How to Become a Freelance Copywriter & Content Writer in Nigeria

Freelance copywriting and content writing has gone a long way to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

After intensive research from the web and books, it has proven to be among the top digital skills in Nigeria. It is one of the best online skills that makes one rich.

The article will expand your knowledge on how to become a freelance copywriter and content writer in Nigeria.

Freelance Copywriter

Freelance means working independently for various companies rather than being employed in one particular company. It also means selling skills or services.

Examples of freelance activities include;

  • Graphic Designs
  • Copywriting
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

A copywriter is a person who uses writing skills to sell brands or services.

A freelance copywriter is an individual who composes a copy on an agreement or project basis for marketable goals.

For example, adverts, websites, digital media, or blog posts.

The copy will have a specific goal or purpose such as to convince, inform, or rank well in search engines like Google Search.

Freelance copywriters can work directly with clients or through an agency.

Freelance Content Writer

A content writer is a person who writes quality content for online publishing.

In other words, a content writer is a person who creates print and digital content for companies. He or she provides information or publicizes the products (brands) or services they offer.

Formulating content that accurately reflects company ideals is also included in one of their duties.

Content writers always study the material they need to write each article or product description.

A freelance content writer can be said to be a person who composes words, designs, performs, or sells work or services instead of working on a regular salary basis for one employer.

Freelance Copywriter or Content Writer Skills

To be an effective freelance copywriter or content writer, you must be skilful in certain things.

Let’s focus on the six (6) skills a freelance copywriter must acquire.

They include:

  • Writing Skills
  • Write to Deadlines
  • Research Skills
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Creativity

Writing Skills

A freelance copywriter should be effective in writing skills. You should know how to compose an attractive copy. If you lack the knowledge behind good writing skills, you will not do well in the business.

Write to Deadlines

As a freelance copywriter, the ability to write well is good but writing to deadlines is very necessary.

Research Skills

Writing without making research will end up making you write outdated copy.

Always study to get more knowledge.

Understanding Your Audience

Your audience satisfaction should be your priority.

Your ability to understand them will go a long way to keep them.

SEO Knowledge

Your knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is very crucial. If you don’t know it or might have forgotten about it. Go ahead and study it.

It is very helpful and it promotes your brands.

Here are the basic steps to learn Search Engine Optimization.

  • Master keyword research.
  • Understand the distinction between on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Learn to identify UX signals.
  • Adopt SEO-friendly.
  • Learn about content creation.
  • Commence link building.

Once these steps are followed. You shall expertise on it.


As a freelance copywriter, you should be creative. What differs your copy from others is the uniqueness of your copy.

Content Writer’s Skills

Here are a few skills you should develop to make the most of your freelance writing career.

Accounting and Business Management Skills

A freelance content writer should be able to evaluate and manage financial risks before he or she aspires to become a content writer.

He or she should be able to analyze the expenditure of commodities or assistance, model and predict money flows advertise leaders of the business on consolidations and acquisitions.

Not only that, he or she should also be able to propose evidence-based monetary techniques. etc.

Time Management and Organization Skills

Organization and management are more important than what we think of. Time is your friend but becomes your enemy if you refuse to make good use of our time.

When you organize your content especially when you write quality ones. The ranking becomes higher.

Editing Skills

The ability to edit as a content writer should not be taken for granted.

Networking Skills

This is also a powerful skill. When you don’t know much about social media, or any network media. You won’t go far.

Commerce Skills

As much as you aspire to be a freelance content writer, your financial skill shouldn’t be left out. Develop it.

Advantages of Freelance Copywriting in Nigeria

​Many advantages of being a freelance copywriter involve-

  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Flexibility

Below are catchy reasons why you should aspire to be a freelance copywriter.

Become Your Own Boss or Manager

Becoming a copywriter will make you your boss.

No manager elsewhere will be there to deduct your money over your lateness to work. You don’t have to panic over non-payment of salary.

You work when you feel like it. You can work anywhere, anytime, and get paid instantly. No condition is attached.

Your Knowledge Development Widens

You are already an expert as you become a copywriter. They are very essential to a business’s content strategy.

The more you compose copies, your more expertise on it.

​Embodiment and Transformation

You feel so good because you are now a company’s voice. They don’t make sales or render services actively without you.

Their creative forum is to go through you which relies on the direction of the project.

Your Name Heard and Known

Rushing to have a lot of freelance copywriting work is not that important.

As a beginner, it’s not going to be that easy but consistency is the key.

For any new job, you need to put in hours to earn the rewards to become an expert in it.

Before your awareness, you’ll be finding your name at the bottom of several printed or digital manuscripts from product descriptions to political journalism.

