Scholarship for Primary School Students in Nigeria 2023

There are scholarship opportunities available for primary school students in Nigeria.

Scholarships in Nigeria are funds given to students to take care of the finance of their education. A student with a scholarship gets their school fees from their sponsors.

Getting a scholarship is the dream of every student or parent in Nigeria. The reason is that it takes away the financial obligations to attend school.

Students with a scholarship can focus on their academics without worrying about how to pay their school fees or buy books.

Some students in Nigeria are privileged to get scholarships from Primary school to Secondary school and university.

This post contains primary school scholarship opportunities available for pupils in Nigeria.

As a parent, I assure you will find this post helpful.

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Scholarship for Primary School Students in Nigeria

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The following are the categories of scholarship opportunities available to primary school students in Nigeria;

  1. Multinational Companies Scholarship
  2. State Government Scholarship
  3. Primary School Competition
  4. Community Scholarship
  5. NGO Scholarship

Multinational Companies Scholarship

Multinational companies in Nigeria offer scholarships to primary school students in Nigeria.

These scholarship opportunities are available to primary school students living at the community location of the multinational company.

Multinational companies in Nigeria are organizations operating in Nigeria and other countries.

These companies offer scholarship opportunities to students as part of their corporate social responsibility scheme.

The following are multinational companies that provide scholarships for primary school students in Nigeria;

These companies’ scholarships are usually available to students in the oil-producing areas of Nigeria.

State Government Scholarship

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State governments in Nigeria offer scholarships to students in their states.

For example, Lagos State offers scholarships to primary school students.

There are many reasons why a state government may decide to offer primary school pupils scholarships.

As a parent, you must find out if there are scholarship opportunities from your state government.

Primary School Competition

There are many competitions organized for primary school students to win scholarships.

These competitions may be spelling or essay competitions.

Always ensure that you look out for scholarship opportunities in the form of competitions.

Community Scholarship

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Communities in Nigeria offers scholarship to primary school students.

It is a scholarship sponsored by community members to help parents pay the fees of their wards.

NGO Scholarship

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Non-governmental organizations offer scholarships to student primary school students.

The organizations have the vision to help less privileged students with their education.

As a parent, always look out for scholarship opportunities from NGO organizations.

These are the ways primary school students can get scholarships in Nigeria.

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  1. Good afternoon, please I need a scholarship for my 2 children I am a single mother and have been able to afford it but I lost my job and been trying to get another but is not coming forth yet, I need help thank you.

    • Hello Mrs. Adedoyin,

      Sorry about the loss of your job.

      Unfortunately, there are no national scholarship opportunities available to primary school students.

      You might have to check out for NGO or community scholarship.

      Let me know how I can be of further assistance.

    • Hello Justina,

      There’s no available primary school scholarship that I can recommend at the moment. But we’ll try our best to post it here should any come up.

    • Hello Madam Jennifer,

      At the moment, there’s no known scholarship available for Primary School children.

      We’ll try our best to keep you updated if there are any available.


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