DELSU Change of Course Form 2022/2023

Candidates who met the cut off mark for their respective courses, but have not been admitted as a result of quota and those who did not meet their cut off for their chosen course of study, are hereby informed of vacancies in the underlisted programmes.

Here is the list of courses and departments available for the DELSU change of course form;

S/N DepartmentS/NDepartment
 Agriculture18Educational Management (Political Science)
1.Agriculture/ Agric. Economics19Integrated Science 
2.Animal Science20Library and Information Science
3.Fisheries21Mathematics Education
4.Forestry & Wild Life22Music Education
5.Soil Crop Science (Agronomy)23Physical and Health Education 
6.Agric. Business Management24Physics Education
 Arts25Political Science Education
1.English & Literary26Religious Education
2.Fine & Applied Arts27Social Science Education (Social Studies)
3.French28Technical Education
4.History & Inter. Studies29Early childhood Education (Nursery and Primary Education)
5.Linguistics/Urhobo Engineering
6.Linguistics`1Chemical Engineering
7.Music2Petroleum Engineering
9.Religious Studies4Civil Engineering
10.Theatre Arts5Electrical/Electronics Engineering
 College of Health Science Management Science
1.Anatomy and Cell Biology1Banking and Finance
2.Medical Biochemistry2Marketing
3.Pharmacology & Therapeutics3Taxation
4.Physiology4Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
1.Agric. Education6Office and Information Management
2.Biology Education Science
3.Business Education1Animal and Environmental Biology
4.Chemistry Education2Biochemistry 
5.Computer Education3Botany
6.Economics Education4Chemistry 
7.English Education 5Geology 
8.Fine Arts Education6Industrial Chemistry
9.French Education7Industrial Mathematics
10.Geography Education8Mathematics 
11.Guidance and Counselling9Medical Laboratory  Science
12.Health Education10Biotechnology 
13.History Education11Microbiology 
14.Home Economics Education12Physics
15.Educational Management (Computer Science Education)13Science Laboratory Technology  
16.Educational Management (Economics) Social Sciences
17.Educational Management History and International Studies1Geography and Regional Planning
4Mass Communication
5Political Science

NOTE:  To qualify for transfer into the courses listed above, candidates are expected to have written the underlisted subjects in JAMB as indicated against the courses.