That sounds good, right? Yes.

You Make Money Online

Making money online is the reason people aspires to be a copywriter.

Prospective copywriters want to be made rich by writing quality copies. You become financially stable to handle family responsibilities and enjoy life.

Freelance content writing has so many advantages just like copywriting. As you know, they sell content. It must be attractive.

Before I explain the advantages of being a freelance content writer, let’s understand why content is important;

  • Blogs,
  • Websites,
  • Newspapers,
  • Magazines,

Commerce portals and other sources of information require quality content.

People find it interesting to read a blog, visit a website, buy newspapers and magazines to get information. Do you know why? It helps them live better lives and avoid dangers.

Given these facts, let’s look at the advantages of being a content writer. They are as follows:

You Become Financially Stable

Whether you own a blog or don’t own a blog, content writing makes you increase your wealth.

However, learning content writing and having a blog or website makes you wealthier.

If you know how to write excellent content, you can work full-time or part-time or even as a freelance content writer.

It Makes Digital Marketing Easier

Participating in digital marketing processes comes to be easier when you learn content writing.

For example, you can handily find a niche that fits into your hobbies or job to create a blog or website.

And using that niche, it’s easier to discover keywords and phrases that would aid your content to get top rankings on Google and other search engines.

Do you know digital marketing is good?

It educates you on how to search for specific keywords and phrases that have the highest number of searches in the world and some places.

The way by which becoming a content writer prevents legal problems is that you can avert legal crises.

Below are the causes of legal crises or problems.

Examples of legal crimes about content writing include-

  • Plagiarism.
  • Bluffing article
  • Objectionable language
  • Grammatical errors in content. Etc.

Develop Research Skills

Content writing is concerned with the making of research.

The more you research, the more knowledge you have over a particular topic or information. Always go for information that is from reliable sources.

Moreover, reader acknowledgement enables you to develop new notions.

Good Use of Vocabulary

As a freelance content writer, once you know the use of vocabulary, you are already on the right track.

Do you know why?

It is because content writing is all about writing quality content. No plagiarism.

Since you have known all we need to know concerning freelance copywriters and content writers.

Let me go ahead to discuss the main topic of the article.

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

Copywriting and content writing are both online marketing.

Copywriters sell their products and services, while content writers sell quality content.

Let’s talk about them one after the other.

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter

Becoming a freelance copywriter demands the following five (5) steps:

  • Discover Your Speciality
  • Increase Your Professional Knowledge
  • Written Communication
  • Time Management
  • Make Researching Your Habit

Discover Your Speciality

Your speciality, or niche, enacts the kind of content you want to write as a freelance copywriter.

Don’t be money anxious when discovering your niche.

Don’t select a niche because your friend loves it. Your speciality might not be the same as his or her own.

Increase Your Professional Knowledge

Build your copywriting knowledge.

Build your knowledge over a particular niche or more. Brand yourself as a freelance copywriter.

Written Communication

Copywriting is all about selling of company’s products or rendering services. They are all done through written communication. Have intensive work to deliver written communication.

Time Management

Your ability to manage your time will determine how excellent you are in the services you render or sell.

Make Researching Your Habit

If you don’t make research, your knowledge is limited.

How to Become a Freelance Content Writer

The following are tips to become a content writer;

  • Start A Blog
  • Select A Profitable Niche
  • Find Your Ideal Client
  • Create Samples
  • Write to Your Best
  • Invest in Social Media
  • Invest in Yourself

Start A Blog

Starting a blog is a very good step to follow.  It increases your writing ability.

Participation they say makes improvement and perfection.  As you start a blog, You get exposed to many things about content writing.

Select A Profitable Niche

Niches are many both there are profitable ones.

When you select the niche that is under your speciality. You develop it.

Make your niche to be friendly to you. Don’t select the niche you dislike.

Find Your Ideal Client

Discovering your ideal client is very necessary. It enhances your pattern of writing.

Get a client that wants your kind of niche topic.

Create Samples

Creating different samples on your niche is a very good way to promote your articles.

If you don’t create samples no one will how quality your content is.

Write to Your Best

Content writing is all about writing. Becoming a better writer is a good one.

Invest in Social Media

If you are not a lover of social media, your content promotion will be restricted.

Invest in Yourself

As a content writer, you need to invest in yourself. Develop your knowledge of your speciality or niche.


In summary, copywriting and content writing are information. The information leads to the thought that generates emotions and culminates as effort.

Knowing your niche and your ability to write well are the major keys to becoming any of them.

Making money online has been preferred to serving people who would give you stories of why they are still owing you.

To become a copywriter or content writer cannot be without following those listed steps and practising them until perfection.

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