How to Upload WAEC and NECO Awaiting Results On JAMB Portal

Uploading WAEC and NECO results on the JAMB portal is compulsory. You cannot get admission on the JAMB CAPS system if you fail to upload your O’level result.

There are two ways that you can upload your O’level result to the JAMB portal;

  • During your JAMB registration
  • After JAMB examination

Students with their WAEC or NECO results can upload them to the JAMB portal during registration.

Other students taking the WAEC and NECO results must upload theirs when their O’level result comes out.

In this article, I will show you how to upload and verify awaiting results on the JAMB portal.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Upload Awaiting Result On JAMB Portal

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Uploading awaiting results on the JAMB portal is free of charge. You may have to pay about five hundred Naira (₦500) for the upload.

You cannot upload your WAEC or NECO O’level result using your phone on the JAMB portal.

Here is the procedure on how to upload and link your WAEC or NECO result on the JAMB portal;

  • Visit a JAMB-accredited CBT centre close to you.
  • Tell the CBT officer that you want to upload your O’level result
  • Submit a printout of your WAEC or NECO result
  • Verify on the computer screen your details are correct
  • Check your JAMB CAPS to see your O’level result.

You do not need to go to the CBT centre with your original WAEC or NECO result. You can use the paper printout slip for the process.

How to Verify WAEC and NECO Result On JAMB Portal

Here is the procedure on how to check if your WAEC or NECO O’level result has been uploaded on the JAMB CAPS portal;

Note that your phone browser must be in desktop mode to access the JAMB CAPS.

How to verify WAEC and NECO results on the JAMB portal

  1. Visit the JAMB e-facility Portal

    Go to to access the JAMB portalJAMB efacility

  2. Click on Create e-Facility Account/Login

    Enter your email address and password to log in to your JAMB PortalJAMB efacility login

  3. Select Examination year

    Click on the drop-down menu to select your examination yearJAMB Portal

  4. Click on Check Admission Status

    Click on the pink box to access your JAMB CAPSCheck admission status

  5. Click on Access JAMB CAPS

    Select the box the light green box to access your JAMB CAPSJAMB CAPS

  6. Select My O’level

    Click on the My O’level menuO'level on JAMB CAPS

  7. You will see your O’level result uploaded on your JAMB Portal

    O’level results will display on this pageO'level result on JAMB portal

Suppose you have updated your O’level details, which are not yet reflected on your JAMB CAPS profile. Click on the refresh button to update your O’level details.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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281 thoughts on “How to Upload WAEC and NECO Awaiting Results On JAMB Portal”

  1. Please sir how do I change my secondary school name to the one I wrote waec in.
    Will it affect my admission and can I change it.
    I accidentally wrote the one I attended instead of the school I wrote waec in.

  2. Good morning sir
    I accidentally wrote the name of the school I attended instead of the one I wrote waec.
    Will it affect my admission and can I change it?
    Cause I wrote my waec in another school.

  3. Sir please I have two waec results(2022 &2023)
    I uploaded one on jamb caps and it reflected but one of my 2023 subject is showing A/R
    Hope it won’t affect my admission

  4. Good evening ma,i registered for post utme 2023 at federal university of technology,futo but i used a/r while i was waiting for neco,i have seen my neco but i can’t upload it on my futo post utme form.pls help me ma

  5. Pls I have already made a mistake I applied for KWARAPOLY form and entered a wrong o level result and the form has closed now I want to used the neco result I just got or change the result I used for the screening,,,,
    Pls what hope do I have
    Can I get admission or I will have to wait for another year ☹️
    I have uploaded the neco result on jamb portal but is different from the one on school portal 😢

    • Hello Temilade,

      You don’t have to sit for another JAMB.

      What you need to do is to visit the KWARAPOLY admission office to resolve the wrong O’level result.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  6. Please can i upload my o’level result in a cyber cafe, and is email required for the uploading of o’level result because whenever i want to login to jamb caps and i input my email it will show invalid email or password, i went to complain at a jamb cbt center so that they can help me link my email to jamb profile they told me that since i have done changing of course and institution that it has already been linked so how can i get my jamb login password so i can login to jamb caps whenever i want to check my admission status. Thank you.

    • Yes, you can upload your O’level result in a JAMB CBT centre. You will need to have your JAMB registration number and your O’level result slip. The JAMB CBT officer will be able to help you upload your result to the JAMB portal.