S/NDepartmentJAMB Subject Combination
1.Agriculture/ Agric. EconomicsEnglish, Biology or Agric, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics
2.Animal ScienceEnglish, Biology or Agric, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics
3.FisheriesEnglish, Biology or Agric, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics
4.Forestry & Wild LifeEnglish, Biology or Agric, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics
5.Soil Crop Science (Agronomy)English, Biology or Agric, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics
6.Agric. Business ManagementEnglish, Biology or Agric, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics
1.English & LiteraryEnglish, Literature in English and an Arts Subject and any other subject from Social Sciences 
2.Fine & Applied ArtsEnglish and any three  (3) other subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
3.FrenchEnglish, One Arts Subject and any other two (2) from Arts and Social Sciences
4.History & Inter. StudiesEnglish, History or Government and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
5.Linguistics/UrhoboEnglish One Arts Subject and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
6.LinguisticsEnglish One Arts Subject and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
7.MusicEnglish any other three (3) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
8.PhilosophyEnglish any other three (3) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
9.Religious StudiesEnglish, Christian Religious Studies  and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
10.Theatre ArtsEnglish, Literature in English and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences
C.College of Health Sciences  
1Anatomy and Cell BiologyEnglish, Physics, Chemistry and Biology 
2Medical BiochemistryEnglish, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
3Pharmacology & TherapeuticsEnglish, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
4PhysiologyEnglish, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
1.Agric. EducationEnglish, Agric or Biology and any two (2) subjects
2.Biology EducationEnglish, Biology, Chemistry and one other Arts/Social Science/Science subject
3.Business EducationEnglish, Mathematics, Economics and any Arts/Social Science/Science subject
4.Chemistry EducationEnglish, Chemistry and any other two subjects
5.Computer EducationEnglish, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry or Economics
6.Economics EducationEnglish, Economics, two (2) of Geography, Mathematics or Government 
7.English Education English, Literature in English and Two (2) relevant Arts or Social Sciences
8.Fine Arts EducationEnglish language and any three (3) subjects from Arts/Social Science/Science 
9.French EducationEnglish, one (1) Arts subject and other Two (2) subjects 
10.Geography EducationEnglish, Geography and two (2) of the following: Mathematics, Economics and Government 
11.Guidance and CounsellingEnglish and any other three (3) subjects
12.Health EducationEnglish and Biology/Health Science any other two (2) subjects
13.History EducationEnglish, History or Government and any Arts/Social Science/Science subjects
14.Home Economics EducationEnglish, Biology and any other two (2) subjects
15.Educational Management (Computer Science Education)English, Physics, Mathematics and Economics 
16.Educational Management (Economics)English, Economics, Mathematics and any other Social Science subjects 
17.Educational Management (History and International Studies)English, Government or History, Economics and any other Arts or Social Science subjects
18.Educational Management (Political Science)English, Government Economics and any other Arts or Social Science subjects
19.Integrated Science English, Chemistry, Biology and one (1) other Science subject
20.Library and Information ScienceEnglish and any other three (3) subjects
21.Mathematics EducationEnglish and Mathematics plus any other Science or Social Science subjects
22.Music EducationEnglish Language and any other three (3) subjects
23.Physical and Health Education English, Biology/Health Science and any other two (2) subjects 
24.Physics EducationEnglish, Mathematics and any other two (2) Arts/Social Science/Science Subjects
25.Political Science EducationEnglish, Government/History and any other two (2) Arts/Social Science/Science subjects  
26.Religious EducationEnglish, Christian Religious Studies and any two(2) of Arts,  Social Science 
27.Social Science Education (Social Studies)English and any three (3) of Economics, Government, History, Geography, Mathematics, Christian Religious Studies or Commerce
28.Early childhood Education (Nursery and Primary Education)English and any other three (3) subjects
29.Technical EducationEnglish, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry and any other Arts/Social Science/Science subjects 
1ChemicalEnglish, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
2Mechanical English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
3PetroleumEnglish, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
4Civil Engineering English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
 Electrical/Electronics EngineeringEnglish, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
F.Management Sciences 
1Banking and FinanceEnglish, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject 
2MarketingEnglish, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject
3TaxationEnglish, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject
4Industrial Relations and Human Resource ManagementEnglish, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject
5Entrepreneurship English, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject
6Office and Information ManagementEnglish, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject
1Animal and Environmental BiologyEnglish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics
2Biochemistry English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
3BotanyEnglish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
4Chemistry English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
6Geology English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
7Industrial ChemistryEnglish, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
8Industrial MathematicsEnglish, Mathematics and any two (2) of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics
9Mathematics English, Mathematics, and any two (2) of Biology, Chemistry and Physics 
10Medical Laboratory  ScienceEnglish, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
11Biotechnology English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
12Microbiology English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
13PhysicsEnglish, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
14Science Laboratory TechnologyEnglish, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
E.Social Sciences 
 Geography and Regional PlanningEnglish, Geography, one (1) Social Science subject and any other subject 
 PsychologyEnglish and two subjects from Social Science

DELSU Cut Off Mark

DepartmentCut Off
Accounting and Finance50
Agribusiness Management40
Agric. Economics40
Agric. Education40
Agric. Extension40
Anatomy and Cell Biology48
Animal & Environmental Biology40
Animal Science40
Banking & Finance45
Biochemistry Techology45
Biological Technology45
Biology Education40
Business Administration50
Business Education40
Chemical Engineering45
Chemistry Education40
Chemistry Technology40
Civil Engineering50
Computer Education40
Computer Science52
Crop Science40
Early Childhood Education40
Economics Education40
Educational Management (Econs.)40
Educational Management (History & Int. Std..)40
Educational Management (Pol. Sci.)40
Electrical Engineering50
English & Literary Studies45
English Education45
Fine & Applied Arts45
Fine Art Education40
Forestry & Wild Life40
French Education40
Geography & Regional Planning40
Geography Education40
Guidance & Counselling Edu.40
Health and Safety Education40
History & Inter. Studies47
History Education40
Home Economics Education40
Human Kinetics, Recreation and Sport Sci.40
Industrial Chemistry40
Industrial Mathematics40
Integrated Science Education40
Library & Information Science Education40
Linguistics / Urhobo40
Mass Communication52
Mathematics Education40
Mechanical Engineering50
Medical Biochemistry48
Medical Laboratory Science60
Medicine & Surgery72
Music Education40
Nursing Science67
Office and Informational Mgt.40
Petroleum Engineering45
Physics & Electronics Technology40
Physics Education40
Political Science48
Political Science Education40
Public Administration40
Religious Studies40
Religious Studies Education40
Social Science Education (Socal Studies)40
Soil Science (Agronomy)40
Technical Education40
Theatre Arts48

Method of Application

man and woman looking at a laptop

Eligible candidates applying for consideration for the advertised vacancies are expected to follow the underlisted application instructions:

  1. Pay the sum of ₦5,000 for the change of course into the following account details:
    • Account Name: DELSU Net Income 
    • Bank:  Zenith Bank Plc, 
    • Account Number: 1012233419
  2. Visit the University Website at:  to complete the application form 
  3. Scan and upload the following documents: 
    • the Five thousand naira (N5,000) application teller

Application Deadline

Prospective students of Delta State University (DELSU) are to note that the Change of Course Form for the 2022/2023 admission year is out.

