Cost of Moving to the UK From Nigeria as a Student

The United Kingdom (UK) is a top study destination for Nigerians.

Nigeria and the UK have a deep relationship as the latter colonized the former.

Apart from that, some of the UK universities are among the world’s best universities considering studying in the UK.

You are making a good decision that can positively affect your career trajectory.

However, many Nigerian students don’t know how much it costs to move to the UK.

If you fall in this category, then we are here to help.

This article will discuss the cost of a student moving to the UK from Nigeria.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need further clarifications.

I would love to hear from you.

Cost of Moving to the UK From Nigeria as a Student

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The cost of moving to the UK depends on the requirements.

The following are the cost and requirements for moving to the United Kingdom (UK);

  1. Student Visa
  2. International Passport
  3. Tuberculosis Test Result
  4. Proof of Study Funds
  5. Tuition Fee
  6. Language Proficiency Test
  7. Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

Student Visa

Passport visa

Before moving to the UK as a student, you must obtain a UK student visa. It is the key to pursuing your studies in the UK.

It would help if you were sixteen (16) and above to obtain a Tier 4 general UK student visa.

The UK Student Visa is valid throughout your program.

For instance, if you are enrolled on a degree program of four (4) years, you would be granted a visa valid for four years.

Cost of a UK Student Visa

A UK student visa costs about €348.

It can be paid physically at the Embassy, online or through bank transfer.

You would also have to pay ₦50,000 for your visa to be processed at the Embassy.

If any family member would be joining you, you must pay a separate fee for them.

For example, If your sister is joining you in the UK, you would be liable to pay an additional €348 and processing fees for her.

Your flight ticket may also cost about ₦200,000.

International Passport

International passport

Before moving to the UK, you must provide a valid international passport.

It is an identity document issued by the Nigerian government to travel abroad.

A valid international passport contains the holder’s full name, photograph, place and date of birth, signature, the date the passport was issued, and the date of expiry.

You can apply for a passport in person at the Nigeria Immigration Services or online through the official website.

How much is a Nigerian International Passport?

The cost of the Nigerian international passport depends on the purpose of the passport and the number of pages.

If you do not travel frequently, then you should get a 32-page passport.

If you travel frequently, then you should get a 64-page passport.

The cost of an international passport, depending on the number of pages, includes:

  • 32-page five-year official passport = ₦15,000
  • 32-page five-year standard passport = ₦25,000
  • 64-page five-year standard passport = ₦35,000
  • 64-page 10-year standard passport = ₦70,000

Tuberculosis Test Result

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If you are staying in the UK for more than six (6) months, you would need to take a tuberculosis test at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at any of their authorized centres in Lagos and Abuja.

You will receive your test results the same day you are tested, and you must submit them during your application process.

What is the Cost of the Tuberculosis Test for a UK Student Visa in Nigeria?

The Tuberculosis Test costs about ₦57,800, and the International Organization should pay this for Migration.

Proof of Study Funds

Nigerians who wish to move to the UK to study must present proof of funds.

It is to show that you are financially capable of sustaining yourself after you move to the UK and before you get a job.

Generally, you must show that you have a certain amount of money every month for nine (9) months.

The amount of money you show depends on your course duration, where you study (London or outside London), your study program etc.

If you are studying in London, you should have at least €1265 per month for nine (9) months, and your dependents, €845.

If you are staying outside London, you should have at least €1015 per month for nine (9) months and, for your dependents, €680.

Tuition Fee

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Studying at a university would require you to pay tuition fees.

The amount you would pay for tuition depends on the university you choose.

The breakdown of your fees will be listed on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

This document is given to you by your university and contains your 14-digit reference number, passport number, tuition fee, the date you begin your program and the expected graduation date.

Language Proficiency Test

Foreign students at the University

Before you can study at any university in the UK, you have to prove that you have a sound knowledge of English.

As a result, you must take an English language proficiency test, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

The IELTS exam costs between ₦76000 – ₦85,000 in Nigeria.

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

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Immigration Health Surcharge or IHS is an extra fee you must pay if you want to access health services in the UK.

It is mandatory for everyone coming to the UK for six months or longer.

The fee can be paid online as part of your visa application.

How much is the Immigration Health Surcharge?

The amount you pay for IHS depends on your stay in the UK.

If you are staying for 6-12 months, you would be required to pay €470.

If you stay for an additional period of fewer than six (6) months, you must pay €235.

For example, if you stay in the UK for fourteen (14) months, you would pay €705.


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Thousands of Nigerians move to the UK every year to study.

If you desire to travel to the UK and are seeking information on how much it would cost you to move,

I hope this article has been of help to you.

It is advisable to have extra money to cover costs that apply to your immigration process.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions.

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