List of Courses Offered in Federal University of Health Sciences Ila-orangun

The Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun, is a specialized Federal School in the Ila Local Government Area of Osun State.

The University, also called FUHSIO, was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to train health professionals in various disciplines.

The Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun, offers nine (9) medical courses.

Courses Offered in Federal University of Health Sciences Ila-orangun


The following is the list of courses offered by the Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun;

3Nutrition and Dietetics
5Medical Laboratory Science
6Information Technology and Health Informatics
8Nursing Science
9Medicine and Surgery

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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320 thoughts on “List of Courses Offered in Federal University of Health Sciences Ila-orangun”

  1. Does the federal university of medicine ila oragun accept direct entry for pharmacy technician to study pharmacy

  2. please which medical cuorse can i study in fud withmy jamb score 194 follow by my o level result of waec including maths and english with all science subject

  3. Good afternoon.
    Please if the school will be doing screening instead of post utme,after calculating all the scores.
    What aggregate point would be good for nursing?

  4. I scored 230 in jamb ,with waec results; Eng b3,maths A1,physics A1,Biology A1,chemistry B2…I applied for nursing…between nursing and medicine,which one do u advise and where is the school doing their clinicals?

  5. Good afternoon ma
    Can I study nursing with a jamb school of 202
    And o level result of Eng B3, chemistry B2, physics B2 and biology B3

  6. Good morning ma
    Can I study Medicine and surgery with a jamb score of 202
    And with an O level result of : Eng B2, maths : C5, physics B2, chemistry B3 and biology B3

  7. Hello Good morning ma
    I scored 249 in jamb, I want to studying nursing but the issue is I have 2 sitting in my o level result can I apply for the form

  8. Please have ila orangun solved the problem between new gate university, and if they have resolved it ila orangun should please bring out the form out, there’s no time please ma

  9. Please ma, I checked my jamb portal caps now and my institution change from ila orangun federal university of health science to newgate university. I ask my friend that we did it the same time he pick Offa poly but it didn’t change but why is it does people that pick ila orangun that, this happens to. Please what we I do? Because I didn’t like niger state

  10. Hello ma’am I scored 215 in utme and credits in waec with 1 distinction pls what is my chance of admissions or which is better to go for between MLS or nursing

      • Good day ma can I get admitted to your school I have credits in English, biology, chemistry,physics agric science and data processing
        But E8 in mathematics and my utme score is 218
        I will like to study MLS
        Or is there any alternative for me
        Thanks ma.

          • Please ma,my Jamb score is 294 and course choosing is Medicine and Surgery.My O level result are eng-C5,maths-B3,Physics-B2 , Chemistry -C4, Biology-B3.I will be 15 years old on 2nd November,2022.What is my chance of getting admission .

          • Hello Okeniyi,

            Your JAMB and POST UTME scores are impressive but your age may be a disadvantage to you.

  11. Please what is my chance with this result;
    English Language. C5
    Mathematics B3
    Chemistry B3
    Physics C5
    Biology B3

    JAMB : 219.


      • Hello miss chiamaka
        I am Adesokan
        Please how sure is the admission this year? How sure are you either or not is the school giving admission this year?
        My second questions is that is the facility for MBBS intact

        • Hello Adesokan,

          I am not sure of the admission this year but I know the POST UTME will be written this year and all I know about the medical facility is that the school is still putting structures in place.

  12. I score 192 in jamb my o level result are maths C6 , English C6 Biology B3 , chemistry C6 , physics C5 , can I study medical laboratory science in federal university of health sciences ilaorangun.

    • Hello Ojo,

      You’ll need a high POST UTME score to be admitted and this score may or may not depend on your WAEC result.

  13. Hi pamilerin
    Can I study nursing with d following results
    200 in jamb
    Math B3
    English B3
    Biology B2
    Chemistry C6
    Physics C6

    • Hello Shukurah,

      It depends on if the POST UTME is a screening or an examination.

      With screening, you’ll have a 50/50 chance. If it’s an exam and you score high, you can increase your chance.

  14. I score 289 in jamb but my olevel is not that strong maths b3 English C6 biology C4 Chemistry B3 and Physics C6 and I want to study nursing, hope my chances of getting admitted is big?

  15. Hi Chiamaka
    Can I study MLS with the following results
    198 in jamb
    A1 in English
    C5 in mathematics
    E8 in chemistry
    C5 in physics and
    C4 in Biology

    • Hello Shukurah,

      Chemistry is compulsory subject for Medical Laboratory sciences. You will stand a chance if you have another result to combine with this one.

  16. Dear Chiamaka
    Can I study MLS with 198 in jamb
    Are we going to use a New building
    Is the school going to have hostel
    When are students likely to resume

    • Hello Shukurah,

      You can if you get a high POST UTME score.
      They are currently using an old building but are working on new ones.
      The hostels are also being arranged.
      Students are likely to resume this year’s end or next year’s beginning.

    • Hello Ope,

      Though your score is a little low, your grades can be helpful to your admission if the POST UTME is a screening but if it’s an exam, you’ll need a POST UTME score of about 270 or more to be certain of admission.

  17. I Score 188 in jamb with b3 in physics chemistry, mathematics, English and c6 in biology. I choose
    nursing can I be consider for admission sir before I go a head to change institution.

  18. Please can I been given medical laboratory science with jamb score of 213 ma and o level results.
    English language c4
    Mathematics c4
    Chemistry C4
    Biology B3
    Catering craft practice B3
    Civic education B3
    Economic C4
    Physics C4
    Agricultural science C4

  19. Good evening Ma.

    My name is Omotayo, I intend to apply for admission into the school, I scored 206 in Jamb, my course is nursing, but I made the school my second choice. What are my chances. Also when. Will the Post UTME come out.