NOTE: Candidates MUST wait for the university’s directive before going to JAMB to change their courses.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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231 thoughts on “DELSU Change of Course Form 2022/2023”

  1. I applied for mass communication at delsu abraka and was given admission at Michael and Cecilia foundation agbarha-ortor now the issue is my jamb cap and my online application or application form is still showing admission not given yet I was advised to go for a change of course and institute which I did today made it one week and it’s still not working I’m so confused right now please help me

  2. I got admission into biology education, affiliate of michael cicelia university, can I change my course of study after my 100level? Please I need an answer

  3. Gud day sir is Michael and Cecilia university the same with Michael and Cecilia foundation college of education.pls sir i need an answer

  4. Pls sir, I’m in 200lvl now,, I did change of course b4 I got admission, I wanted to print admission letter, but my jamb CAPS is showing not admitted,, then they told me that I didn’t change course on jamb portal that’s why, it’s been two weeks since I changed on JAMB caps but it still hasn’t shown that I’ve gotten admission, meanwhile I’m in 200lvl… I’m in DELSU…
    Pls should I wait for the admission to show or there’s something I’m not doing right

  5. No.. I mean i was given mathematics education in abraka affiliated centre at michael and cicila college of education.. Is there still hope for an admission to study my own course of study or can i do change of department when i get to 200 level

  6. After changing my course from mechanical engineering(50) to petroleum engineering(45) with an aggregate score of 48.25, my name do not appear in third batch but when i check forth batch list i was given mathematics education not even in delsu main campus but in michael and cilia university agbarha otor.. Should still exercise patience to be given admission to for my course of study.. Pls i need your concept

  7. Sir i had already completed change of course[i scored 48.25 and am changing from mechanical engineering(50) to petroleum(45)] but when i check my admission status i saw candidate not admitted, does it mean i was not given admission

  8. Good day sir,i wanted to apply for change of course form but its not working, it is actually showing 403 forbidden access and the coc form hasn’t closed because i checked the delsu portal when its gonna close
    So sorry if may ask what wrong with the site

  9. Pls is delsu change of course form still available or it has ended? If it’s still on and I switch to med lab of aggregate 60 and I got 61 will I get admitted in d third batch?.

  10. I did change of course on the third of this month but I checked my admission status but I wasn’t given admission yet and my aggregate was 42.75 and I change to marketing since

  11. Sir I did change of course from medicine to pharmacology….my aggregate was 53.9 and pharmacology cut off is 50….. Buh my name is not in this second batch……sir pls I want to know why….and should I wait for third batch…….

  12. Sir I did my change of course on Wednesday and i just check if I have gotten admission for the second my name didn’t come out…is there a problem? I’m going for petroleum engineering and the cutoff mark is 45 but I had 47.625

    • Since you did your Change of Course on Wednesday, it is unlikely that your name to be on the recent list.

      Hopefully, you will find your name in the next admission list.

      • Sir please i did DELSU change of course on Monday and i applied for English and literary studies.But my name was not on the admission list for this second batch. I have plans of doing the change of course again to the course i initially wanted. Can i go ahead ??

        • It depends on your aggregate score and the cut off mark for the course you chose in your change of course.

          Do not make any further change of course.

  13. Ma Is there chance of my name being in delsu second batch for med lab science,if i did change of course today,as the cutoff mark is 60 and i got 67.85

  14. pls ma, does the 2nd and 3rd batches means supplementary list or the supplementary list is released differently and how many supplementary list will be released

  15. Hello, I have done a change of course in jamb but I haven’t done one in delsu. The portal is down and I am unable to make payments and proceed with the process. Will my change of course in jamb reflect on my application?

  16. Please why is the change of course website not working and is it true that those that did the change of course it won’t replect on the delsu portal until after admission?

  17. Hello I scores 196 at jamb score 43.5 aggregate score.. and I want to studies business administration ..In delsu ..Can I get admission or should I do change of course…

    • Ndidi,

      Your aggregate score cannot get you Business Administration.

      Go for a course that is close to your aggregate score.

  18. I get 45.25 and I’m going for nursing I want to change it to biochemistry technology which is 45 will I be given admission

  19. Hi I got 47.5 and my course was nursing can I change to biology education with my jamb subjects which is English biology chemistry and physics

  20. I wanted to change from Nursing to physiology but then the person at the cyber cafe then put Philosophy

    • Oh, I see.

      That is a very bad error.

      You may have to visit DELSU ICT at Abraka for assistance in resolving the issue.

  21. Sir please I wrote the post utme exam and my score wasn’t up to my choosen course and I want to change it to pharmacology so sir when will the payment commence

  22. To access the Delsu Website
    Open your Chrome browser,
    Press CTRL+SHIFT+N to open an incognito browser.
    Paste the website link. It will open.

