UNN First Year Course Outline for College of Medicine Students

In this post, we will look into detail the course outline for UNN first year students in the following departments;

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Nursing sciences
  • Radiography
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Human Physiology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Molecular Biology.

This post will help you understand the courses you will offer in your first year. These tips would be helpful to ensure that you achieve success in the UNN Nsukka Campus. 

Also, you can check out the list of topics in the first year course online.

First thing first, congratulations on your admission into UNN College of Medicine. Welcome to the Den Greatest Lions and Lionesses.

As you must have known by now, you will study at Nsukka Campus for an academic session. After the first year, you cross over to UNEC Enugu Campus. 

During my first year at the Nsukka campus, I was clueless about the various courses. 

I know I had to study hard to pass my first year exams to crossover to UNEC. But, what I needed was a guide and tips to get good grades. 

It will be a drawback to bang (carryover) any course in your first year. It may prevent you from crossing over to UNEC. 

I encourage you to heed this counsel in your journey throughout your stay at UNN Nsukka Campus.

If you have any questions whatsoever, do let me know in the comment box.

First Semester Course Outline

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Portrait of a cheerful young female pharmacist standing with a digital tablet while looking at the camera in a pharmacy

Here is the list of courses UNN Medical students offer in their first year;

  1. Basic Principle of Chemistry (CHM 101)
  2. Mechanics and Properties of Matter (PHY 111)
  3. Genetics for Medical Studies (BIO 101)
  4. General Biology I (BIO 151)
  5. Practical Physics (PHY 191)
  6. Basic Practical Chemistry (CHM 171)
  7. Use of English I (GSP 101)
  8. Use of Library & Study Skills (GSP 111)
  9. Concepts and Theories of Peace and Conflict (GSP 201)
  10. Elementary Mathematics I (MTH 111)

1. Basic Principle of Chemistry (CHM 101)

CHM 101 is a two-unit course offered in the first semester. Lecture holds on Mondays and Wednesdays at New Physical Science Lecture Theatre (NPSLT).

The course is basic chemistry, a repetition of what you learnt in SSS 1. You would go deep into principles and advanced stoichiometry calculations. 

CHM 101 deals with application problems. It is advisable to come to school with your secondary school Chemistry textbook.

To get an A in CHM 101, you must attend every lecture and copy your note. 

I remember in my first year we struggled to enter the lecture venue. Getting a good sitting position was a double problem. 

Ensure that you do everything within your capacity to sit in the front of the class.

Here are other helpful tips on how to excel in CHM 101.

UNN Chemistry Past Questions

You must study past questions alongside your lecture notes. The recommended past question booklet is Chucks Academy. 

The past question will serve as a guide to know the format of the exam. Also, you would be able to test and identify topics that you do not yet understand. 

Never cram the answers in the past questions. You must learn how to solve the problems in the booklet.

Chemistry Textbook

You can get the recommended textbook for the course at Container. 

I did not make use of the textbook as the lecturers made more reference to the lecture material.

Also, you could work with any Chemistry textbook to understand difficult topics. But note that the key to success in CHM 101 is lecture notes and materials given out by the lecturers.

YouTube & Google

Search for tutorials on YouTube or Google to understand topics taught in class. YouTube videos helped me a lot to understand CHM 101.


Stoichiometry is a vital topic in CHM 101. It deals with calculations in chemistry. 

Do not joke with the lectures even if you think you know stoichiometry calculations. The good part is that you will see the questions solved in class in the exam. 

Watch OrganicChemistryTutor and Khan Academy videos on YouTube to understand the calculations better. Also, practice the calculation questions as often as possible.

CHM Materials

Lecturers give CHM 101 materials to class representatives at the end of each lecture. Exam questions come directly from the materials.

Continuous Assessment (CA) Booklet

CHM CA is compulsory for every first-year student offering CHM 101. It carries ten marks. 

Fill in your CA to get a high score.

  • Attend Lectures
  • Take Notes in Class 
  • Study The Materials Given Out by The Lecturers
  • Practice Past Questions

2. Mechanics and Properties of Matter (PHY 111)

PHY 111 is one of the most dreaded courses by students in the College of Medicine. 

