Small Things Make the Difference

Last week Monday, I was at the bank to carry out a particular transaction. I had to go to the bank as early as 6 am to ensure that I get into the bank premises as soon as possible. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of changes in our everyday life activities. One of which is to go to the bank early or you’d stand outside the gate the whole day. 

While we were waiting for the clock to tick 8 am when the bank would open. I sat outside with other customers who had arrived early to avoid unnecessary delay. 

A lot selling food rolled her wheelbarrow to the gate and began to serve food for the bank security personnel. The arrangement seems to be that they would pay for their meal at the end of the month when they receive their salary.

I watched as they munched their food in anticipation of the hectic day’s job. They signalled one of their colleagues which I think is the youngest amongst them to get sachet water. He got to the kiosk and ordered for the sachet water. The shop owner refused his request. They had not paid for the previous sachet water they purchase. The man was not ready to start his day’s business on credit. It might be a bad omen.

The security continued to beg, but the shop owner was adamant. Just then, an older man sited beside me who had also been seeing the whole drama unfold beckoned on the security man. He dipped his hand into his pocket and gave the security man twenty Naira for the sachet water. He thanked the man and went away with the two sachet water. 

When he got back to where his colleagues, he explained to them how the older man had helped him. They quickly beckoned on the man to enter the bank premises even though it was not yet time to allow customers into the premise.

The older man was the first person to enter the bank. So much for twenty Naira.

Twenty Naira is a small amount of money but can make a lot of difference in the long run. Life presents us with these little opportunities. We ignore them and chase clout. We are always on the lookout for robust opportunities, but we forget that the little things can accrue enormous rewards that we can imagine.

Whenever we have the opportunity to make a difference, we must cease it. It doesn’t matter if the platform is small. Every big platform came out from a small platform. There is always a beginning.

Share the love today.

Stay safe. 

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