How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy: Blow And Cash Out

Welcome to the yahoo boy orientation. If you are not a successful Yahoo boy or girl by now or working hard to be one, then you are dulling yourself. You’re in for a long thing.

With the path the country is taking, Yahoo yahoo is the way forward. I bet that you agree with me. Are you not tired of searching for unavailable jobs or tired of poverty?

Being a Yahoo boy can transform your life for the better. It is the easiest way to run away from the country – two seconds. To have clicked this link on how to become a successful yahoo boy. Just know today is your lucky day. Anybody who says yahoo does not pay is lying to you.

Welcome once again to the Yahoo boy orientation. Do not skip any of the steps in this article or else you may miss some tips.

Yahoo Boy Orientation and Formats

picture of a man holding a phone

Yahoo Yahoo is an internet scam scheme that began in the early 2000s. Way back, boys go to the cyber café and pay for all-night browsing to access the internet.

Today, you can become a yahoo boy with a phone. Now, let’s continue.

Internet scam in Nigeria is referred to as Yahoo because the pioneers used Yahoo messengers as the social media platform to cash out. Today, nobody uses Yahoo messenger. Nevertheless, the attribution of the internet scam to the tag Yahoo is still notable.

In this post, I will be teaching you the new and latest methods of how you can cash out on bluebird yahoo boy or girl. We are now in the internet age of things; it means that the way we do things is changing tremendously.

Even successful people now understand they have to upgrade to meet up with the present trend. Below are the steps you must take to be successful in Yahoo business and cash out big to escape poverty. First of all, let us look at the things you’d need to be successful in the yahoo boy format.

Materials and Requirements to Become a Yahoo Boy or Girl

  1. Learn how to write
  2. Fast internet and data
  3. Good laptop
  4. Get a smartphone
  5. Secure a location

1. Learn How to Write

A person typing on a laptop computer

Being a successful Yahoo boy or girl in the 21st century requires that you have good communication skills. You must be able to communicate in simple and correct English with potential clients.

If you lose guard and dish out the wrong English structure, you may never succeed. It is necessary to be able to have a good command of English.

Know when to use big or simple words appropriately. Read why using big words make you sound foolish. You have to know how to hold meaningful conversations and not chat with abbreviations.

If you attended a Grammar school and are not confident about your command of English. You don’t have to panic. I will give you tips on how you can improve your English skill and be a wordsmith to convince your clients.

How to Improve Communication Skill to be a Successful Yahoo Boy or Girl

Read, read, read

The best way to become a better writer and to succeed as a Yahoo boy is to have a good reading habit.

You must be a voracious reader to improve your communication skill. I mean you must read everything you can lay your hands. It is the easiest way to enhance your communication skill. Read novels, newspapers and articles.

Keep a Diary

As you read voraciously, you will do yourself a great favour if you keep a diary. A diary is a journal where you write your thoughts. Writing a diary is a proven method that has helped a lot of persons to become better writers.

Nurture a regular writing lifestyle. You can get a hardcopy journal or download diary apps on Google Playstore.

Read Comments Online

It is still part of the reading tips to improve your writing skill. Read well thought out comments on Blogs, Online forums and social media. Subconsciously, you will find yourself writing like those commenters on the online community you are reading comments. I recommend that you sign up on popular forums like Quora, Reddit and Nairaland.

Listen to News and Radio Programs

A veritable way to sharpen your writing skill is to listen to the News. Watch local and international TV stations and be conscious of how News broadcasters speak and construct their English. BBC is recommendable.

Also, listening to radio programs to help you understand how you can make engaging conversations is essential for networking as a yahoo boy or girl.

Watch Movies with Subtitle

Seeing movies can help improve your communication skill on how to become a Yahoo boy. When next you watch a movie, ensure that you use a subtitle.

Subtitles is a written format of conversations in movies and videos. You will be able to read what the actors are saying while seeing the movie. This way, you learn how to speak and write.

2. Fast Internet and Sufficient Data

As a yahoo boy or girl, you will be spending most of your time online. The business is more than 70% online. Find out which of the service provider in your location has the fastest 4G connection in your area.

After you make your choice, choose a data plan that won’t break your account. Combine night data subscriptions to reduce the money you spend on internet data.

3. Good Laptop

laptop computer

Having a laptop is an essential device for becoming a successful yahoo boy or girl. Get a good laptop with a battery capacity that serves for more than two hours. It is necessary to stay online when there is a power outage.

The PC must have WiFi connectivity. If the laptop WiFi connection is not working, you will need to get an internet modem. Note that the aim is for your laptop to connect to the internet.

What if I can’t afford to get a laptop? Check the tip below. You can do yahoo with a phone without a laptop.

4. Get a Good Smartphone

social media

Whether you have a laptop or not, you will need a smartphone with at least 2 GB RAM.