  23. Hello sir, i scored 48.25 and my departmental course of study is 50(mechanical engineering).. Pls what course is related to it.. Or will i be given admission to study any related course like chemical or petrolchemical engineering..

    • Samson,

      There is a chance you may get admission to Mechanical Engineering via the supplementary lists.

      Purchasing the Change of Course form will certainly increase your chances for admission.

  24. Hello ma
    My aggregate score is 39.875 can I gain admission to study civil engineering in delsu and if not can I apply for change of course with my aggregate score 39.875

  25. Good morning ma,can i study philosophy with these waec result: marketing c6,crs c4, economics c4, government A1, literature in English c4,civic education c4, English language B3, Yoruba c4, mathematics A1
    Pls ma ,am awaiting your reply

  26. Hello ma,, for the change of course payment,, can I use a bank app to transfer to the account? Or I must go to the bank to pay there

  27. Sir I wanted to study Business Administration but the cut off mark is 50 and my aggregate is 46 so I want to change my course to marketing which the cut off mark is 42 will I be given admission?

    • Yes, Glory

      There is a chance you would make the admission list in other supplementary lists.

      Changing to another course would increase your chances.

  28. Good evening sir, can i do change of course from faculty of social science to faculty of art? When doing the change of course? Pls am awaiting ur reply sir

  29. Hello sir
    I went to a cyber cafe today to do coc for delsu o?nd dey went to do it in jamb .
    I didn’t no dat dey pay to bank nd dey didn’t tell me now I want to go to the bank nd do my delsu coc.pls will it affect me later?

  30. Sir can I use Government,literature, Crs and English for history and internal relations studies in delsu ? I wanted to go for law but I couldn’t meet the cut off mark

    • Caroline,

      That’s a wrong decision.

      Nevertheless, purchase the DELSU Change of Course form.

      You do stand a chance for Sociology based on your aggregate score.

  31. Hello ma,i had a score of 191 in jamb and i wanted to study mass communication but my aggregated mark was 46,so i did a change of course to sociology before these available list of course Came out, will i be given admission? And does crs, literature , government and English goes with sociology? Pls ma am awaiting your reply

  32. Hello,i had a score of 191 in jamb and my course is mass communication but i scored 46 as my aggregated mark in post utme,so i did a change of course to sociology before these available list of course Came out, will i be given admission ? And does crs, literature , government and English goes with sociology? Cos that’s what i wrote in jamb,pls ma am awaiting your reply

  33. Hello ma,i had a score of 191 in jamb, and i wanted to study mass communication but my aggregated mark was 46 so i did a change of course to sociology before the available list of course above came out, will i be given admission ? and my subject combination in jamb are ,crs, literature , government and English does these goes with sociology?pls am awaiting your reply ma

  34. Ma I didn’t got up to the cut off mark for Nursing , and my name was not in the first batch . (1) should I wait for next batch and will Delsu give me any course? (2) should I get the change of course for before the second batch will be out?

  35. My course cut of mark is 52 and I scored 54.45 but my name wasn’t on the first batch. Do I stand a chance in getting in??

    And pls who are in the first batch are they the one that scores higher ??
    Please answer all thanks

    • It has many reasons , at least you have scored far above the aggregate, your name is supposed to appear in the first batch.
      But I assure you that you have no error in your documents you submitted that day of postume exam. Just wait for second batch , I heard that delsu ICT has fault, so remain calm.

  36. Please Ma,after the change of course form list that is on this this platform,the othe other one below where a candidate is expected to have written some particular subject in jamb base on the department that candidate is wanting to switch to,on that table na,under social science,I only saw geaography n regional planning n with psychology,does that mean that they are the only two department one can switch to in the faculty of social science?

  37. Please Ma,in the change of course form here,under social science,I did not see sociology,does that mean that there’s no vacancy there?,

  38. Plz ma i have two questions can I change from medicine to medical laboratory science my aggregate is 66 and I have already written post utme so can’t I change after the post utme

  39. Hello, please my name wasn’t on the first batch of admissions I applied medicine and surgery and my aggregate is 73.5 … would it be wise to change my course or do I still have a chance

  40. the change of course site is not working and i’m making use of a laptop… you have any idea what i’m doing wrong or any solution to it ?

  41. Hello ma and also do we have to go to the school to purchase the change of course supplementary from or we can do that online? Also is the form out ?

  42. Can I change from Mass Communication to office technology management or industrial relations and Human Resources management because my post ume score is 44.5 And am going for Mass Communication My course combination in jamb is gov,crs,English,literature

  43. Can I change from Mass Communication to office technology management or industrial relations and Human Resources management because my post ume score is 44.5 And am going for Mass Communication


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