In my first year exam, nobody could explain what happened inside the exam hall at CDeL. The time was short with the exam was tricky.

Like CHM 101, the course covers topics in Senior Secondary School (SS1). There is a little bit of advancement in what you must know.

Many students do not like to attend PHY 111 lectures for reasons best known to them. I tell you do not miss classes even if you are good with secondary school physics.

A lecturer will take you on Elasticity and Fluid Mechanics. NEVER miss his class for any reason. 

During the lecture, the lecturer will give out practice questions as an assignment. Learn how to solve the problems because that is what you will encounter in the examination.

There is another physics lecturer who uses the phrase Very Bright Students. Get the salient point that he will dish out during the humorous lecture. Exam questions would come from the examples given in class.

Also, the lecturer will recommend physics questions and answers booklets. Make sure that you study the booklet. I advise you to cram the questions alongside the answers.

You must get the official physics textbook. 

Physics Tutorial

You can attend any physics tutorial of your choice. But ensure that teach with PHY 111 course outline.

Physics Continuous Assessment (CA)

The PHY 111 CA Booklet is compulsory. It carries 30 marks except you write a test. 

Fill and submit your CA at the stipulated time. 

Failure to submit the CA will give you an F grade in PHY 111.

UNN PHY 111 Exam

The PHY 111 exam is 35 questions for 40 minutes.

3. Genetics for Medical Studies (BIO 101)

Genetics is one of the most challenging courses in the first semester. Students get scared because of the high failure rate in some sets.

In BIO 101, you will learn topics in Introduction of Genetics, Mendelian laws, etc. 

Lecture attendance is necessary to pass BIO 101 in UNN. Ensure that you take notes during the classes.

About eight (8) lecturers lecture BIO 101. Lecturers give out materials to Class Reps at the end of each lecture. Get the lecture materials and read them back to back. 

To get a good grade read the materials between lines. Never skip any section of the course material. All exam questions would come from the materials.

The exam questions cover genetics of crossing and traits. Learn the cross of the various genetic characters. You must be able to differentiate X and Y linked traits.

Also, Genetics Probability is another vital topic you must understand. Learn chi-square, testing for degrees of freedom etc. The calculation questions would come out in the exam.

Towards the end of the semester, a lecturer will take you on Eugenics and Euthenics. During the lecture, you would get a hint of the exam questions on the topic.

BIO 101 Tutorial

You can pass the BIO 101 exam without attending any tutorial. Yet, you may decide to get help if you do not understand the topics in Genetics.

Ensure that what you learn in tutorials is what is in the course outline.

BIO 101 Textbook and Material

There is a material by Christian Okonkwo sold at Container. Get a copy of the material to complement your lecture notes.

The official textbook for Genetics is Essential of Genetics by Williams Klug. You can score an A without reading the book. 

BIO 101 Assignment

Submission of the BIO 101 assignment is compulsory to pass the course. Ensure that you submit your assignment sheet to your class Rep at the stipulated time. 

Genetics Practical

BIO 101 practical is compulsory for students taking the course. The manual sells for one thousand Naira (#1,000).

Attendance to the practical is 20 marks.

  • Check out YouTube for Amoeba Sisters Genetics tutorials.
  • Read the lecturers material between lines.
  • Attend classes to take notes.
  • Practice genetics calculations.
  • Get genetics materials at Container.
  • Attend tutorials to understand difficult topics.

4. General Biology I (BIO 151)

In UNN, BIO 151 is a 3-unit load course. Lecture holds on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for one hour.

  • BIO 101 textbook is compulsory for every student. 
  • The textbook contains the CA that is 20 marks. 

The BIO 151 textbook has four sections; 

  • Plant Science and Biotechnology 
  • Animal and Environmental Science 
  • Microbiology 
  • Biochemistry (do not joke with this section)

The nature of the exam varies depending on the course coordinator. In my set, we answered 80 questions in 40 minutes.

Reading the BIO 101 textbook will give you an A grade in the course.

5. Practical Physics (PHY 191)

In UNN, PHY 191 is a two-unit first year practical course. The practical session holds once a week at Abuja Building.

PHY 191 is the only course in your first year whose exam is not a computer-based test (CBT).