You need the smartphone to conveniently attend to clients via voice call or instant messaging applications like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, etc. if you don’t have a laptop, you can work with your smartphone pending when you get a computer.

5. Secure a Location

To succeed in the Yahoo business, you must work in an environment that you can reason and get creative. Choose a place that you can work online that is void of any form of distractions. It can be your bedroom, cyber café, library, etc.

Whatever location that you choose, it should be ideal for working online. You don’t want to be in the middle of a conversation with a client when a person comes to disturb you. That would be disastrous.

How to Become a Successful Yahoo Boy or Girl (Yahoo Boy Format)

After being exposed to the things you must have in place to become a successful yahoo boy or girl, we have come to the highlight of the article which is how to become a successful yahoo boy or girl.

Now is the time to expose to you the latest and surest techniques on how you can be a yahoo boy or girl: blow and cash out. Like I stated at the beginning, there has been a shift on how to do yahoo online. The new method is tested and working.

There is a new method to succeed online and cash out big time. Everybody is now developing digital skills to make money online. Bankers, Health workers, Civil servants, Teachers, Students, e.t.c are all developing internet skills to make money online.

By 2030, robots and computers would do most jobs. The move is already evident in a few professions.

A few years ago, we all had to go to the bank to make deposits and conduct bank transactions. Today, you can do all that with mobile banking applications. Computers are becoming smarter and enhanced every day. The time to learn a digital skill is now than ever.

1. Programming

Picture of a computer screen

Programming is a digital skill that simply involves writing codes called algorithms that give instructions to the computer device. The process of creating these algorithms that direct the computer how to function is called programming.

The language used to dictate these instructions are called programming language. Some of the popular programming languages in the world today include; Python, BASIC, Javascript, PHP, C++, FORTRAN, Ada, COBOL, etc.

Learn how to write these codes online at little or no cost on popular e-learning platforms. All that is required is for you to connect to the internet and learn with your laptop or smartphone. You can get the direct links to these articles by checking this link.

Programmers around the world earn a lot of money by writing codes. Programming is the future; the program controls everything around us.

The programming language is written by programmers to automate a lot of processes. Find out the type of programming language that suits you and learns how to code in that language. I recommend that you start with Python because of its simple syntax.

2. Web Designing

flat screen computer monitor

Do you visit Facebook, Twitter, and other websites? Do you know that in a day, thousands of website is design? Everybody is moving their business and social life from the real-life sphere to the online communities.

For people to set up on the internet, they need a platform which is a website. Web designers are people who are knowledgeable in the language of PHP, CSS and HTML. They build websites for people for a token.

That’s how to make money online. Web designing is a lucrative career now and in the future. Learn web designing either online or offline in any web designing school close to you.

3. Graphic Design

A person using a laptop

Do you see a beautiful banner or business logo? Well, that’s the work of a graphic designer. Graphic designing is making visuals using text, icons and photographs.

The job of graphic designers has come here to stay. Individuals and organizations will always need the services of a graphic designer. You can go to YouTube and check out videos on how you can learn graphic design.

4. Blogging

A person typing on a laptop computer

Blogging is simply writing and sending useful information to internet users. It is a passive means of earning income. To blog is great because you can easily combine it with your regular job. The way to make money via blogging is to gain online influence and get loyal followers.

The success rate in blogging is not quite impressive because the platform is very competitive. Every day, millions of blog posts are published. The secret to success is to write great content. Content is King.

The way to make money with blogging is through affiliate marketing, content creation, email marketing, sponsored posts, and advertisement. If you create a blog with good content, you’d be able to gain influence and make money online.

5. Become a Social Media Influencer

social media

Nowadays, social media influencers are making lots of money promoting products online for different brands. These influencers are people who have a large number of followers. They are a kind of authority in a particular field.

Followers rely on influencers to get information. The job of the influencer is to give tips and make recommendations to followers. You can try out social networks like Facebook and Instagram to try to gain influence.

Note that for you to succeed in the influencer field, you need to do something that will capture people’s attention.

6. Writing and Publishing

A person typing on a laptop computer

Cash-out by writing articles and publishing books. If you have an interest in writing, become a freelancer and offer your skill online.

You can do copywriting that is writing about products in an exciting way that would capture the attention of readers online.

Another way to make money is by collaborating with bloggers to write blog posts. Ghosting writing is still a means to earn money.

Publish books is now easy. You can self-publish a book without publishing agencies. Do your research and decide which of these methods to make money through writing suits you.


Young people. We have to change the narration from fraud to a legitimate source of income. The get-rich-quick gimmick is not sustainable.

Making money and cashing out via legal process may be tedious. Learning these skills is demanding. What option do we have to keep our heads above the water and survive?

It is time to make our parents and community proud. Let us join our hands together and make our society better.

Our hustle must be legit.

Churn fraud and make the money

  • How are you making money online?
  • What skills would you recommend for a youth to learn to be successful?

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