The 4 Major Categories of Nigerian University Students

Here are the four major categories of students that you will see on the Nigeria University campus.

The Business Minded Students

These students will be helping Lecturers to teach their course in class just to invite them to their tutorials.

Na these set of students dey get sugar-coated tongues and sweet mouth.

Some of them will be selling materials, popcorn and past questions.

Some fresher’s go buy 10 materials from old students especially when they hear that the student is a final year student in their department.

This set of people have already had the contact of almost half of the University freshers even when school never resume.

I love this category of people.

The Obtainers

I hate this set of people. They are ready to steal anything from freshers with any means available.

They will try creating fear in you first for example they will tell u that na only Cultist dey wear black.

Na only who dey cult they use that kind chain or wrist band before you know it they will start threatening you to pay cultist due.

Some of them dey come night class to steal phones and other crucial items.

Some will be on a roadside around 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm to obtain a fresher or any gentle-looking student.

The Campus Fellowship students

They aim to guide freshers through their stay in the school.

They are always trying to make sure freshers don’t miss their way during their stay in school but some fellowships are doing this to bring the population to their church.

Some of them you will be reading gently at basement they will na come and be forcing you to speak in tongues as if na by force.

The Catch Them Young Students

All these students will be organizing programs for new students to give them orientations.

I just pity freshers wey dey attend Catch Them Young Program (CTY) up and down.

Some freshers will be attending this program until they realize their exam na tomorrow.

No be every CTY program u suppose dey attend.

Your fellowship CTY program is enough for you.


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