UNIBEN Academic Calendar for 2024

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) resumption date for newly admitted students (freshers) is Monday, 2nd January 2022.

UNIBEN’s first-semester lecture begins for all students on Monday, 9th January 2022.

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) resumption date for the 2021/2022 second semester is Sunday, 30th April 2022.

UNIBEN Matriculation

The Matriculation of newly admitted students into the University of Benin for the 2020/2021 academic session will be held on Tuesday, 10th August 2021, at 11 am.

Only two (2) selected students from the faculties are to be physically present at the venue of the matriculation.

In contrast, the rest of the matriculating students will be sent Zoom links via their portals for participation.

UNIBEN Academic Calendar for 2021/2022

Here is the UNIBEN academic calendar for the 2021/2022 session;

First Semester

DateAcademic Activity
Monday 2nd January 2023Fresh students come into halls of residence for the 2021/2022 session.
Monday 2nd – Friday 6th January 2023Physical clearance/registration for fresh students continues.
Sunday, 8th January 2023Old students come into residence halls for the 2020/2021 session.
Monday 9th January – Friday 13 January 2023Online orientation programme for new students
Monday 9th January 2023The first-semester lecture begins for old students.
Monday 16th January 2023The first-semester lecture begins for new students
Monday 27th March 2023Online registration begins for new students
Monday 3rd – Friday 7th April 2023The examination begins in the Faculty of Education, Engineering, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Pharmacy.
Saturday, 8th April 2023CED Examinations
Monday 10th April 2023Other Faculty examinations (two weeks)
Saturday 22nd April 2023General studies examination
Sunday 24th April 2023Students go down for the first-semester break
Sunday 30th April 2023Old students come into the halls of residence
Tuesday 2nd May 2023Second-semester lectures begin in all Faculties/Institutes/Schools.

Second Semester

DateAcademic Activity
Sunday 30th April 2023Students return to Halls of Residence
Tuesday 2nd May 2023Second Semester Lectures begin
Friday 4th March 2022Second Semester Ends
Monday 7th – Friday 11th March 2022Revision (5 days)
Saturday 12th March 2022CED Examinations
Monday 14th March 2022 The examination begins in the Faculties of Education, Engineering and Pharmacy
Monday 21st March 2022 – Saturday 2nd April 2022Other Faculty Examinations
4th – 8th April 2022 General Studies Examination
25th April 2022Students go on, end of 2020/2021 Academic Session
25th April – 29th May 2022 School/Faculties/Institute/Department/Board of Studies meet to consider 2020/2021 Sessional Results
9th – 13th May 2022The Business Committee of the Senate meets to consider the Results of the Lower Level and Penultimate year for the 2020/2021 Academic Session.
16th – 20th May 2022Senate meets to consider Sessional Results for the final year of the 2020/2021 Academic Session.

UNIBEN Registration Deadline

Deadline on registration and payment of school charges for the 2020/2021 session.

06/09/2021 – 10/09/2021Late registration and payment of school charges with a penalty fee of N10,000.
13/09/2021 – 17/09/2021Final registration with a penalty fee of N20,000
18/09/2021Registration portal close for 2020/2021 session


Any student who fails to register at the close of the registration deadline will be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the University.

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