      You will need to have an email address in order to upload your O’level result. If you forgot your JAMB login password, you can reset it by following these steps:

      1. Visit the JAMB e-facility portal at
      2. Click on “Forgot Password?”.
      3. Enter your JAMB registration number and email address.
      4. Click on “Get Password Reset Link”.
      5. Check your email inbox for the password reset link.
      6. Click on the password reset link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

      Once you have reset your JAMB login password, you will be able to log into JAMB CAPS and check your admission status.

      If you are still having problems logging into JAMB CAPS, you can let me know.

      • Good Afternoon Sir
        Sir what If NECO has not released the results yet and I put awaiting results can I be given Admission with only the JAMB, because NECO results come out late October and some schools might have stopped giving admission by then ,I’m confused plss

        • Hello Kingsley,

          You have nothing to worry about.

          The NECO results are released in time for admission. It will not affect you in any way.

          Let me know if you have further questions.

          • Hello blessing sir! I appreciate how you let Exam easy for students. Thanks!
            What can a student who do not aware that waec is due do when she have already filled up the form with weac awaiting result.
            Can she change it to Neco?

  7. Hey sir, Covenant has given me admissions but Jamb hasn’t. I just discovered I Haven’t uploaded yet. I am not with the printout of my WAEC results right now. Can I use the picture?

  8. Please sir
    I already have my results, my wave and neco, so I registered for post utme and I haven’t uploaded my results they said I should wait until September
    Please what can I do I start true

  9. Hello is it possible to upload my waec result even though I’m waiting to use my NECO result …can I still take down the waec later on then upload the NECO result when it’s out

  10. Hello sir, this is my second time of writing JAMB. I uploaded my olevel last year and I uploaded my olevel this year when registering for jamb. Please do i still need to upload my olevel again?

    And also, when I checked my 2023 jamb caps my olevel was not showing but when I checked my 2022 jamb caps my olevel appeared. Should I be concerned?

  11. What do I do when I want to combine myNECO and waec results for post utme and only my waec results are available now but with commerce E8 and post utme ask me to upload my result

    • Precious,

      Use awaiting result during your registration.

      You can upload both results to the JAMB CAPS when the NECO result is out.

  12. Good Afternoon
    Please I need your help on OAU post utme …i use AR when writing jamb and my Neco result is not yet out and I want to register for post utme with AR but Neco won’t be out until Sept 30 and OAU post utme close Sept 11 so I won’t be able to upload my o’level before the deadline
    Pls what can I do

  13. Good day sir.
    My name on my waec results is James victor chukwuemeka
    And on my jamb results is James chukwuemeka Victor
    Will it affect my admission ?
    (James is my surname)

    • No, James

      It will not affect your admission.

      You will have to get an affidavit for your name arrangement.

      Also, trying checking at the JAMB CBT centre if the arrangement can be adjusted.

  14. Hlo sir,I uploaded my waec results but the problem is that,they(cbt centre)have uploaded a wrong grade for me in one of the relevant subject(B2 instead of C4),and when i went back they told me that it cannot be modified)

  15. Pls, how long does it take jamb to update admission on a candidate’s caps when the admitted candidate’s name has been sent to them? Although, I read it on some blogs that it takes 2-3 weeks, but this year and the previous one, I have seen candidates who got admission on caps on the same day their names were sent to jamb, that makes me feel 2-3 weeks of a thing is no more true. I need you to clear me on this.

  16. Please I’m using 2sitting waec and neco for o’level result so is it possible to upload affidavit which is for correction of name on my waec result on jamb portal and on post utme registration please I need urgent response, thanks alot

  17. Please sir, i uploaded my o’level result and also did a change of course. When i reached home, i logged into my portal and discovered that both have not reflected, so i refresh each of them. My o’level result was now reflecting but when i tried my course, it was showing oops error.
    I went back to where i did the change of course, and once they logged into my profile, everything showed.
    Since i wanted to be sure, when i reached i log in once again and my course was showing but my o’level was showing A/R.
    Please sir what should i do?

    • Hello Henshaw,

      I understand your concern.

      Give it two weeks, and then check for the changes.

      Keep me updated.

  18. Good morning sir. I uploaded my o level results some days ago but it’s not reflecting on my caps. But other changes reflected

  19. Thank you my email is now validated and i can access my caps anytime though i didn’t change my email but it is still working

    • Yes, Praise

      Federal Polytechnic, Oko offers Mass Communication.

