First Year Guide: Advice for Nigerian University Freshers 2024

Welcome to this freshers guide with tips to excel in your first year as a Nigerian student.

First things first, congratulations on your admission into the school of your choice.

I wish you success as you begin your academic journey.

I remember how I felt many years ago when I got admission to the University of Nigeria. Like you, my goal was to survive well and get a good CGPA in my first year.

But I got mixed feelings about school life. It was because of my inexperience with the Campus environment.

It is why you need a fresher guide for you to excel with a good grade in your first year.

In this post, I will walk you through some of the necessary things you should know as a fresher.

Ask me any questions using the comment box about the first year. I would love to hear from you.

Advice for Freshers in Nigerian Universities

Here is the direction for freshers in Nigerian Universities

  1. Morning Lectures
  2. University Lecture Venue
  3. Choosing Friends at the University
  4. Building Your CGPA
  5. Avoid Late Nights
  6. Watch Your Tongue
  7. Eat Well and Exercise
  8. Pray Fervently
  9. Time Management
  10. Ask for Help
  11. Ask Questions
  12. Money Management
  13. Study Past Questions

Morning Lectures

Get ready to endure the pains and frustrations of some of your lecturers.

Ensure you eat something before going to classes in the morning.

Sometimes, lectures meant for 8 am end up holding 10 am or 12 pm. In addition, other circumstances might make you return home at 6 pm.

University Lecture Venue

Ensure you are early to your lecture venues each day and on time.

Sometimes, there might be changes in the venue. It will also help you secure a seat in front.

Sitting in front gives you an edge to hear the lecturer more clearer. Also, you get to see the marker board better.

Choosing Friends at the University

Not everyone should be your friend. Choose your friends CAREFULLY.

Do not allow people to choose you as a friend. But, it is you that must make a choice.

Be friends with students with similar goals as you.

Not every first-year student in school wants to have a high CGPA. Stay away from this set of persons.

By staying away, I do not mean total disregard for them. You must not allow this set of unserious students to influence your actions.

Move with people who will keep you in check regarding your academics.

They will be like Tolu – have you read the PHY 111 material?

This kind of friend will push you to be serious with your academics.

Building Your CGPA

100L is the best time to start building a solid foundation for a successful academic.

If you start poorly here, you might not graduate with the result of your dream; for those with a vision.

Universities in Nigerian use the cumulative point average to calculate CGPA. It means that your first-year result will affect your final result.

You must aim to get an A in all your courses in your first year.

Avoid Late Nights

Avoid late nights; it will do you NO GOOD. Security should all times, be your utmost priority.

The security situation in most Nigerian Universities is nothing to write home about.

As a first-year student, you are yet to know your environment very well.

The awful people on campus can identify that you are a fresher by how you carry yourself. You don’t want to enter their net.

Avoid late nights so you do not run into bad company in school.

As a first year student, your security is a top priority.

Watch Your Tongue

Not everyone in school is your playmate or age mate.

If unguided, your tongue could cost your life, especially when no one could see it coming.

There is a different calibre of students in the University.

Some students are informants to lecturers, bad groups, etc.

Do not talk nasty about your lecturers in your class WhatsApp group chat.

A student can screenshot and send it to a lecturer. It can land you in deep trouble.

Eat Well and Exercise

Eat balanced meals. It will help to keep your health in check.

Eating well is necessary to achieve academic success in your first year.

It is a common mistake for undergraduate students to disregard their health. Most students eat junk food on campus.

Learn to make out time to cook organic food rich in nutrients.

Do not read when you are hungry. Look for something nutritious to eat to replenish your nutrient.

Exercising is also necessary to boost your brain function. Have a goal to work out at least thrice a week.

Take care of yourself and your health.

Pray Fervently

One with God has got it all. But don’t be too religious to neglect your studies.

Don’t be too Church or Mosque conscious —”sleeping” in either of them.

There’s time for everything. You mustn’t attend all prayer meetings and neglect your studies.

Time Management

Manage your time wisely. E get why.

Draft your reading timetable as soon as your class timetable is out.

Don’t wait until the exam timetable is out before preparing for your exams.

University exams no be your mate o. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Ask for Help

Should you need anything, seek help early.

If a course proves difficult for you to understand, consult those who know better than you.

Arrogance helps no one.

Ask Questions

Always ask questions from the right people. There’s no shame in so doing.

You can get a mentor in your department doing well in their academics.

They will guide you and give you tips about how to pass your exams.

This set of students knows the different lecturers and how they set their exams.

Also, a senior colleague can help you with materials and past questions.

Money Management

Don’t waste your money on frivolous things.

If you do, well, “God be with you!”

Preferably, avoid buying things, especially essentials in the area. It will cost you more. Go to the market.

Study Past Questions

Ensure that you confirm the answer from the textbook when practising past questions. It is because some of the answers are always wrong.

I am talking from experience. Na, that one made me get a B for one course instead of an A.

So if you are cramming, make sure you are memorizing the correct thing


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    • Hello Am Christabel..

      Thanks alot i really enjoy ur article?..God will continue to bless you..
      You are indeed my helper,i Almost wanted to give up on myself but i thank God i found you….

      And i promise to do better✋✋✋..

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