7 Tips On How to Pass UNEC Second Year Anatomy Exam 2024

This post contains helpful tips on how to scale through your Anatomy exam at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

Guide to Pass UNEC Second Year Anatomy Exam

Here are helpful tips on passing the Anatomy exam for second-year students in the College of Medicine, UNEC.

Anatomy Exams Are Cheap

Anatomy exams are cheap. Yes, they are. All you need is just to read well, meaningfully and very qualitatively too.

Hey dear, don’t allow fear to kill you before the exam. Believing in yourself, in God and being confident enough can help you out.

Study The Course Outline

Go through every topic is important and should be touched on because it is what you will see in your Multiple Choice Question exam. There are a few topics/things you need to read well.

A. Know which muscle is which and where it can be found.

B. What is the origin and the insertion of the muscle.

C. What does the muscle do (actions)?

D. What nerve(s) supplies it and some times the blood supplies and drainages.

E. When the nerve damages, what will it result to?

For example, what is the origin, insertion, action, nerve supply and blood supply of the Supraspinatus muscle?

Learn How to Answer Cross Matching Questions

In Anatomy exams, they usually do “crossmatching”. It is to test your knowledge of some core areas of the course.

The Brachial plexus is used to test whether or not you know the nerves that supply the muscles of the upper limbs. For example, you might see things like

A. Pectoralis minor.  Deltoid muscle

C. Axillary nerve.    Long thoracic

D. Serratus anterior.  The medial pectoral nerve.

It is then left for you to arrange them according to the muscles that the nerves supply. There are three (3) muscles and three (3) nerves up there.

So you are required to match them well. They may decide to pick them from anywhere.

It must not be from the brachial plexus or nerves. There are many things they can use for that.

Practice How to Answer Odd Questions

There are also some questions where they would want you to pick out the odd ones.

You must know all the individual muscles, bones or other structures or their groups. It will help you to identify the odd options from the question. It looks like this:

The odd one out

A. Supraspinatus

B. Infraspinatus

C. Subscapularis

D. Bicep muscle.

Of course, the answer is D which is a Bicep muscle. All others are under a group known as Rotator cuff muscles while the bicep is in the arm.

Read and Answer Questions Very Fast

In writing Anatomy exams too, you have to be very observant of the time. Don’t have the notion that there is time. Read and answer your questions very fast.

Try to finish before the time so that you can crosscheck your answers. They can mess you up with time, please. Take note of that.

Attend Tutorials and Learn with YouTube Videos

Are you finding any topic hard?

Then use your phone well. Endeavour to watch some tutorial videos on Youtube. Browse some sites and ask a few friends who know it.

You can make Anatomy A. Forget the stories and conquer your fear.

The God Factor.

Dear colleagues, survival here is not only with your intelligence. God’s grace remains the ultimate. Remove God in this college. Don’t forget to pray. It can turn things around for you.

Read as if God does not exist and Pray as if prayer does everything.

Read, rest and read again. Remember that consistency makes the way. Don’t relax, fight and pass your papers once.

Wishing you the very best of luck in your exams

Kind regards,

Joel Kosiso (Joelsco).

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