List of WAPCO Host Communities in Nigeria 2024

WAPCO, or the West African Portland Cement Company, is a Nigerian cement manufacturing company operating in several states nationwide. The company has a long history of engaging with its host communities and has implemented several initiatives to improve the lives of people in these communities.

One of the most important initiatives of WAPCO is its Community Development Programme (CDP). The CDP is designed to improve the quality of life in host communities through investments in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other social amenities. WAPCO has also established social impact funds to support specific projects in host communities, such as providing clean water and sanitation facilities.

In addition to its CDP, WAPCO engages with host communities through several other initiatives, such as job creation, skills training, and capacity building. The company also works with communities to resolve conflicts and disputes and ensure its operations are environmentally sustainable.

WAPCO’s engagement with its host communities has been recognized by several awards, including the Nigerian Institute of Management’s (NIM) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award in 2018. The United Nations Global Compact has praised the company for its commitment to responsible business practices.

WAPCO’s work with its host communities exemplifies how businesses can positively affect society. By investing in the communities where they operate, businesses can help improve people’s quality of life and build a more sustainable future.

Here are some specific examples of WAPCO’s work in its host communities:

  • The company has built schools and clinics in several communities and provides scholarships to students from these communities.
  • WAPCO has also constructed roads, bridges, and water pipelines in host communities.
  • The company supports several community-based organizations, such as farmers’ groups and women’s associations.
  • WAPCO also provides training and employment opportunities to people from host communities.

WAPCO’s work in its host communities has had a positive impact on the lives of many people. The company’s investments in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other social amenities have helped to improve the quality of life for people in these communities. WAPCO’s work has also created jobs and opportunities for people from host communities.

WAPCO is committed to continuing its engagement with its host communities. The company believes that by working together, businesses and communities can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for everyone.

WAPCO Host Communities in Nigeria

The West African Portland Cement Company (WAPCO) has host communities in several states in Nigeria, including:

  • Akwa Ibom: Ikot Abasi, Ikot Ekpene, and Uyo
  • Cross River: Calabar, Ikom, and Ogoja
  • Edo: Ikpoba Okha and Ovia North-East
  • Enugu: Enugu East and Nkanu West
  • Imo: Ohaji-Egbema and Oguta
  • Rivers: Ahoada West, Ikwerre, and Oyigbo
  • Itoki Community in Ogun State
  • Oke-Ore Community in Ogun State
  • Ogijo Community in Ogun State
  • Magbon Community in Ogun State
  • Ibeju-Lekki Community in Lagos State
  • Badagry Community in Lagos State
  • Agbara Community in Lagos State
  • Ikorodu Community in Lagos State
  • Ogidigben Community in Delta State
  • Ogunu Community in Delta State
  • Koko Community in Delta State
  • Sapele Community in Delta State
  • Okwuibome Community in Delta State
  • Adagbrassa Community in Delta State
  • Eruemukohwarien Community in Delta State
  • Ovhor Community in Delta State

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