    • Dear Bukola,

      The school does not accept second choices and there’s no known date for the beginning of the sale of the POST UTME form.

      • Good afternoon ma
        Please did they allow two sitting for O’level results?
        Can I also apply for nursing with 202 jamb score?

        • Hello Abosede,

          The school approves of 2 sittings in WAEC but your score is low for Nursing though you might stand a chance if you get a high POST UTME score.

  20. Good morning ma
    I scored 245 in jamb with
    c5 in English
    C 6 mathematics
    c4 biology
    B3 chemistry
    C6 physics
    B2 civic education
    Please which course would be suitable for me between medicine, nursing and medical laboratory science

    • Dear Esther,

      I think Nursing and Medical Lab science will be great.
      I do not want to rule out the possibility of an exam for the POST UTME, so I’ll leave the ball in your court to choose between the two of them.

      But admission into Medical Laboratory Science is sure with your score and grades.

    • Dear Clement,

      The school does not offer Mathematics but with your score, you can get admitted into any school of your choice.

  21. Miss/Mrs Chiamaka, could you please drop a direct and active phone number through which easy and effective enquiry can be made?

    • Dear Mr Peter,

      I do not give out my number for personal reasons but you can join the telegram group through the link in the post.

      • I have 182 in my jamb
        Mathematics B3
        English B3
        Chemistry B3
        Biology A1
        Physics C4
        I want to study medical laboratory science. Any chance for me

        • Hello Israel,

          Your score is low but your grades are good. You’ll need a high POST UTME score to scale through.

          Your grades can give you this but in the end, it will depend on the total aggregate scores of all who applied to the school.

  22. Is the university on strike?
    Where in Osun is the school located?
    Can I choose d school as my second choice?
    Can I study Nutrition and dietites with 204 in jamb?

    • Dear Ruth,

      The university is not on strike.
      It is located at Ila-Orangun.
      The school can only accept first choices.
      You can study Nutrition and dietetics with 204.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

  23. Good evening ma
    Please what is the cut-off mark for pharmacy, nursing and medicine and surgery.
    I scored 245 in jamb and i want to know the course that i would perfectly fit into

    • Dear Esther,

      The school does not offer Pharmacy but the cut-off mark for Medicine and Nursing is 200. With good grades in WAEC, you can be admitted into any.

    • Dear Ajoke,

      I hope you are having a great day.
      You must go through the POST UTME exercise to be admitted. And the POST UTME may take the form of an exercise or a screening.
      So I suggest you wait for the POST UTME form to come out so you can apply.

    • Dear Solomon,

      Happy Sunday to you.
      You can be offered admission to study medicine if you have good grades in WAEC or if you get a high POST UTME score if an exam is written.

  24. can i get medicine with 274 and 5As in waec one sitting. also is the change on institution to the school still on and is their post utme form out and date

  25. can i get medicine with 274 and 5As in waec one sitting. also is the change on institution to the school still on and is their post utme form out and date

  26. Good morning
    Dear chiamaka
    1.Pls does the school accept direct entry if yes what are the courses for direct entry
    2. And pls ma’am does the school accept IJMB result
    I’ll be waiting for reply
    Thank u

  27. Please Ma.
    Is change of institution available in The school now??
    Is Medicine and surgery accredited in the school??
    Can I get Admitted For medicine and surgery with a jamb score of 252??
    Are they going to do Post utme or just online screening??
    And lastly is there post utme/ screening form out??
    I’ll be glad if I can get answers to the questions above.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Dear Timilehin,

      The change of institution is available.
      Medicine and Surgery is accredited.
      You can get admitted with 252.
      The POST UTME is most likely going to be a screening though the school has not disclosed the modalities.
      The POST UTME form is not yet out.

      Thank you for asking. We are always eager to help.

  28. Please ma.. 1..when we this year admitted students resume???
    2..And when is the form likely to be release????
    3..How can I locate the school?
    4..And is it new school

    • Dear Zat,

      Students are likely to resume in December or January.
      The form will be out soon
      The school is located in Osun state.
      It is a new school.

      I hope my answers satisfied your curiosity. You can ask more questions if you have any.

    • Dear Miracle,

      You can, though you’ll need a high POST-UTME score and this score is highly dependent on the Modus Operandi of the POST-UTME.

    • Dear Eunice,

      You stand a chance and can make it if you have good grades in WAEC. The subject combination includes the English language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

      • Hi good morning sir/ma….I’m boniface from Ikere ekiti and I’m here to ask and know some information about fuhsio……..pls ma as the school accredited by MDCN and can I get admitted into medicine and surgery with a jamb score of 211….

  29. Pls Ma, Can I study information technology and health informatics with 182
    And what are the jamb combination subjects for it

  30. Is there post utme form for 2022 out and what’s the nature of their post utme.
    And what is the cut off mark for medical laboratory science.

  31. Please I am a NATIONAL DIPLOMA holder with upper credit in DENTAL SURGERY TECHNICIAN, can I get an admission via DIRECT ENTRY PROGRAM into the university to study either medicine and surgery, nursing science or microbiology?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  32. I am a NATIONAL DIPLOMA holder with upper credit in DENTAL SURGERY TECHNICIAN, please can I be admitted into the university via DIRECT ENTRY program to study either medicine and surgery or microbiology?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  33. Is the school going for Post UTME or Screening? And date please?

    Can one gain admission for nursing with 200 in jamb?

    When would change of institution take effect?


    • Dear Stephen,

      Generally speaking, you can, as long as you upload your result to the school site before the school releases their admission list.

      The form is 2000 Naira.

  34. When is JAMB going to upload the courses on the JAMB portal,because I was at a CBT center today to effect the change I was told to come back.


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