The exam is the same format as WAEC practical physics.

For your exam, you will answer two practical questions. Ensure that you attempt both questions.

The practical manual carries 40 marks. Never be in a hurry to fill your manual. You must fill it with care.

After each practical, record your result on a rough sheet of paper or write on your manual using a pencil.

The practical session is teamwork. Always cooperate with your team members.

6. Basic Practical Chemistry (CHM 171)

CHM 171 is a practical chemistry course for first year students. It involves volumetric and qualitative analysis, etc.

The practical carry 60 marks while the exam is 40 marks. A group can get as high as 55 marks in the practical. It is an A course for first year students at UNN College of Medicine.

Note that attendance is compulsory. 

Take part in the practical session. Also, study your practical manual for exam preparation. 

7. Use of English I (GSP 101)

Use of English in first-semester covers topics in listening & study skills, oral communication, etc. GSP 101 classes are held twice a week.

Attendance in GSP 101 classes is compulsory. It makes up part of your continuous assessment. 

The key to getting an A grade in the course is to read the textbook. Also, you must get a copy of the GSP 101 workbook to practice exam questions.

8. Use of Library & Study Skills (GSP 111)

Use of Library is an easy course you would offer in your first year. The course content is straightforward with no complexity.

The GSP 111 lectures hold every Friday. Attendance is not compulsory but necessary. During the class, you will get hints on what to expect in the exam.

The only way you can get an A grade in GSP 111 is to cram all the library codes. Also, exam questions come from previous years’ questions.

9. Concepts and Theories of Peace and Conflict (GSP 201)

GSP 201 deals with anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics, public administration, mass communication, etc.

Students make the mistake of preparing for the course a few hours before the examination. The reason is that many medical students find the content boring.

You’d fall asleep the first day you read the textbook. But as you go on, you’d like and understand the course content.

To score above 70, you must study the Peace and Conflict textbook at least four times before the exam.

UNN GSP 201 Lecture

General tutorial class and departmental seminal class hold for GSP 201.

General Class 

The GSP 201 general class holds at GS Building Theatre A. 

There is no attendance for the general class. Ensure that you attend the class so you can better understand the course content.

Seminar Class

Every department has a seminar coordinator. The coordinator organizes test and seminar presentations. 

Seminar classes are held once a week and attendance are compulsory.

GSP 201 Seminar Presentation

GSP 201 seminar presentation in UNN is students coming out to teach topics in the course outline. Every student has a seminar group. Your group would make a presentation on one of the topics in the textbook.

A group leader shoulders the responsibility of organizing your group for the presentation. 

Some lecturers will need every student in the group to make a presentation. Others would request about three students to represent the other group members.

The seminar classes are beneficial as you will understand the course’s content better.

GSP 201 Examination

In the GSP 201 examination, you will answer 70 questions in 30 minutes. All the questions are from the textbook. 

There is no past question for the course. Read the textbook back to back.

10. Elementary Mathematics I (MTH 111)

MTH 111 is a three-unit load course in UNN. Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Medical Rehabilitation students do not offer the subject. 

MTH 111 deals with elementary mathematics topics like Sets, Indices, Logarithms, Trigonometry, etc.

Note that students in UNN are not allowed to use a calculator in MTH 111. 

UNN MTH 111 Textbook

The MTH 111 textbook is not compulsory but is necessary to pass the course. The exercise in the book is what you will encounter on the day of your examination.

For a better understanding of the course outline, get Kelvin Academy material. The material is available at Container.

It will help you learn how to solve problems encountered in your MTH 111 exam.

UNN MTH 111 Lecture

The MTH 111 lecture is held once a week, plus extra fixed classes. 

Make sure that you do not miss classes. 

MTH 111 CA Booklet

The Continuous Assessment (CA) booklet is compulsory. The CA contains questions. Practice the questions for examination purposes. 

MTH 111 Test

You will answer 15 questions for 30 minutes in your MTH 111 test. 


It is not compulsory to attend tutorials for MTH 111. But, you must seek help when you don’t understand topics in the course outline. 

UNN MTH 111 Examination

UNN MTH 111 examination is 35 questions for forty minutes. All the questions are from the textbook.

