UNN First Year/Freshers Registration Information 2024

This post contains the UNN first year registration procedure for newly admitted students.

Let me know in the comment box below if you have any questions.

UNN Freshmen Registration

Here are the procedures for UNN freshmen/first year registration;

  1. All freshmen commencing registration should
  • (a)Go to the UNN website/portal
  • (b)Download all registration forms
  • (c)Complete the forms online: the forms are:
    • Form MIS – 01 – Students Information Form (SIF)
    • Form R/REG 01 – Acceptance of offer of Admission and pledge
    • Form R/REG 02 – Letter of Undertaking
    • Form R/REG 03 –Provisional Clearance
    • Form R/REG 04 – Checking of Credential- Degree/Diploma/ Certificate Courses full Clearance
    • Form R/REG 05 – Class Admit Card
    • Authority to serve as an admission Letter
  • (d)Print the forms and submit to their respective Faculty Officers for manual registration.
  1. All freshmen should also attach WAEC/NECO Scratch card/Pin for verification of their O/Level Results. Those who were admitted with two O/Level results should also attach two scratch cards for the verification.
  2. Faculty Officers are directed to verify the O/Level results of the candidates before granting them provisional clearance. The scratch cards should be used only once by Faculty Officers and should be attached to the files of the candidates before forwarding them to Admission Office for final clearance.
  3. Faculty Officers are also directed not to issue Registration Number to fresh students until they return their files with the necessary documents fully attached.
  4. The Conference registration of freshmen commences on Monday ,2nd August and lasts till Friday, 6th August 2021 after which Faculty Officers should return to their various Faculties to continue registration for another one week. The Venue for the conference registration at Nsukka Campus is Ekpo Refectory while that of UNEC is Main Hall.
  5. Faculty Officers are reminded that in registering JUPEB candidates, those who scored 6 points and above should be retained in 200 level as Direct Entry students, while those who scored from 3 points to 5 points should be placed on 100 level. Any JUPEB candidate who scored 6 points and above but who wants to start from 100 level should apply in writing to the Registrar.

Note that JUPEB students that scored less than 3points are not eligible for admission.

  1. Faculty Officers should also note that the expiration of JUPEB certificate for purposes of admission is 3 years. Any JUPEB certificate that predates three years in the 2020/2021 session should not be accepted for clearance.
  2. On registration of UTME candidates, Faculty Officers must ensure that the average score of all UTME candidates are from 200 and above with the minimum score of 180 for JAMB and 180 for UTME.
  3. Candidates that are not eligible to be registered shall be properly informed in writing by the Faculty Officers and such denial of registration shall be communicated to the Registrar with the reasons stated clearly.
  4. Faculty Officers who failed to issue letters of immediate withdrawal to unqualified candidates and reporting same to the Registrar will be dealt with in accordance with the University regulation. Faculty Officers are also required to forward to the Registrar admitted candidates that failed to take the admission four weeks after registration.


Dr Chris C. Igbokwe


How to Donwload UNN Registration Forms

  1. Go the UNN Student Portal
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number and password
  3. Click on log in to the UNN portal
  4. Select the menu on the left of your screen
  5. Click on clearance
  6. Select download forms

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35 thoughts on “UNN First Year/Freshers Registration Information 2024”

  1. Sir do i send evidence of age and waec sratch pin to our faculty officer via email for verification
    Is it just those two documents ?

  2. When can we download these forms?I mean is it after the payment of acceptance and school fees or before it or do I need to do them together?Thanks.

  3. Sir I have gotten my admission. Thank you for your help. May God bless you. Please what next do I need to do? Thanks and remain blessed.

    • Theresa,

      The deadline for freshers registration is the day before the matriculation ceremony.

      You can resume lectures without doing your clearance.

      However, do your registration as soon as possible.

  4. I understand why they’ve decided to verify our O level, but would we have been given admission if we didn’t meet entry requirements (like our 5 important subjects)?

    • Constantine,

      The University wants to verify the O’level of newly admitted students.

      Trust me, the new method makes the clearance less stressful.


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