How to Apply and Get UNN Transcript & iVerification Online 2024

The University of Nigeria (UNN) iTranscript is an online platform that allows you to request your UNN transcript.

The UNN iTranscript provides the following services;

  • Request for your transcript.
  • Login to view shipment progress.
  • Receive update emails on shipment.
  • Obtain tracking number upon shipment.

You can also quickly request your certificate of Proof of English Proficiency.

Let me know if you have any questions on the UNN transcript or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you.

UNN Transcript Profile Creation

Here is the procedure to create your UNN iTranscript profile;

  1. Visit the UNN iTranscript profile creation portal
  2. Select Undergraduate or Postgraduate transcript
  3. Enter your Matriculation number
  4. Click on Confirm
  5. Create your UNN iTranscript profile

UNN Transcript Request

Here is how to request your UNN transcript;

  1. Visit the UNN iTranscript verification portal
  2. Enter your Organization’s Email Address
  3. Click on the Confirm button
  4. Alternatively, Request for verification on behalf of a verification body
  5. Select the Institution you are requesting on behalf of
  6. Click on Proceed with Request

Foreign Transcript Request

Foreign payment is now available on the iVerification portal.

You must have the following vital information handy.

  • Valid Email Address of Requesting Institution
  • Password
  • Full Name of requesting Institution
  • Mailing Address of requesting Institution
  • City
  • Zip/Post Code
  • Country
  • Continent

Note that you are charged a verification fee per alumnus verification and an additional shipping fee where required.

Payment Instructions

Make Payment with multiple options;

You can make payment for iTranscript using any VERVE, VISA or MASTERCARD debit card and Paystack.


All transactions can be concluded on this portal using your ATM cards. You can also make bank branch payments using the RRR code generated from this portal.

Transactions processed on the Unified Payments platform are authenticated using either MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa as against the OTP option on Webpay.

As such, ensure that your debit cards have been enrolled for these authentication options to process MasterCard or Visa Card transactions successfully.

Registration for the SecureCode service can be done online by simply visiting your bank’s website.

Some banks also provide the Activate During Shopping (ADS) service that allows registration for SecureCode during the payment process.

Please note foreign payment is now available on the iTranscript portal, and you can use cards issued by any global bank.

Shipping Options

Here are the shipping options to request for the UNN transcript;

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Ups
  • CourierPlus

Payment Rates

Local Delivery

A local transcript (transcripts delivered within Nigeria) costs 12,000 NGN.

However, when alumni order a Hard Copy request, the delivery cost for the transcript is added.

The delivery cost depends on the destination and the courier selected while making a request. Electronic delivery does not attract an extra charge.

International Delivery

The cost of a transcript going outside Nigeria is 25,000 NGN.

If the requested transcript is a Hard Copy, a shipping charge is added to it.

The delivery cost depends on the destination and the courier selected while making a request. Electronic delivery does not attract an extra charge.

Delivery Policy

Delivered transcripts are NON-RETURNABLE.

Successful payments cannot be cancelled or reversed. However, alumni can notify the iTranscript unit via email to place a successful request on hold and inform the same unit to send the transcript when the need arises.

Alumni can also request a change of address before the dispatch/shipment of the transcript.

This can be done by sending a request for a change of address to [email protected], which will be changed before delivery.

Successful orders would be packaged and delivered to the address specified by the client while placing the order.

The client is responsible and liable for any error in the specified delivery address and would have to pay any additional expense in getting the package re-delivered to an appropriate location.

Standard shipping ETAs (estimated arrival time) apply to all orders and vary depending on the selected courier agent.

While our policies are firm for obvious reasons, we will do everything we can to work with you and ensure your positive experience with us.

Transcript Disclaimer

The general public is hereby advised to make all transcript applications only at

The university and the service provider (seamfix) will not bear responsibility for any loss or damage caused to anyone patronizing touts or impostors who claim to facilitate transcript applications.

The staff of the university and seamfix do not make transcript applications for alumni.

For all inquiries, please use only the details below

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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35 thoughts on “How to Apply and Get UNN Transcript & iVerification Online 2024”

    • Think of your transcript like a report card. The student version is a handy copy you keep, just for you. It shows your grades and lets you track your progress.

      But, when you need to show your report card to someone official, like another school or an employer, you need the official version – stamped, signed, and sent directly from the source. That’s the difference between student and official transcripts – one’s for personal reference, the other’s for verifying your academic record to the outside world.