  • Solve questions in the textbook.
  • Practice questions in the CA booklet.
  • Use Kelvin Academy material for your exam preparation.

Join my WhatsApp Group for first-year students in the UNN College of Medicine departments.

You will receive guidance on how to excel in your academics.

Past questions will be on the group to enable you to prepare for your exams.

Also, you will receive helpful guides when you cross to the UNEC Campus.

Second Semester Course Outline

A statue in UNEC

Academic requirements for UNN first year second semester is more demanding. There are lots of social activities on Campus to distract you from your studies.

After an impressive performance in the first semester, students relax to enjoy life at UNN.

To crossover to UNEC, you must not relent to work hard in your studies.

Here is the list of second-semester courses for first-year students at UNN College of Medicine.

  1. General Physics for Life Sciences II (PHY 112)
  2. General Biology II (BIO 152)
  3. General Practical Biology (BIO 154)
  4. Principles of Physical Chemistry (CHM 112)
  5. Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry (CHM 122)
  6. General Physics for Life Sciences (PHY 114) 
  7. Use of English (GSP 102)
  8. Peace and Conflict Resolution (GSP 2O2)
  9. Parasitology (ZEB 112)

1. General Physics for Life Sciences II (PHY 112)

In PHY 112, you will learn topics in waves, sound, light, temperature, etc. The course content is a repetition of what you learnt in Secondary school.

Here are tips on how to pass UNN PHY 112;

  • Attend physics lectures.
  • Read and solve problems in the physics textbook.
  • Practice questions in PHY 112 past questions.

2. General Biology II (BIO 152)

BIO 152 is a continuation of BIO 151. Apply the same strategy in your first semester to get a good grade in BIO 151.

  • Read your textbook as many times as possible.
  • Practice the CA questions.
  • Submit your CA at the required time.
  • Watch YouTube videos and search for difficult topics on Google. 

3. General Practical Biology (BIO 154)

BIO 154 is a practical biology course. The practical session holds once a week at the JIMBAZ building.

Attendance is mandatory for the practical.

Here are tips on how to get an A grace in BIO 154;

  • Study the practical manual.
  • Attend and sign attendance for all practical sessions.
  • Submit your manual after each practical for marking.
  • Get BIO 154 past questions at Container.

4. Principles of Physical Chemistry (CHM 112)

CHM 112 deals with topics on the kinetic theory of gases, thermochemistry, equilibrium, etc.

  • Attend every class and take notes.
  • Study the CHM 112 textbook back to back.
  • Practice exam questions with Catalyst Material.

5. Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry (CHM 122)

In CHM 122, you learn topics in hydrocarbons, amines, organic molecules, alcohol, etc.

Attend every class and take notes.

  • Study the CHM 112 textbook back to back.
  • Know the history of Benzene.
  • Practice the different reactions of organic compounds.

6. General Physics for Life Sciences (PHY 114) 

Electricity, magnetism, atomic and nuclear chemistry are the topics in PHY 114.

  • Attend every class and take notes.
  • Study with the PHY 114 textbooks.
  • Practice past questions.

7. Use of English (GSP 102)

You will learn topics in the English part of speech, book review, report writing, concord in English, memorandum, etc. 

You will write two exams in the second semester for GSP 102.

  1. Essay Exam
  2. CBT Exam

Essay Exam

The essay exam carries 20 marks. You will answer essay topics in the examination. For example, you can see a question to write a memorandum for the exam.

CBT Exam

CBT exam carries forty marks.

  • Read your textbooks between the lines.
  • Practice questions using the GSP 102 workbook. 

8. Peace and Conflict Resolution (GSP 2O2)

GSP 202 is like GSP 201 except that the course content is more complex and practical. You will do a term paper in the second semester.

  • Attend the seminar and general classes.
  • Read the GSP 202 textbook.
  • Submit your term paperwork before the deadline.
  • Get a good score in your seminar presentation.

9. Parasitology (ZEB 112)

Parasitology is both a theoretical and practical course. 

UNN students in Medical Laboratory Sciences do not offer ZEB 112. But, MLS students who wish to change course must take the subject. 

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    • It is clearly stated in the post that students in Medicine, Dentistry and Medical Rehabilitation do not offer MTH 111.

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