How to Prepare Quaker Oats in Nigeria

In this post, I will show you how to prepare Quaker Oats with water, milk and honey.

Quaker oats are a healthy breakfast with plenty of health benefits for kids, young adults and the elderly.

One of the major health benefits of eating oats is that it lowers Cholesterol levels in the body.

Bread and Fries are some of the popular combos with Quaker oats.

Nutritionl Information

Energy1500 KJ750 KJ
Fat8 g4 g
Carbohydrate60 g30 g
Fibre9 g4.5 g
Protein11 g5.5 g

OAT Preparation

Time needed: 2 minutes

A tutorial on how to prepare Quaker Oat

  1. Prepare your materials to make the Oat

    Bring together the Quaker oat material, pot, plate and spoon

  2. Place a sufficient quantity of Quaker Oats to a pot

  3. Add a little amount of water to the oat in the pot

  4. Stir to mix the oat with the water

  5. Place the pot on the stove

  6. Allow to heat while stirring

  7. Serve oatmeal on a plate

  8. Add sugar, honey or milk

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