      The cut off mark is not yet out. But you are eligible for admission with a JAMB score above 140.

    • Uploading awaiting results on the JAMB portal is free of charge. You may have to pay about five hundred Naira (₦500) for the upload.

  20. Good morning sir, my school has given me admission and JAMB hasn’t given me yet, I uploaded my WAEC twice and my JAMB CAPS is only showing welcome, my admission status showing you’ve not been given admission yet and school registration is ending soon can I still do the registration without JAMB giving me admission or I have to wait?

    • Hello Farha,

      Congratulations on your admission.

      When did you upload your JAMB result, and where?

      Also, I hope you view your JAMB CAPS using the desktop mode on your browser.

    • Unilorin right? School has given me Admission too but jamb is yet to. If you’re an aspirant of Unilorin, I would like to connect with you.

    • Yes, Praise.

      Visit the JAMB CBT centre to change your email address.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

  21. Good day sir, is it still late for me to upload my results to jamb but I did for unilorin portal. And I am expecting admission this year

  22. Sir please when I went for my registration I went with my level results but is not reflecting on my jamb caps for over a month now, please help me

    • Hello Ibrahim,

      Sorry about the delay. Your O’level result should have been reflected by now.

      Although, sometimes the process can take a little longer.

      You should visit the JAMB CBT centre, which may be different from the one you visited the first time to make further confirmation.

    • Faith,

      Follow the instructions in this post.

      Visit the JAMB CBT centre to upload your O’level result to the JAMB CAPS.

  23. Good day sir,my sister applied to UniUyo this year,the surname on her Neco result is Fredrick while the name on NIN used by Jamb is Frederick,we have done an affidavit to that effect,and we have proceeded to NECO office to that effect to be changed to Frederick as it was written on Jamb but the response is very poor,will this affect her admission base name disparity or what do you suggest,we are yet to upload on Jamb portal…advice sir

      • Jamb carries her correct name base on NIN registered,moreso either of the name can be used,we just want the name to match each other

        Jamb carries Frederick
        NECO carries Fredrick

        Which is easier to change or we should use affidavit

        • SirK,

          It will be easier to make the change on her JAMB portal.

          Since the JAMB carries her correct name, it would be best to swear an affidavit for her NECO result.

  24. Sir I upload my o’level results during my jamb registration do I still need to upload it again. And is post UTME registration ready

  25. Sir i interchange my middle name and surname neco but it correct in waec can i use the both result for jamb but all letters is are correct

    • Augustus,

      It can take between two (2) to three (3) weeks for your result to reflect on the JAMB CAPS.

  26. Good Afternoon Sir,

    Please in my WAEC I used “Alexander “as my Middle name but in the course of getting my NIN, I used “Alex “. So I used my NIN to generate a profile code. Now in this profile “Alex was used which is also the same with my NIN.
    Now am planning to upload my WAEC result. Will JAMB see this as a problem and also what effect will be on my admission into UNN.

  27. The jamb registra refused to upload my olevel results even when I was with it. I have seen my UTMERESULT should I go ahead and upload my olevel results at a cyber Cafe or I should wait to be told so?

      • Hello Blessing,
        Thanks for all your kind assistance here to everyone seeking for help. You are doing a great job. May God give you more strenght Amen.

        Please i want to ask…
        My Olvel result is bearing Vitalis Daniel O.

        While my NIN, jamb reg. and other of my docs are bearing Vitalis Daniel Dickson which is the current name im bearing.

        Can i go ahead to upload my Olvel reault?. And if i have to do affidavit will it be after uploading my Olevel result or before???. Am i to submit the afdidavit to the school after getting admission or to jamb before getting admission??.
        I will appreciate your response.

        • Hello Daniel

          A big amen to your prayers.

          You can proceed with uploading your O’level result on the JAMB CAPS.

          It is during your admission clearance you will present your affidavit.

          Let know if you have further questions.

          I wish you success with your admission.

