UNIZIK Latest Academic Calendar 2024 – 1st & 2nd Semester

On behalf of the Senate, the Vice-Chancellor has approved the UNIZIK Revised Academic Calendar of Events to complete the 2022/2023 academic session for regular undergraduate students.

First Semester

1Monday, January 8 2024All students return to campus.
First semester lectures continue alongside registration, payment of school fees and documentation.
2Wednesday, January 10th 2024First semester lectures resume.
Virtual orientation for new students
3Wednesday, January 31 2024Senate Meeting
4Friday, February 16 2024Matriculation Ceremony
6Wednesday, February 28th 2024Senate Meeting
7Tuesday, March 5 2024Committee of Deans meeting
8Monday, March 11 – Wednesday, 13 2024University Wide Quiz
9Thursday, March 14, 2024Lectures continue
10Wednesday, March 27 2024Senate Meeting
11Friday, March 29 – Wednesday, April 3, 2024Easter Break
12Tuesday, April 9 2024Committee of Dean’s meeting
13Monday, 15-19 April 2024Revision Week
14Tuesday, 22 April 2024First Semester Examinations Commence
15Monday 22-26 April 2024Examinations of School of General Studies
16Wednesday April 24, 2024Wednesday, April 24, 2024
17Monday, April 29 2024Other First Semester Examinations Continues
18Friday, May 10, 2024End of First Semester Examinations
19Saturday, 11- Friday 31 May 2024Vacation

Second Semester

1Monday, June 3, 2024Second Semester Lectures Commence
2Tuesday, July 2, 2024Committee of Deans meeting
3Wednesday, June 26, 2024Senate Meeting
4Tuesday, July 2, 2024Committee of Deans’ Meeting
5Wednesday, July 17 – Friday July 19, 2024University-Wide Quiz
6Monday, July 22, 2024Lectures continue
7Wednesday, July 24, 2024Senate Meeting
8Tuesday, August 6, 2024Committee of Dean’s meeting
9Monday, 26 – Friday 30 August 2024Revision Week
10Monday, September 2, 2024Second Semester Examination Commence
11Wednesday, August 28, 2024Senate Meeting
12Monday, 2 – Friday 6 September, 2024GS Examinations
13Monday, September 9, 2024Other Second Semester Examination Continues
14Monday, 23 – Friday 27 September, 2024Project Defense/Examination
15Wednesday, September 25, 2024Senate Meeting
16Friday, September 27, 2024End of Second Semester Examination
Monday, September 30 – Friday, October 25, 2024Monday, September 30 – Friday October 25, 2024Vacation

The UNIZIK 2024/2025 academic session starts Monday, October 28, 2024.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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