JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration & Mobilization 2023

JAMB regularization for NYSC is the process of applying for admission indexing by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB).

JAMB is the regulatory board for admission in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Every student must get their admission letter from the JAMB board.

Prospective Youth Service Corpers cannot go for NYSC without JAMB regularization or possessing a JAMB admission letter.

The JAMB admission letter is the requirement for the NYSC registration and mobilization.

Prospective NYSC Youth Corpers without a JAMB registration number or admission letter must apply for the JAMB regularization process.

The cost for JAMB regularization for NYSC is eight thousand five hundred Naira (₦8,500).

In this post, I will walk you through the processes for JAMB regularization for NYSC registration and mobilization.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need further clarifications. I would love to hear from you.

JAMB Regularization

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JAMB regularization is a process for students or graduates without a JAMB registration number or admission letter.

After admission, every student in the tertiary institution is supposed to accept admission on the JAMB CAPS.

But there are categories of students like ND & HND students, pre-degree students and UTME students that do not get their JAMB admission letter after admission.

This set of students must apply for the JAMB regularization to be eligible for the NYSC registration and mobilization exercise.

Duration for JAMB Regularization

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The duration of JAMB regularization approval by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board is twenty-four (24) hours after consent from your school.

Delay with your JAMB regularization happens when your institution does not forward your indemnity form to the JAMB board on time. It could also be due to late approval by JAMB.

JAMB regularization does not expire.

JAMB Regularization Requirements

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Here are the requirements for JAMB regularization for NYSC;

  • Indemnity Form
  • JAMB Portal Profile
  • Email Address
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Mobile No
  • State and LGA of Origin
  • Transaction ID
  • Year of JAMB Examination
  • Submission of Online Application Form

How to Apply for JAMB Regularization for NYSC

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The following are the procedures to apply for JAMB regularization for NYSC registration and mobilization;

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Visit the JAMB facility website

    Click on Sign up for UTME/DEJAMB efacility

  2. Click on Create an account

    Select the blue button to create a JAMB profile accountJAMB efacility login

  3. Enter your email address and details below

    Fill out the form with your correct email address, phone number and security answers.JAMB profile verification

  4. Click on the Ok button

    Select the Ok button on the email verification pageJAMB profile verification

  5. Click on the JAMB message sent to your mailbox

    Open your Gmail app to see your JAMB profile codeJAMB email

  6. Click on the JAMB link inside the message from JAMB

    Select “Click here to continue your Profile Creation”JAMB profile code email

  7. Enter your personal details

    Type your first, second and middle name. Select your gender.Enter your JAMB personal details

  8. Select Date of Birth

    Enter your correct date of birthSelect your date of birth

  9. Enter your phone number and place of origin

    Type your phone number, nationality and state of originNationality details

  10. Enter your Password

    Type a password that you can never forget. Then click on Sign UpAccount details

  11. Proceed to Login

    Your account creation is successfulProcess to login

  12. Login to your account

    Enter your email address and passwordJAMB profile login

  13. JAMB profile Dashboard

    You will be able to access your JAMB profileJAMB profile

  14. Click on Regularize Admission

    Select the Admission Regularization iconJAMB regularization

  15. Pay for the regularization fee online

    Use your ATM card to pay for the JAMB regularization

  16. Fill out the online registration form

    Enter your correct details in the regularization application form

  17. Print out the JAMB indemnity form

  18. Submit the JAMB regularization indemnity form to your school

    Go to your school registrar’s office to submit your indemnity form

  19. Check your JAMB admission status

    Print out your admission letter

Follow the procedure to print out your JAMB admission letter here.

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12 thoughts on “JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration & Mobilization 2023”

  1. Good day sir, I appreciate your good job here.
    Sir, I registered for JAMB REGULARIZATION last year but there was error of school name (old school name was used, meanwhile school insisted we must use the new name) and year of admission.
    Do I need to apply for another new jamb regularization registration or I’m I opportuned to edit the errors made?
    Thanks sir

  2. Hello,
    I have been able to create the profile, now I proceeded to the next columnwhic is “regularize admission” but it’s blank, i guess I’ll use a laptop. My question is that, since I have been given a code to create the profile, do I need another code to proceed to “regularize admission” I mean the code sent to 55019, pls need to know because I haven’t received any message from 55019

  3. I checked my admission status on jamb and it shows that I have been admitted. But when I tried accessing my caps the school and course space is left blank. The place where u can accept or reject admission is also blank .wat is the cause

    • Hello Pearl

      Try the processing using a laptop.

      Let me know if the problem persists.

      Congratulations on your admission.

  4. Am 30 but when I graduated was the age of 26. Please am asking is it year of graduation that count or age of wen u wen to serve

  5. Can student who register through DE 2016 and his date of birth is 12/12/1991exist allow to change his date of birth or he can just go for regularization

    • Hello Umar,

      If your date of birth is wrong, you should apply for a change. And after this, you can do the regularization.


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