  28. Good day
    Please i am desperate, help me
    I uploaded my O’level results with AR for one subject in WAEC.
    I resumed school (st Augustine college of education, Affiliated with University of Ibadan, Akoka) without an admission letter, the school offered me a standby letter that jamb will soon offer me my admission letter that it’s still in progress. I was happy tho because I have paid all my fees. Finished the first semester classes, waiting for matriculation and exam.
    Yesterday I checked my admission status only for me to see NOT ADMITTED
    Please can you tell me what happened and if I can still get admitted back please

  29. Good afternoon sir, please sir the name on my waec is different from that of my jamb, only one alphabet is missing
    Will that affect the process of upload my waec to jamb portal

    • Favid,

      You can apply for a name correction on the JAMB portal, assuming the problem happened during your JAMB registration.

  30. Sir I don’t have an email address and I want to upload my o level result and I wrote my exam in lagos but I’m currently in Abuja what can I do sir

    • Hello Louisa,

      What email address did you use during your JAMB registration?

      You can upload your O’level results at any JAMB CBT centre in Abuja.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  31. Sir please when I wanted to register for my jamb I didn’t go with the hard copy of my neco result so they registered awaiting result for me.
    Will it not affect me sir and hope it’s not too late for me to upload it now

    • No, Blessing

      It will not affect you.

      After the JAMB examination, you can return to the JAMB CBT centre to upload your NECO result to the JAMB CAPS.

      Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

  32. I enrolled for jamb and waec same year now jamb has commerced it’s writing date, while waec has not even been noticed yet, can I still gain an admission while waiting for my be waec examination to commence would the time not affect my admission?

    • Yes, Emmanuel

      You can gain admission this year using awaiting results.

      Note that your WAEC result will be out by the time of your admission.

      I wish you success in your exams.

  33. Am using 2 result, waec/waec, bt there is a mistake of on one alphabet of the middle name on the other result, can i get admission?

  34. Please sir I need your help have tried to upload my O’level and Direct Entry results its showing an error connecting to the database

      • Sir please i only wrote waec and i got d7 in English,i went to register for jamb and the lady uploaded the results like that for me but she told me to write another waec because i cannot use d7 to get an admission in medicine and surgery
        So can i write another waec and edit it in that my other results

        • Yes, Precious

          Write another WAEC or GCE for you to be eligible for admission.

          Let me know if you have any further questions.

  35. I registered jamb with my waec as o level result but after exam can I remove it and put my neco result that I will write this year and upload when the result comes out

  36. Hello admin

    The person that uploaded my waec results made a mistake by not arranging the subject according to the way it is on my waec results but the results is correct it’s just the arrangement so I wanted to know if it will affect my admission

  37. Please I wanted to ask if its compulsory to upload my weac results on my jamb portal according to the way it’s arranged on my results because the person that uploaded mine scattered it but the results is correct it’s just the arrangement I wanted to know if it will be a problem with gaining admission due to the scattered arrangement

  38. Hello sir, I uploaded my waec result but instead of showing 9 subjects it duplicated, I asked cbt officers they said it was just an error that I should not worry about it. I later changed the weac to neco but my weac result is still there, that’s 9 neco subjects and 9 waec subjects. I hope it won’t be a problem because I’m worried.

  39. Please sir, must my email be on my jamb regigtration details before I can access my result? Because my email wasn’t added to my registration

  40. Please help me i did online screening with my neco result, same result i use to register for jamb. there was a problem d token code i use 4 neco lost so i bought new one i did my screening using d new code but its showing result not yet verify my application has been sent

  41. If you didn’t write awaiting results when registering for jamb does that mean you have uploaded your o’level results

  42. If you didn’t right awaiting results when registering for jamb dies that mean you have uploaded your olevk results

  43. I uploaded my o level result on 1st of November and up till now(17th of November) jamb hasn’t given me admission and my university has given me admission since February

  44. I have been given admission by my school when I got there they asked for my jamb admission letter went to print it they said I did not upload my o’level result so I did upload now it’s 6 days it’s still showing not admitted

    • Johnson,

      The changes will take some time to reflect on your JAMB CAPS portal.

      I advise you to notify your school’s admission office that you have recently uploaded your O’level result to fast-track the process.

  45. I uploaded my o level result on thur November 10 and delsu registration is starting on the 14th of November to 25th on November..,.my pls how long will it take for jamb to send me admission because have gotten admission from delsu am just awating jamb admission

  46. Good morning I made a mistake in my o level grades when uploading it to the jamb portal
    So I went to upload it again and it has reflected but it is still showing the old one and the new one
    Hope it won’t be a problem or is there any means I can delete the first one or should I leave it

    • Glory,

      It is not a problem.

