Advise for Secondary School Students in Nigeria 2024

A lot of time when we were young, there are things our parents and elders forced us to do.

Many times we do think they’re wicked or they don’t like you but at a certain time, you’ll realize that what they said then was relevant and helpful.

I remember when I was young, I was always being forced to sleep or read but when I grew to age 16, realized that reading and sleeping were very essential. But then I thought mom was always caging me from playing with neighbouring children

To secondary school students, every subject you take in every class is very important, I’ll explain.

When I was in SS1 we were mandated to take all the courses. Both Art and Science, so we took 18 subjects in SS1 class.

I was not always so serious with the science subject because I belonged to the art discipline. I carefully study my art courses and even teach people but as for science I would just wait for exams time, cram them and write just to pass the course

In the university, in my first year, we are mandated to take all courses of all disciplines especially in the first year, it’s called GS courses, that was where I was introduced to GSP 105 -Introduction to Natural Science and out of my subconscious mind, almost all the topics that were treated in biology, physics and chemistry are all components of the GSP 105.

In short, today I had to go back to my secondary school science notebooks and for true every single topic that was treated then is being taken in GSP 105 and 106.

Moral: Everything you do today is important, and every subject you’re taking in secondary school is very important as it will be easy for you in higher institutions.

Akanimoh Akanimoh

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