Virtual Internship for Law students in Nigeria 2024

There are virtual internships available for Law students in Nigerian universities.

A virtual internship for Law students in Nigeria is a training programme for students studying Law that does not require physical presence or activity.

There are two (2) types of internship training programmes for Law students in Nigeria;

  • Physical Internship
  • Virtual Internship

The purpose of a virtual internship is to equip students with the knowledge, practices and practical skills of the Nigerian legal system.

There are no limits to learning the virtual internship programme. Nigerian law students can gain practical experience at any location.

In this post, I will walk you through available virtual internship opportunities for Law students in Nigerian universities. Also in this post is the list of Law firms in Nigeria offering online internship.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to hear from you.

Virtual Internship for Law students in Nigeria

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The following is the list of virtual internship jobs available for Law students in Nigeria;

  • The Omaplex Virtual Internship (OVIP)
  • Kenna Partners
  • Bridgeforte Attorneys
  • KPMG Internship Program
  • Harlem Virtual Internship (HVI)
  • Strachan Partners
  • Funmi Roberts & Co
  • Aluko & Oyebod

The Omaplex Virtual Internship (OVIP)

The Omaplex Virtual Internship Program (OVIP) is a borderless initiative, designed to help law students acquire knowledge and practical skills in key areas within the Nigerian Legal System from anywhere in the world.

Programme Objectives

  1. To expose budding lawyers to the work processes of the legal industry while also building the necessary competencies and skills to excel in global trends.
  2. Exposing interns to valuable opportunities for learning and growth.
  3. To expose budding lawyers to futuristic skills which shall be in high demand and other emerging areas of law.
  4. To gain practical operations in the legal business by carrying out basic activities that include mastering the skill of proofreading documents, drafting, presentations/proposals, research, sorting through documents, proffering practical solutions to issues and other valuable information that will be helpful in actualizing their personal goal(s) and building competencies and skills.

Kenna Partners

The Firm’s internship programme is primarily designed for students who are either studying law or about to embark on a professional legal qualification.

In exceptional circumstances, they also consider undergraduates who are keen to study law at a later stage.

The programmed is currently divided into two batches;

  • January – February Internship
  • July – August Internship

Kenna Partners internship placements afford students the opportunity to be exposed to all areas of expertise of the firm, providing a rounded experience of legal practice.


Kenna Partners are looking for candidates that possess excellent academic skills along with the enthusiasm and commitment to delivering the highest professional standards.

They will be looking for some of the key attributes required to become a successful lawyer which include:

  • Attention to details
  • Analytical abilities
  • Interpersonal and communication as well as organisational skills
  • Teamwork
  • Determination
  • The drive/desire to work at Kenna Partners

Application Process

The application process starts a year in advance and begins with the submission of a Curriculum Vitae using the application on the right, along with a personal statement (max. 1000 words) telling them about your aspirations and ideals.

Proof of current institution should also be provided as well as a clear indication of the internship scheme you would like to be considered for.

KPMG Internship Program

The Undergraduate Internship program is for candidates currently pursuing a university degree.

The prospective candidate must have completed at least the second year of university, but must NOT be in final year.

KPMG invite candidates from all disciplines and courses with an outstanding interim academic record and an interest in the firms service offerings, across all divisions.

Competitive and attractive compensation is rewarded upon completion.

Requirements for Eligibiltiy

All programs run from June-September, with a minimum duration of 6 weeks (Pre-NYSC Interns may be granted extensions).

  • Be below 24 years of age
  • Possess credit in a minimum of 5 subjects (SSCE/equivalent) including Mathematics and English in one sitting.
  • Have equivalent of second class upper degree grade in any discipline (CGPA of 3.5/5 or 3/4 for UK and US Schools, respectively).
  • Have completed at least the second year of the university program but must not be in final year.
  • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills; and an ability to work in a team.

In addition to the online process above, you will be required to provide the following:

  • An Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae indicating your current CGPA.
  • An Official Transcript from your University {Interim or Final}
  • A letter of recommendation from your course adviser, head lecturer or professor.
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