on your admission.

  62. Hi.
    I got an information that we(newly admitted students) are resuming on the 12th of July, please how true is this information?

  63. Hi!Blessing how can i go about birth certificate. because my birth date in line with all my documents,do i need to get birth certificate.pls reply with this no:07066401284.thanks

  64. Please can u change your profile picture when creating student profile
    And also how can u use and the invoice to pay or the bank is going to direct u on how to do it (name of the bank to pay in)

    • You cannot change your profile picture during student profile creation.

      For payment of acceptance fee using invoice;

      1. Go to the bank with your RRR number.

      2. Enter University of Nigeria, Nsukka as the account name.

      3. Enter the RRR number as bank account number.

      You can ask the bank staff for further assistance.

  65. I can’t access my caps to print out my jamb result slip, without that i can do clearance right??
    Pls reply

  66. Am seeing this very late because I have already paid my acceptance fee online and when ever I visit the Unn website to print my acceptance slip its saying my details are not found. Please what do I do now.

    • 1. Log in to your student portal.

      2. Click on “Pay Acceptance Fee”

      3. Enter your RRR and select session.

      4. Click submit.

      You will be able to reprint your acceptance letter.

      Do not make any further payment online. Go to the bank for payments.

      Let me know if you encounter any problem.

  67. The name written on my waec result is OKONKWO uche Kingsley

    While the one written on my jamb result is OKONKWO uchenna Kingsley

    Will that deny me admission???

    Or can I still change it

    • The mistake will not terminate your admission.

      I don’t know which of the name is correct.

      You can apply for JAMB correction of name.

  68. 2020/2021 after four year should it be 2023/2024 or 2024/2025 .and please I also want to know if correction can be made on the student profile

    • A four year course is 2023/2024.

      The answer to your second question is YES.

      You can update the details on your UNN student profile.

  69. When creating my student profile I made a mistake but I have already generated a rrr code and that is what I used to make payment and went back to change it on the profile hope it won’t affect it

    • No, you will not be rejected.

      I don’t know which of the name is correct.

      Assuming the mistake is with the JAMB. You must apply for correction of name on the JAMB portal.


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