Best Hostel in UNN & UNEC Campus 2024

I get many questions from newly admitted students on the best hostel in the University of Nigeria.

Well, in this post, I will quickly take you through the best girls and male hostels in UNN and UNEC Campus.

Read UNN Off-Campus Accommodation to get more details about Hostel and Lodges in UNN.

You need to know that UNN hostels have been standing way back in the 1960s.

UNN hostel restroom

Thus, you should not expect five-star accommodation. There is a reason why UNN is the Lion Den.

After all, old UNN students are living in the hostel. They are doing fine.

Trust me; you will be okay with whatever hostel that you get.

UNN Balewa hostel

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about UNN hostels.

Best Hostel in UNN

unn hostel

There are two male hostels in UNN;

  • Alvan Ikoku Hostel
  • Eni Njoku

There is no comparison between the male hostels at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The living and sanitary conditions in both hostels are pretty the same.

But the difference is that Alvan Ikoku has iron doors and a football pitch.

Every other thing in both hostels is the same. You will survive like a Lion in whichever hostel that you get.


First-year students in the College of Medicine get Alvan Ikoku Hostel.

Best Female Hostel in UNN

UNN Mary Slessor hostel

The best female hostel in UNN is the Okeke hostel. It is because the hostel got renovated recently.

Here is the list of female hostels in UNN;

  1. Okeke Hostel
  2. Mary Slessor Hostel
  3. Bello Hostel
  4. Okpara Hostel
  5. Akpabio Hostel
  6. Akintola Hostel
  7. Presidential Hostel
  8. Awolowo Hostel
  9. Eyo Ita Hostel
  10. Aja Nwachukwu Hostel
  11. Balewa Hostel
  12. Kwame Nkuruma Hostel


The presidential hostel is strictly for first-year College of Medicine female students.

UNN Okeke hostel

Bello hostel is for Pharmacy students only.

Kwame Nkrumah Hostel is undesirable for female students because of the distance. It is close to the male hostel in the Behind flat area.

Best Male Hostel in UNEC

Kenneth Dike Hostel UNEC
  • Kenneth Dike Hall (IJ) Hostel
  • Mbonu Ojike Hall (GH) Hostel

There is no difference in comparison between the two male hostels in UNEC.

Best Female Hostel in UNEC

manuwa hostel in unec
  1. Presidential Hostel
  2. Jereton Marriere Hostel
  3. Samuel Manuwa Hostel
  4. Adelabu Hostel
  5. Odumegwu Ojukwu Hostel
  6. Lady Eudorah Ibiam Hostel


The presidential hostel is private in UNEC. It is for staff kids and friends of the University.

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