How to Create UNN Email Address & WiFi Password

Welcome to this tutorial on how to create your UNN email address and get your UNN Wifi password. First of all, I want to congratulate you once again on your admission to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

UNN official email address is a designated email for staff and students in the University. It is your student email to be used for official purposes. As a fresher, you will get the school email from the UNN ICT department.

UNN mailing address looks like this –

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How to get UNN Email Address

  • You must have paid your acceptance and school fees.
  • Completion of first year clearance is required.
  • Successful registration at MIS.

How to Get a Valid UNN email address 

The first step is to complete your registration at the MIS department. MIS is at the Centre for Distance & e-Learning (CDeL) building.

Note that registration is according to your faculty. It means that a day of the week for each faculty. Your class representative would update you on this information.

  • Go for the registration with your school fees receipt. Your photo and biometric details will get captured at the MIS building.

During my first year, after my registration at the MIS. I went straight to the ICT were I got my school email address. It was possible because I finished my enrollment in record time.

However, the ICT mandates students to send a request to the UNN email portal.

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How to Request for UNN Official Email Address

Request for student email should be to

Your email must contain the following details.

  • Name
  • Registration Number
  • Department
  • Type of study

See the example of the email below.

how to get unn official email address

Good day Sir,

I am Blessing Olarewaju, a student of Fine and Applied Arts.

Matric number: 2020/567043

Study Type: Undergraduate

I wish to apply for the UNN student email.

Thank you for your help in anticipation.

Replace your name and matric number in the sample above.

You would receive a response from the ICT after 48 hours. But if you do not get a reply, visit the University ICT to complain.

What Next?

How to create UNN email address

After you receive your email address from the ICT, go to UNN email login. Visit UNN Nsukka net.

  • Click on “UNN Mail” at the top of your screen.
  • Enter your full email address and password.

Congratulation, you have created your official email address.

How to Get UNN WiFi Password

Every student in UNN should have a wifi password. Though, not mandatory. I recommend that you get the password so that you can access the internet from any location on campus.

Note that UNN Lionet Hotspot is not free of charge. You pay for the internet service in your school fees.

Procedure on How to get UNN Wifi Password 

Using your student email, send a mail to

Email must contain your Name, registration number, department and study type.

See the image below to learn how to send the mail.

how to get unn wifi password

Good day Sir,

I am Blessing Olarewaju, a student of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Matric number: 2020/567043

Study Type: Undergraduate

I wish to apply for student Wi-Fi password.

Thank you for your help in anticipation    

How to Get UNEC Wifi Password

The procedure to get your Lionet wifi password in UNEC is quite different from UNN. You do not have to send an email to the University of Nigeria Nsukka ICT.

For UNEC students, follow the procedure below.

  • Visit the old ICT building with your school fees receipt.
  • Old ICT building is beside Access Bank.
  • Do not go to the ICT building in front of the Medical Center.
  • Inside the building, approach the ICT staff.
  • State that you are a new student in UNEC. You want to create your wifi password.

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If you encounter any problem or have any question, do let me know.

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