How to Print Original JAMB Result with Registration Number 2023

JAMB result is a document that contains your examination score for your UTME subjects.

The results are released twenty (24) after the conduct of the examination.

There are two types of JAMB result

  • JAMB result slip
  • Original JAMB result

The original JAMB result is for first-year clearance by undergraduate students. You would need it to fulfil your school admission requirements.

The cost for printing the original JAMB result is one thousand naira (₦1,000). You can print your JAMB result up to five (5) times for your first payment.

There is no deadline for printing the original JAMB result. You can print it out at any point in time. But, you would need your JAMB email address and password to check your result online.

Check here to see how you can print your JAMB result slip with your registration number.

I will show you how to print your original JAMB result online using the registration number.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you in the comment box below.

Requirements to Print Original JAMB Result

Here are the requirements to print your original JAMB result;

  • JAMB email address
  • Account Password
  • JAMB registration number
  • Examination year
  • One thousand naira (₦1,000)
  • Smartphone or Personal Computer (PC)
  • Internet data connection

How to Print Original JAMB Result

Here are the procedures on how to print the original JAMB result online with your registration number;

A tutorial on how to print original JAMB results online using your registration number.

  1. Open your internet browser

    Launch your browser on your smartphone or PCchrome browser

  2. Visit the JAMB result checker portal

    Enter the web address on your browserJAMB efacility

  3. Create e-Facility Account/Login

    Click on the login buttonJAMB efacility login

  4. Login to your JAMB portal

    Enter your JAMB email address and password to log inJAMB profile login

  5. Select your examination year

    Click on the dropdown menu to select your examination yearselect exam year

  6. Click on Print Result Slip

    Check admission status

  7. Select examination year

    Click on the dropdown menu to select your JAMB examination yearexam year

  8. Enter your JAMB registration number

    Click on Print Result Slipprint result slip

  9. Pay One thousand naira (₦1,000) online

    Pay to access your result using your Master, Visa or Verve card

  10. Print your original JAMB result

    Save the JAMB result as a PDF document


How do I check my JAMB result from last year?

1. Open your phone browser
2. Visit the JAMB result checker portal login page
3. Enter your JAMB registration number, phone number or email address
4. Click on Check My Results

Can I still print my 2022 JAMB result?

Yes you can print your 2022 JAMB result on

How much does it cost to print the original JAMB result?

It will cost you the sum of one thousand naira (₦1,000) to print your original JAMB result from the online portal.

Can JAMB original result be printed twice?

Yes, you can print your JAMB original result for three (3) times on the JAMB online portal. It is a better option to save your original result on your phone as a PDF file.

Is JAMB original result compulsory?

Yes, JAMB original result is compulsory for your first year clearance after getting admission to your school of choice. It will be requested by your school’s Faculty clearance admission officer.

How can I get my JAMB email and password?

Send “PASSWORD email” to 55019. For example, your text message should look like this – Password

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comment box.

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74 thoughts on “How to Print Original JAMB Result with Registration Number 2023”

  1. I linked my email to jamb and I did not receive a confirmation message from them now I want to print out my original result I can’t do that because I don’t have the log in.
    Please What should I do because am pissed off.

  2. I am finding it difficult to print my jamb result I don’t know if it’s because I used same email address with the one I used last year, how can I get password to login to my portal? Can I send another email to 55109

  3. Please sir I wrote jamb 2021 and then I wrote another in 2022 and I used the same email. The 2022 jamb I wrote I was given admission but I am finding difficult to print out my original result, what can I do?

  4. Pls sir I tried printing my original jamb result, they have deducted the money from my account but it is still showing me the same payment process without the result, sir what should I do

  5. Pls sir,, i lost my jamb printout and they said without the jamb printout i won’t be able to print my original jamb results but i know my registration number, can’t i use my registration number to print out my original jamb results at the jamb office

    • Hello Oluwatoyin,

      It is not true that you cannot print out your result without your JAMB slip.

      Do not fret, just go to an accredited JAMB centre.

  6. Sir
    Have comment here before but you don’t reply
    Sir the problems is that I purchased my original results through online but I didn’t see the PDF only it says that failed download I try several times now it is requesting for another payment

    • Hello Yusuf,

      I apologise for the times I did not respond.
      The truth is that you might have to make another payment for it but first of all, I’ll recommend you visit a JAMB centre.

  7. Sir
    I wanna check my jamb results 2022
    But through the same email I used in 2021 hope it will print 2022 results not 2021. Results and sir the amount as increased to 1500 may I proceed
    Please 🙏 urgently need your reply

    • Hello Yusufuh,

      I recommend you exercise patience. Most of the people who wrote JAMB this year have been unable to check their results online.

      It’s only been displaying the one for the previous year.
      At the moment, you can check your result using the SMS method.

    • Hello Blessing,

      You can use the wrong email if it’s still available.

      Send PASSWORD space and then the wrong email or RESEND PASSWORD to 55019 using the sim used to get your JAMB profile code, during the JAMB registration.
      E.g PASSWORD

      After this, you will be sent a new password. You can use this password and the wrong email to log into your JAMB portal.

      The SMS will cost you 50 Naira.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

  8. Good evening…… pls I want to print my original result and I was asked to bring my jamb print out…..pls d print out is missing…….hw can I print it again…..I knw my reg number

    • Dear Dunsin,

      For candidates for this year’s exam, their details have not been uploaded to the JAMB portal so that might be the reason your email is acting up.

      I suggest you used your phone to check your result.

  9. I don’t have a bank account neither ATM card. Can I make payment to jamb using internet money transfer through another person’s account?

  10. Please sir I used my phone in linking my email address to jamb portal and I couldn’t get a password from them,the only message I could get was you haven’t been charged due to network error . please sir what could be the problem

  11. Please I need help in checking my jamb results I lost my sim and can’t remember my email address what can I do to check my result or if I go to jamb office is there any way they can help me with it

  12. Sir, I made a payment of 1500₦ to print my jamb result but it keeps showing transaction pending after the payment was successful. What do I do???

    • Follow the procedures in this post to print your original JAMB result.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  13. Good day. I reset my jamb login password and after the password was sent to me,I used it to login into my jamb profile but it is bringing a message of wrong password or incorrect email… Please what is the solution out… Thanks for your audience.

  14. Sir, is it possible to print my jamb results using my registration number or phone number because I didn’t register my email address

  15. The phone number my brother use for JAMB registration is not working again an we are try to use the registration number but is not coming up please tell us wat to do

  16. Sir please help me to check my jamb result, I have done all I can do all to no avail, please help me
    Reg No: 202210840128JA
    Whatsapp No: 09129867757
    Name: Isaac Ochuko Wisdom

    Thanks for your help

  17. pls how can I check my jamb results with my registration number cox the sim I use for the registration is not with me and I can fine it pls halo me

  18. Please I need help in checking my jamb result, I hope you trusted.
    This is my registration number: 202210616952AF
    And phone reg number: 09070120803

    • Pls I need help in checking my jamb results This my registration number 202210726398HA phone number 09133959558


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