      But you can visit the JAMB CBT centre to see if you can remove the former result from your JAMB CAPS portal.

      • Sir pls help me…I uploaded my o level result on thur November 10 and delsu registration is starting on the 14th of November to 25th on November..,.my pls how long will it take for jamb to send me admission because have gotten admission from delsu am just awating jamb admission

  47. Pls what can I do
    I didn’t know they’ve made a mistake in olevel registration number uploaded
    And the post utme form is out now

  48. Greetings admin, I uploaded my O Level result to jamb portal through a cyber cafe, it’s three days now,but it is yet to reflect on my caps . What should I do? Do I need to go to a jamb accredited center for re-uploading?

  49. Greetings admin,I uploaded my O level result to jamb portal through a cyber cafe , it’s three days,and yet to reflect on my caps. What should I do? Do I need to go to a jamb accredited center for re-uploading?

  50. After I login on my caps I tried clicking on access my caps but it usually show welcome and log out it doesn’t show options for me to click on my olevel

  51. I updated my WAEC result but try to access the CAPS to check the result it keep giving me error massage ” OBJECT REFERENCE NOT SET TO AN INSTANCE OF AN OBJECT.
    Pls what do I do?

  52. please i went to LASU to upload my result because a friend told me to go back to the place i registed for the jamb but for the past 4 days it has not reflect on the jamb CAPS and the dead line is today, what should i do

  53. Hello, good evening
    Concerning the uploading of ssce results, my younger sister said she uploaded hers during jamb registration, but I tried checking on the portal, and I can’t find anything there. Am I doing or the wrong way?

  54. I uploaded my o level result on the University of my choice portal and my result was Screened and I saw my point and even printed it out.But I mistakenly deleted my o level details from the portal after that and have not been able to reupload it please what can I do

    • Hello Samuel,

      It may not be working because it has already been screened. I’ll recommend that you keep trying to re-upload it.

  55. I would like to upload the WAEC result of my Nephew by myself to his JAMB profile.
    From the video you mentioned that we have to go to an accredited CBT center, what about those whose parents would like to upload the result by themselves, must we go through the center?

    I believe that these things can be done individually without making any payment to anyone. In Europe and other Western countries, you have to do everything yourself.

    I have checked my Nephew’s profile but I couldn’t get the exact tab to click for uploading the document.

    Please, kindly put me through.

    • Hello Paul,

      Unfortunately, we are in Nigeria and the Nigerian system is still poor. You’ll have to visit an accredited JAMB centre.

  56. Please can I upload waec result on jamb portal and put…A.R in the space for mathematics because am awaiting maths in the November /December gce but I have gotten admission to a university?

  57. I wanted to change the o level result uploaded on my CAPS to another one(from GCE to WAEC).So the person who did it didn’t know that I’ve uploaded b4,he just did it directly without deleting the former one.Now it’s showing both WAEC and GCE.I went to a CBT center today to correct it but they said it might take a while for it to reflect.The issue now is I want to register for UNILAG’S screening but I don’t know if I should wait for the change to reflect b4 registering or I should register now?If I register now,will it affect my admission?Kindly reply sir

    • Hello Olayemi,

      Since UNILAG will hold a screening exercise first, registering for the POST UTME may not be feasible. But there’s also a possibility that it will reflect before then.

      So I’ll advise you to go ahead with the registration.

  58. Good evening sir
    Pls sir, I’ve uploaded my o’level results and I’ve been trying to check if it reflects on my jamb caps but it’s showing service unavailable.
    Pls sir what do you think is the problem and what should I do.

  59. Please I can’t access my jamb caps from my phone to confirm if the o:level result gas been uploaded, it keeps saying I’m not legible to access this service
    Please what should I do

  60. Sir, please how can I get my O level result uploaded on the CAP I initially use awaiting result now I want to upload the grades but I could not get the button to click to change the A/R to my new grade

  61. I uploaded my result early last week but it still has not reflected on my caps I dont know what is happening do i need to reupload again?

  62. Good day sir I uploaded my results when I went to check it out in my caps it showing some of subject I didn’t write during weac exam and it showing A/R but the subject I wrote is there too showing my score please help me

    • Dear Florence,

      It might be a system error. I recommend you re-upload it and re-check it later.
      You can reach out to me if it doesn’t work.

