How to Get More Involved in Student Campus Life

No man is an island. We all need to make healthy social interactions with people no matter where we are.

A campus is a field housing the buildings. It encompasses lecture halls, libraries, school hostels, and every building within the university gates.

The university is a community of young adults who are just starting life.

Most of whom will want to mingle with other young adults. There is always a buzz around the university campus.

Social groups are formed on the university campus to help build connections, skills, talents, etc.

Not everyone is extroverted. Not everyone finds it easy to fit in social gatherings.

This article will highlight some of the steps students can take to become more involved in campus life.

But first, let’s look at the numerous advantages of being active on campus.

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Benefits of Being Involved on Campus

The following are the benefits of being involved on campus;

  • Builds Connections and Healthy Relationships
  • It Gives a Sense of Belonging
  • Relieves Stress
  • Improves Academics

Builds Connections and Healthy Relationships

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Being active on campus will enable students to build connections, especially after graduation.

The university is a breeding ground for future leaders in society.

Getting acquainted with people who could potentially become professionals in their respective fields tomorrow is a brilliant thing to do.

You might need their help tomorrow, and having a healthy background relationship with them might be your ticket to getting that help.

It Gives a Sense of Belonging

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It must be sad knowing there is an entire world on campus, and you are not even a part of it.

You only hear stories about who has done what and who accomplished that.

Being active on campus will help to give you a sense of belonging.

It will also make one adjust quickly to the overall university life.

Relieves Stress

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Getting involved in campus life enables students to take a break from school work, which in turn helps relieve stress and make one’s overall school life more enjoyable and balanced.

Social interactions are one of the best remedies to stress and depression.

Having great friends who got your back is a pleasurable experience that can increase your level of happiness.

Improves Academics

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Believe it or not, people who are more involved in campus life perform better academically. It depends heavily on the type of groups and company they keep.

One of the resources students can enjoy on campus is tutorials and study groups.

Tutorials give students the individualized attention they don’t get in crowded lecture halls.

Study groups give students the ground to discuss what they have learned in the lecture halls amongst their peers.

They also get to listen to and learn from the perspectives of their fellow students on what they were taught.

How to Get More Involved in Student Campus Life

Having learned about the importance of getting involved in campus life, we will further discuss ways in which one can become involved.

The following are ways to get more involved in student campus life;

  1. Join a Club
  2. Participate in Student Government
  3. Joining a Sports Club
  4. Make Friends on Campus

Join a Club

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Many universities offer a variety of educational clubs.

A club is a formal gathering of people with similar interests.

It could be maths club, press club, dance and drama club, etc.

There is always something for everyone.

All you have to do is find that which suits your preference and tick the boxes for you.

Joining a club is a great way to get involved in campus life as it ensures your interaction with people of like minds.

These clubs all have their procedures for recruiting new members.

Being in a particular department might be all you need for educational clubs.

For the theatre club, competitions might be held when choosing recruits. This club usually welcomes students of all departments.

These clubs usually represent the university whenever an invitation for a competition is organized.

These competitions typically help to foster relationships between institutions, and it will be an excellent opportunity for students participating to connect with other students of other institutions.

Participate in Student Government

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The student government body bridges the gap between students and the administrational body of universities.

They advocate for students’ rights and help bring up concerns and issues of the students they represent.

The student government body is also known as the voice of the students.

Being a part of the student government is a sure way to boost your connection and ties.

You mingle with many highly placed individuals in society as a student representative.

Contact entails events that you might be interested in and can also help boost your resume when applying for jobs after graduation.

To get a seat in the student government body, one must be popular and well-loved amongst fellow students. One must be diplomatic and schematic in their doings to get this.

It is advisable to start from your department and gradually work your way up.

Most of the positions in the student government body are usually won through elections.

One can start by volunteering for various roles within their department and even on campus.

You should let people see your capacity and know your plan.

There will be more inclined to vote for you when you start campaigning.

Joining a Sports Club

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There is also a place for sports lovers and enthusiasts. A lot of universities go hard for their sports teams.

Sport is universal. It is an activity that crosses across ethnicity, class, and age.

It is believed that sports breed unity by introducing harmless competition between people, thereby providing recreation, entertainment, and discovering talents.

The university campus is filled with many talented youths who could break borders if given the proper nourishment and needed support.

Students who are good in a specific sport should consider joining the sports team. It will be a good way to foster great relationships.

Your teammates can make for excellent friends and a sound support system.

Being a player for one of the sports teams on campus is a great way to be involved in campus life.

Things rarely happen on campus without the sports team being notified.

One will also be able to connect with other individuals in the sports world during tournaments.

Make Friends on Campus

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You can join every activity on campus, but if you don’t make friends, you will feel left out of campus life.

A lot of people are clueless about how to build friendships.

The beginning is always the worst part. Most people are afraid of being the first to make a move or show interest.

Making quality friends with people who share identical goals with you is an excellent way to go.

A good friendship can start by just saying “hi” or offering assistance to someone in need.

It is a viable way to get involved in campus life. You will hardly be left out of anything that’s happening on campus.

Campus life is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it should be treated as such.

The lecture hall is not the only place students can learn at the university. The campus is a world on its own.

You only live once, they say. Your experience on campus should not be limited to studying alone.

One should be willing to create memories, laughter, and quality friendships from their time on campus.

There are so many opportunities around. All you have to do is reach out and tap into it.

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