How to Calculate CGPA in Nigerian Universities

In my first year at the University, many classmates and I had no clue about calculating our GPA, let alone CGPA.

I remember how we ran helter-skelter to calculate our Cumulative Grade Point Average for the NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarship.

The calculation of CGPA at the University sounded like complex mathematics work.

Some students had to pay senior students for the calculation of their results.

Well, the calculation of CGPA is not a complex mathematics problem. It is easy, and you can do it yourself by following the steps in this post.

In this post, I will be showing you the easy way that you can use to calculate the GPA for your first and second semesters. You will learn how to calculate GPA from CGPA.

Also, you will know how to calculate CGPA in Nigerian Universities like the University of Ibadan, UNN, AAU, UNILAG, NOUN, OAU, UNIPORT, UNILORIN, etc. and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Note that the method for calculating GPA and CGPA in all Nigerian Universities is the same as the procedures here.

First-year and other students will find this post helpful. But first, let me explain the meaning of GPA and CGPA in Nigerian Universities.

Let me know in the comment box if you need clarification. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Nigerian University Grading System

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The grading system in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions uses over a hundred scores.

Thirty (30) marks are for continuous assessment, while seventy (70) is for examination scores.

Test scores, assignment and class presentation makes up your continuous assessment.

Here is the grading system for Nigerian Universities;

70 – 100A5Excellent
60 – 69B4Very Good
50 – 59C3Good
45 – 49D2Pass
40 – 44E1Fair
0 – 39F0Fail


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GPA stands for grade point average. It is the grade point for your first and second-semester results.

You need to know your course score to calculate either semester’s GPA.

Below is a sample of a first-year student’s first and second-semester results at the University.

First Semester Course Outline

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit
ACC 101Elements of Accounting I2
COS 101Introduction to Computer Science3
PHI 101Introduction to Logic2
MAN 101Principles of Small Business Economics2
MTH 111General Mathematics I3
MAN 141Elements of Business Economics I3
GSP 101The Use of English I 2
GSP 105Natural Science I2

First Semester Result

Course CodeCourse TitleScoreGrade
ACC 101Elements of Accounting I46D
COS 101Introduction to Computer Science75A
PHI 101Introduction to Logic66B
MAN 101Principles of Small Business Economics43E
MTH 111General Mathematics I54C
MAN 141Elements of Business Economics I87A
GSP 101The Use of English I 49D
GSP 105Natural Science I57C

First Semester GPA Calculation

Course CodeUnitGradePointUnit x PointTotal
ACC 1012D22 x 24
COS 1013A53 x 515
PHI 1012B42 x 48
MAN 1012E12 x 12
MTH 1113C33 x 39
MAN 1413A53 x 515
GSP 101 2D22 x 24
GSP 1052C32 x 36
GPA Formula

The formula for calculating CPA is Quality Point/Credit Unit or Total/Unit

  • Unit = Credit Unit
  • Total = Quality Point

You will divide the total point by the total number of credit unit loads for the first semester.

  • Total Quality Point (TQP) = 63
  • Total Credit Uni (TCU) = 19
  • GPA = 63/19 = 3.32

From our calculation, the CPA for the first semester is 3.32.

Now let us calculate the GPA for the second semester.

Second Semester Course Outline

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit
ACC 102Elements of Accounting II2
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology2
BF 101Introduction to Finance2
MTH 112General Mathematics II2
MAN 142Elements of Business Economics II3
GSP 102The Use of English II2
GSP 106Natural Science II2

Second Semester Result

The table below shows the second-semester result we would use for the calculation.

Course CodeCourse TitleScoreGrade
ACC 102Elements of Accounting II65B
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology56C
BF 101Introduction to Finance44E
MTH 112General Mathematics II59C
MAN 142Elements of Business Economics II78A
GSP 102The Use of English II 49D
GSP 106Natural Science II81A

Second Semester GPA Calculation

Course CodeUnitGradePointUnit x PointTotal
ACC 1022B42 x 48
PSY 1012C32 x 36
BF 1012E12 x 12
MTH 1122C32 x 36
MAN 1423A53 x 515
GSP 1022D22 x 24
GSP 1062A52 x 510

You will divide the total point by the total number of credit unit loads for the second semester.

  • Total Quality Point (TQP) = 51
  • Total Credit Uni (TCU) = 15
  • GPA = 51/15 = 3.4

From our calculation, the CPA for the first semester is 3.4.

Now, we can calculate the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

I hope you have understood the calculations up to this point. Let me know in the comment if there is any confusion.


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CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average. It is an addition to your first and second semester GPA.

An academic session in the University comprises the first and second semesters.

The formula to calculate the CGPA is the summation of the Total Quality Point (TQP)/Total Credit Unit (TCU) for both semesters of the first year.

CGPA Formula = Σ TQP/TCU

First YearTotal Quality Point (TQP)Total Credit Unit (TCU)
First semester6319
Second semester5115


CGPA = 114 + 34 = 3.35

From our calculation, the CGPA for the first year is 3.35.

Now let us calculate the final CGPA for a four year course.

Final Year CGPA

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The final year CGPA is an addition to your Total Quality Point and Total Credit Unit from the first to your last year.

