How to Apply and Get UNN Transcript & iVerification Online 2022

The University of Nigeria (UNN) iTranscript is an online platform that allows you to request your UNN transcript.

The UNN iTranscript provide the following services;

  • Request for your transcript.
  • Login to view shipment progress.
  • Receive update emails on shipment.
  • Obtain tracking Number upon shipment

You can also easily request your certificate of Proof for English Proficiency.

Let me know if you have any questions on the UNN transcript or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you.

UNN Transcript Profile Creation

Here is the procedure to create your UNN iTranscript profile;

  1. Visit the UNN iTranscript profile creation portal
  2. Select Undergraduate or Postgraduate transcript
  3. Enter your Matriculation number
  4. Click on Confirm
  5. Create your UNN iTranscript profile

UNN Transcript Request

Here is how to request your UNN transcript;

  1. Visit the UNN iTranscript verification portal
  2. Enter your Organization’s Email Address
  3. Click on the Confirm button
  4. Alternatively, Request for verification on behalf of a verification body
  5. Select the Institution you are making a request on behalf of
  6. Click on Proceed with Request

Foreign Transcript Request

Foreign payment is now available on the iVerification portal.

You must have the following vital information handy.

  • Valid Email Address of Requesting Institution
  • Password
  • Full Name of requesting Institution
  • Mailing Address of requesting institution
  • City
  • Zip/Post Code
  • Country
  • Continent

Note that you are charged a verification fee per alumnus verification and an additional shipping fee where required.

Payment Instructions

Make Payment with multiple options;

You can make payment for iTranscript using any VERVE, VISA or MASTERCARD debit card and Paystack.


All transactions can be concluded on this portal using your ATM cards. You can also make bank branch payments using the RRR code generated from this portal.

Transactions processed on the Unified Payments platform are authenticated using either MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa as against the OTP option in use on Webpay.

As such, ensure that your debit cards have been enrolled for these authentication options in order to process MasterCard or Visa Card transactions successfully.

Registration for the SecureCode service can be done online by simply visiting your banks’ website.

Some banks also provide the Activate During Shopping (ADS) service that allows registration for SecureCode during the payment process.

Please note foreign payment is now available on the iTranscript portal and you can use cards issued by any bank in the world.

Shipping Options

Here are the shipping options to request for the UNN transcript;

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Ups
  • CourierPlus

Payment Rates

Local Delivery

The cost of a local transcript (transcripts delivered within Nigeria) is 12,000 NGN. However, when alumni orders a Hard Copy request, the delivery cost for the transcript is added.

The cost of the delivery is dependent on its destination and the courier selected while making a request. Electronic delivery does not attract an extra charge.

International Delivery

The cost of a transcript going outside Nigeria is 25,000 NGN.

If the requested transcript is a Hard Copy, a shipping charge is added to it.

The cost of the delivery is dependent on its destination and the courier selected while making a request. Electronic delivery does not attract an extra charge.

Delivery Policy

Delivered transcripts are NON-RETURNABLE.

Successful payments cannot be cancelled or reversed. However, alumni can notify the iTranscript unit via email to place a successful request on hold and inform the same unit to send the transcript when the need arises.

Alumni can also request a change of address before dispatch/shipment of the transcript.

This can be done by sending a request for a change of address to and the address will be changed before being delivered.

Successful orders would be packaged and delivered to the address specified by the client while placing the order.

The client is responsible and liable for any error in the specified delivery address and would have to pay any additional expense in getting the package re-delivered to an appropriate location.

Standard shipping ETAs (estimated time of arrival) apply to all orders and vary pending on the selected courier agent.

While our policies are firm for obvious reasons, we will do everything we can to work with you and make sure your experience with us is positive.

Transcript Disclaimer

The general public is hereby advised to make all transcript applications only at

The university and the service provider (seamfix) will not bear responsibility for any loss or damage caused to anyone who patronises touts or impostors who claim to facilitate transcript applications.

The staff of the university and seamfix do not make transcript applications for alumni.

For all enquiries please use only the details below

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