  63. Is it possible to have a combined olevel result in jamb caps? like every subject has two grades (different years), except for the combined one which will be one.

  64. Hello, Jamb caps has been activated and upon accessing my portal I saw that my olevel was combined, tho not by me, because I used last year o’level for registering and I uploaded this year o’level after the examination.i want to ask if there is any problem because I had no intention to combine both.

  65. Hello please get back to me I made 4/5 credits in waec I didn’t really do so well at mathematics. But I made up for it in neco which is yet to come out can I still upload my results and awaiting the neco result? In order to gain admission?

    • Hello Ma Agatha,

      The jamb portal has been quite a hassle for some time now.
      I suggest you wait or try it towards midnight.

  66. Good morning Sir
    I obtained my jamb form from jamb office so my waec result was scanned and uploaded then but I am now confused maybe we are to upload it again because I am unable to check it as jamb portal for 2022 is not open yet

  67. Sir the question was concerning the updated olevel like the one I have scanned and uploaded this month.hope there is still no problem.

  68. Hello sir, I did not put in biology when I was uploading my olevel result because it was outstanding so like I put in only eight subjects but I scanned the whole nine, and I am going for engineering. Sir hope it doesn’t affect in any way.

    • No, it is not going to affect you.

      What you have to do now is to go back to the JAMB CBT centre to update your O’leve result.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  69. Can you mix the reults uploaded on the jamb portal? like for instance, you fail economics in WAEC but pass it in NECO

  70. Good afternoon, please do Direct entry candidates have to upload this WAEC result too, cause it was required for registration.

    • Yes, Joshua

      You must upload your O’level result to the JAMB portal during your DE registration.

      Though, you can upload your results peradventure you did not do so during your registration.

  71. Is it only waec or neco result that i will upload or they are some other document that i still need to upload to jamb portal?

    • Emmanuel,

      There are no other documents you need to upload on the JAMB portal.

      Just your O’level results.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

      • Thanks for the updates but sir, Is it only CBT centre that can upload the o level result on jamb portal? I need my sister’s o level result to be uploaded and the CBT centre were referring her to Cyber cafe. Urgent response is needed sir.

        Thanks you sir

        • Taofeek,

          JAMBites can only upload O’level results on the JAMB CAPS at a JAMB CBT centre.

          You may have to visit another accredited CBT centre or visit your State JAMB office.

          Note that some cyber cafes work with JAMB CBT centres.

          So, if they told you to visit a particular CBT centre, you may have to try it.

          But I recommend you do the upload at a CBT centre.

  72. Hello,why is it that my caps is not showing the options which contain my o level,but only showing welcome?does that means l can’t see them unless Jamb open the caps for 2022,if yes,when are they going to open.because l uploaded my o level result right from registration and l reupload it yesterday too, and l also carrid out change of institution but both have not reflected.please help me I am panic.

    • Hello Bello,

      I hope you are having a wonderful day.

      Are you checking your JAMB CAPS with your mobile phone?

      If yes, click on the menu of your Google Chrome browser.

      Switch to desktop view.

      You should be able to see your O’level results.

      Let me know if you encounter any further challenges.

  73. I uploaded my waec results but it’s not reflecting. Still showing last year own and registration number. Why? Does it take long to show on my caps?

    • Glori,

      It can take about a week for your WAEC or NECO result to reflect on your JAMB CAPS.

      Did you upload your O’level during or after your JAMB registration?

    • Stephen,

      I guess you mean your WAEC result is not yet reflecting on the JAMB CAPS.

      You need to exercise a little patience. It will reflect within two (2) weeks.

  74. Well I’ve uploaded my waec result and it isn’t reflecting and I also did change of institutions
    I have already refreshed the page
    Does this take a while to show?

    • Yes, Deborah

      It will take some time for the changes to reflect.

      But if it does not reflect after a few weeks. You can go to the JAMB CBT centre to lay a complaint.

        • Toke,

          It can take about two (2) weeks for the uploaded WAEC result to reflect on the JAMB portal.

          You would need to exercise patience.

          Let me know if the issue is not resolved by next week.

          • Good afternoon sir, I uploaded my result but its not reflecting and its over a month plus now, and I did correction of data too, all my details for choice of institution is not even showing on the caps

          • Hello Stanley,

            I advise you to go back to the JAMB CBT centre to find out why your results do not reflect your JAMB CAPS.

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