For this calculation, I will sum the Total Quality Point (TQP) and Total Credit Unit (TCU) for each academic session.

Below is the CGPA of a student from the first year to the final year.

LevelTotal Quality Point (TQP)Total Credit Unit (TCU)


Final CGPA = 487/124 = 3.93

From our calculation, the graduating CGPA is 3.93.

The same procedure applies to students studying a five (5) or six (6) years course at the University.

Nigerian Degree Categories

CGPADegree Category
4.50 – 5.0First Class
3.50 – 4.49Second Class (Upper)
2.50 – 3.49Second Class Lower
Less than 2.49Third Class

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need further clarification.

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58 thoughts on “How to Calculate CGPA in Nigerian Universities”

  1. Good day sir, thank you for the tutorial. Please can someone get a 2’1 if 1st year-2.90, 2nd year-3.01, 3rd year- 3.12 and is not done with the final year yet? Thank you sir

    • Hello Grace,

      It is nice to hear from you.

      We will have to confirm mathematically.

      Make a calculation using a final year CGPA of 3.5.

      Let’s see if you will make a 2’1.

  2. Hey there, so my cgpa is a 2.9 im in my 3rd year 1st semester of a 4year course, what are my chances of getting a 1st class or atleast a 2:1

  3. Hey great article, my gpa is a 2.9 and im just starting my 3rd year, so you think it’s possible to get atleast a 2:1 or first class, what are your thoughts?

  4. I got a Cgpa of 3.10 in my first year, currently in my second year
    My school uses 44 and below as F and even up till now, I still can’t believe I got a carryover and in a course I never thought I would fail, but I got a 40

    I know you get asked this question alot, but do you think a first class is still possible ?

    Most people say they party in year 1 but I did not, I guess I failed because I didn’t study hard and effectively enough but I’m a changed person, meaning working better for good grades

    It did hurt when I saw an F, but I’m am absolutely fine, like no depression or low self esteem or other psychological whatever, totally okay but it still hurts I failed, is this normal?

    • Hello Destiny,

      It is nice to hear from you.

      I am sorry about your carryover.

      What’s the duration of your course of study at the university?

    • Hello Mattew,

      E was introduced as a pass grade but not all universities have implemented it.
      No, 0.15 cannot be added to everyone’s grade unless under extreme circumstances.

  5. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Good morning please if for example. Your CGPA for your year 1-6 is 2.33 then your year 7 CGPA is 3.40 how do you calculate to get your final CGPA?

    • Hello Richard,

      You’ll have to add your total quality points for all 7 years and divide it by your total credit unit for all the years to get your CGPA at the end of 7 years.

  6. Hi thanks for the detailed explanation. Please how do I calculate my final cgpa if my cgpa from year 1 to 6 is 2.33 and my cgpa for the 7th year is 3.40. Plus how do I get my final overall cgpa for the whole years

  7. The calculation you did is for 4years course. If it were to be a 5yrss course. Would it be addition of all cgpa for the 5years divided by 5?

  8. Thanks for this post, it’s really helpful but please, can i still have first class if i did direct entry and started from year two? And how will they calculate my score?

  9. My CGPA from yr 1 to yr 4 1st semester is 4.26
    I am currently doing a 5yr program… Can I still make a first class? Or is it too late?

    • Vanvicko,

      Do the calculations with a CGPA of 5.0 for your final year and fourth year second semester.

      Check if it will sum up to a first-class CGPA.

      That way you will know your chances.

        • Prisca,

          It is the total of your CGPA (GPA for the first and second semester) for each academic session divided by the duration of your course of study.

          Watch the video on this page to get a clear explanation of calculating your CGPA.

          Let me know if you have further questions.

  10. Please explain this vividly for us who did direct entry.
    I graduated with 2.99 in my ND program and I got admitted through direct entry.
    How will my result be calculated.

    If I then get 3.5 in my first semester year 2(direct entry) how would my cgpa be calculated adding my previous school CGPA.
    Please explain with series of examples. Thanks.

    • Hello, Ken

      Universities do not add your ND CGPA to your grade.

      So, your ND result has nothing to do with your result here at the university.

      Your result would be calculated like every other student except for the first year.

      Let me know if you need further guidance.

    • If by extension you mean an extra year.

      Then, it will affect your CGPA in a good way.

      An extra year is a good chance to increase your CGPA. This is because you have the opportunity to take extra courses that will boost your CGPA.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  11. Dear sir,
    For a Direct Entry student who got 4.19 in first semester exam in 200level. Is it still possible to graduate with 1st class? what are the chances

  12. Good evening.. for example you did direct entry programme and then started university from year 2 after finishing the direct entry programme.. how would you calculate your results

    • Hello Abasiubong,

      It is the same process for direct entry students.

      For example, the final CGPA for DE students studying a four (4) will be Session CGPA/3

  13. If I have a …
    3.0 in my first year
    2.98 in my second year
    3.55 in my third year, can I graduate with a 4.0 in my fifth year?

  14. Good evening please if for example. You are on a 5 years course and your CGPA for your year 1-4 is 3.34. then your year 5 CGPA is 4.05. how do you calculate to get your final CGPA. do you add 3.34 + 4.05 and divide by 2? Please respond in my email thanks


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