Most Effective Ways to Study in a Noisy Environment

Studying is one of the critical aspects of learning. It is simply the act of reading with the intent to remember.

Reading is essential for students worldwide as it gives them a great understanding of what they were taught in the classroom and further helps them prepare for their examinations.

To get the maximum benefit out of studying, it is usually advisable for students to learn in a conducive environment; for most people, it usually means a quiet environment.

Some students have no problem studying in a noisy environment, some even prefer it, but a vast majority assimilate better when they read in a quiet environment.

Do you have a test or upcoming exams and find studying in a noisy environment challenge?

In this post, you will learn the most effective ways to study in a noisy environment as a student.

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How to Study in a Noisy Environment

The following are the most effective ways to study in a noisy environment as a student;

  1. Study with Earplugs
  2. Practice Meditation
  3. Listen to Music and ASMR
  4. Eat Snacks while Studying
  5. Organize your Study

Study with Earplugs

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An earplug is a device inserted in the ear canal to protect the user’s ear from loud noises, intrusive water, foreign bodies, dust, and cold and strong wind entering the ear.

They are primarily used to prevent hearing damage caused by loud noises.

Using earplugs is advisable for students who have difficulty reading with all the noise around them. The earplugs will eliminate the noise, allowing one to concentrate on reading correctly.

Earplugs are generally safe. They, however, should not be used regularly as overtime use can start to create side effects.

Long-term use of earplugs can push ear wax back into your ear, causing a buildup.

It can lead to severe problems, including temporary hearing loss and tinnitus (ear ringing).

Practice Meditation

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Meditation is the continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject.

Researchers at the Columbian Unit claim meditation can change the structure and function of the brain through relaxation.

It helps to increase focus and learning concentration. It also helps to improve memory and widen a person’s attention span.

The main reason why a noisy environment hinders studying is that it distracts.

The noise around you constantly pulls you from what you are reading and drags your attention away.

Since meditation gives a person a wider attention span, it will be of immense help if one can try to meditate before picking up their reading material.

Listen to Music and ASMR

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It should be clear here that the type of music you listen to while studying is essential.

Indeed, loud music can drown out background noise, but not every piece can help you concentrate on studying.

Lyric-free music such as classical, trance or ambient music is often the best for concentration.

One can also try to use white noises to block out background noise.

White noise contains all audible frequencies, which merge into what we perceive as a humming sound.

Familiar everyday sources of white noise include fans, television static and air conditioners.

You can easily find these online or download an application on your phone.

Listening to white noise will help one to block out background noises, and it would also help you focus on your studying.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is known as “brain tingles”.

ASMR comes from a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck. The tingling is often a response to a particular sound.

It sounds like whispering voices, paper tearing, ocean waves, thunder waves, etc.

Research has shown that listening to ASMR playlists improves relaxation.

It will help to drown out background noises as it soothes and captivates the brain, thereby forcing the listener’s brain into a state of peace and utmost concentration, which is ideal for studying.

ASMR videos can be found and downloaded on several online platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, etc.

Students can even try putting on headphones without listening to anything. For some, this is enough to muffle background sounds and help one fully concentrate on studying.

Eat Snacks while Studying

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Various research has shown that tiredness, stress and hunger can make concentration more difficult.

One must be well-rested and well-fed before studying.

Eating a snack while studying can help students focus better on their work than background noises.

Munching on a healthy snack helps maintain brain energy levels and allows one to focus.

Hunger makes a person restless. A snack in hand will help keep you put and ensure you focus on your reading.

Organize your Study

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If you know a location is noisy, be it your hostel or any other place. You can try reading the easy stuff in this environment while leaving the more complex things for later.

One can focus on revising what you have read before instead of trying new areas.

To avoid situations where you don’t even have any option but to read in a noisy environment, students should try as much as possible to carefully plan their school work and try to read in environments that suit their reading style.

If you don’t like going out to read and your hostel room is always noisy, you can opt to read at night.

At night, many of the hostel occupants will be asleep, leaving the rooms quiet enough for you to study without any noise distracting you.

The tips listed above will hopefully guide students who find themselves in such tight situations.

We all have stories about that one time we failed to prepare early for an examination.

When we finally decided to study, we found ourselves in unfavourable conditions that needed Godly intervention.

I hope that next time you find yourself in a noisy environment, you need to study.

I hope you would have come across this article and picked some tips on how to learn in such an environment effectively.

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