Why I Stopped Being a Serious Student: A Memorable Encounter

I used to be a very serious student until April 2015. Serious I mean Jacker/jackee/jackoo even jack.

Two years after secondary school After class that day 17th( Friday) April 2015, I decided to lay down in my bed and rest a little while before going to school to read when I opened my eyes, I discovered I had spent my whole day and night sleeping.

I needed to cover up for our upcoming exams. So I schedule the next day being18th April 2015 a reading day.

It was on a Saturday, usually on Saturday’s I don’t go for night class but don’t know what came over me that faithful day I just prepared and decided to go for night class. 6 pm that day I left my lodge and went to a friend’s Lodge.

When I got to her place she wasn’t at home, she went to a workers meeting so I had to stay in a friend’s room (her neighbour).

I waited till 6 pm but she wasn’t anywhere close. I engaged in a lengthy discussion with her friend and forgot I prepared to go for night study.

When I realized and looked at the time it was already 7 pm, I had to leave so I told her I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for Gloria any longer and so I left.

When I got to the gate of her compound I saw Gloria coming back from fellowship looking very tired.

Gloria was a 3rd yr student of Food Science and Technology who attends the same fellowship with me when she saw me she asked where I was going to and I told her.

Her response was “today”? Of all days “?

And I explained to her the reason why I needed to read and I finally told her to see me off to some extent.

She said No and after much pleading, she finally succumbs to my plea and on our way to school that was about 7:30 pm.

She got to a point and stopped and then told me to continue and she turned back to leave.

I begged her to follow me a little more and she bluntly said no and continued going so I followed her back indeed God was with me because the old me (adamant) will go without Gloria, but I followed her back to her lodge.

On our way, we saw Emmanuel her lodge mate and she pleaded with him to help see me off to school (CAS Campus EBONYI State University).

He gladly accepted and we started going while walking he asked: “why are you scared and I replied why won’t I be scared when we have been hearing stories of rape and murder on this narrow road.

And he said,” to every incident, there must be a trace “(something like that) we smiled and allowed it to slide.

While walking when we see an ant or anything creepy we would SCREAM and shout not knowing something big and mind-blowing awaits us.

Still walking but now we weren’t talking we saw some persons walking towards us and I became happy because at least we won’t be two walking on a lonely path, not knowing that something bad awaits me.

When we were about to get close to the gate, a very bright light was shone on our faces and what we heard almost knocked us off my feet.

Hey!! stop there! those words echoed in my ears, we stopped and I saw three guys in suit, well-knotted ties, and well-polished shoes.

We stopped we couldn’t run because there were already holding our hands. and they asked us where we were going to and I replied stuttering Nigggggnt class.

And he (gang leader) repeated night class? I said yes.

He said ok. Give us the money and I’m like money keh? brother, sir, uncle Take my phone, laptop bag, books oya leave me to lemme go until I heard a resounding ” shut up” !!

I froze. Muttering Jesus, Kumuyi, lord, Adeboye in my spirit mind if there is anything like that. I kept mute and started pleading, crying.

Two guys held me and one was holding Emmanuel. I held the one that was holding my right hand as though he was my husband and I was begging, pleading, telling him to leave me and that God would bless him.

He said ok After collecting our properties we weren’t freed instead one out of the three guys asked the gang leaders where he should take us to and he said “take them to that uncompleted building” (an uncompleted building behind CAS close to the rice mill-it has a BORROW pit behind ).

If you are familiar with EBSU CAS Campus very well you would know that even if you’re killed there for four years nobody will find your body.

And I and Emmanuel were to be taken there for what we had no idea about.

We were like SHEEP’S to be slain we obediently followed like Isaac. A thought came to me, if you don’t do something for yourself you might leave here as good as dead or a rape victim.

I discovered as we were moving that their grip on me wasn’t firm so I removed my hand and started running, they chased me, I ran as fast as my legs could carry but luck ran out of me and fate caught up with me.

I never knew that there was a big wall(fence) in front of me so I ran, hit my face on the wall and fell into a ditch behind me, they were already behind me so I couldn’t run I just had to pretend as if I was dead.

And yes they stood at my front arguing One said “see as she don go kill herself now,” the other said “she never die” they kept on arguing until one decided to check, he stooped low to me and gave me a very resounding blow on my jaw and immediately I woke up and told them “l never die” I’m alive And so I started screaming.

They dealt with my Life that day, they inserted cement bags into my mouth just to prevent me from screaming, yet l screamed, cried, shouted, wailed.

My face was their main target, They kicked my face pressed my throats, they wanted to kill me but God pass them.

They climbed me, beating, creating bruises on my face, covering my nose, strangled me but still, l screamed and cried and when they saw that my voice was attracting the school securities, I was told to stand up, l stood up, and they asked me to follow them. my eyes were swollen I couldn’t even see, they ran and left me there.

I had to look for my way back home.

When I got home my roommates and friends couldn’t recognize me., the security officers saw me and shouted Jesus …..blablablabla

I was the topic of the day, my hall governor used me to preach to my hostel mates and after that incident, I learnt a great lesson in life – AVOID SHORTCUTS

I Might not have been a victim of rape but yes l was a victim of molestation and bully. Those hoodlums left me with physical scars and emotional bruises.

Yea like l said l might not have been raped but yes l suffered from pains for years.

I cried my eyes out when l had to read with one eye cause l developed a severe injury in the eye which made one blur(I’m better now).

  • Avoid late-night movements
  • Never walk alone.
  • Be time and security conscious

Lastly always remember that UNN, EBSU, UNIPORT or any institution you find yourself would still write their exams and go on with their daily activity if you die today.

Save yourself first If not for yourselves for Me. If only we know how quick the living forgets the dead when they are gone, yes. If only we know.

We will not live our lives for certificate acquisition alone. There is more to life than a certificate

I care about you a lot(HE CAREZ MORE) And wouldn’t want you to go through the pains, I went through. Take care of yourselves

The story is told and written by BARIKOR WAADU FAITH

She is currently a student of Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Dedicated to all First and Second-year students. not just a story but a message.

You can connect with Barikor Faith on Facebook.

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