  1. Hii.. so I applied for the electronic transcript to be sent to a body and I’m yet to get anything from Unn with regards to the transcript im supposed to get it in the mail but nothing so far .. it’s been 2weeks and some days

    • The standard timeframe for the delivery of mailed transcripts is 5-15 business days. However, there are a few things that could delay the delivery of your transcript.

      The body you requested the transcript to be sent to may not have responded to the university yet.
      There may have been a problem with the address you provided.

      If you have not received your transcript after 15 business days, I recommend that you contact the i-Transcript office at +234 803 700 2000 or email them. They will be able to investigate the matter and provide you with more information.

      In the meantime, you can check the status of your transcript request by logging into the i-Transcript portal. You will need to use the login details that were sent to you in the email confirmation message.

      Here are the steps on how to check the status of your transcript request:

      1. Go to the i-Transcript portal:
      2. Click on the “Login” button.
      3. Enter your email address and password.
      4. Click on the “Login” button.
      5. Your transcript request status will be displayed on the screen.

      If your transcript request status is “Dispatched”, then you should contact the body you requested the transcript to be sent to. If your transcript request status is anything else, then you should contact the i-Transcript office.

      I hope this helps!

    • You can get your proof of English proficiency in UNN by requesting it through the iTranscript platform. Here are the steps on how to do it:

      1. Go to the iTranscript website:
      2. Login to your account or create an account if you do not have one.
      3. Click on the “Proof of English Proficiency” tab.
      4. Enter your full name, matric number, and RRR number.
      5. Select the type of proof of English proficiency you want to request.
      6. Click on the “Submit” button.

      The University of Nigeria will process your request and send you the proof of English proficiency through email. The processing time may take up to 7 working days.

      The cost of requesting a proof of English proficiency is N5,000. You can pay the fee through the iTranscript platform using your debit or credit card.

    • Hello Chinenye,

      You will have to follow the procedures in this page to generate your RRR.

      Let me know if you run into any problem.

  2. Hy, I applied for my transcript and medium of Instructions and I have gotten them. My name wasn’t spelt correctly and I have written several mails to the registrar since February for a correction on my name, no response till date. Please how do I go about this? Thank you.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble getting your name corrected on your UNN transcript. I know how frustrating it can be to deal with bureaucracy, especially when it’s something as important as your name.

      I want to assure you that you’re not alone in this. Many people have had to deal with similar problems, and there are usually ways to get things resolved.

      I would recommend that you start by checking your spam folder. Sometimes emails from the registrar can end up in the spam folder. If you don’t see your emails from the registrar in your spam folder, then I would try contacting the registrar’s office by phone.

      If you’re still unable to get a response, then I would recommend visiting the registrar’s office in person.

      I know that this is a stressful situation, but I’m confident that you’ll be able to get things resolved. Just keep at it, and don’t give up.

  3. Please how do I go about UNN transcript verification process? I am trying to do a bulk verification and I would need my Certificate ID and Transcript ID. Please where can I get these? Also, which email do they require in the ORGANISATIONAL EMAIL section?
    Thank you so much for your understanding.

    • To verify your University of Nigeria (UNN) transcript, you will need to follow these steps:

      1. Go to the UNN iTranscript verification portal.
      2. Enter your Organization’s Email Address.
      3. Click on the Confirm button.
      4. Alternatively, Request for verification on behalf of a verification body.
      5. Select the Institution you are requesting on behalf of.
      6. Enter the Certificate ID and Transcript ID of the student(s) you want to verify.
      7. Click on the Verify button.

      The Certificate ID and Transcript ID are unique identification numbers that are assigned to each student’s transcript. You can find your Certificate ID and Transcript ID on your UNN transcript.

      The email address you enter in the ORGANISATIONAL EMAIL section should be the email address of your organization. This is the email address that will be used to receive the verification results.

      Here are some additional things to keep in mind when verifying your UNN transcript:

      1. The verification fee is ₦12,000 for local transcripts and ₦25,000 for foreign transcripts.
      2. The verification process takes up to 7 working days.
      3. You will receive the verification results via email.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have other requests or questions.

  4. Hi, please I am trying to apply dor my transcript on UNN Itranscript website, I want an electronic copy sent to World education services (WES) Canada, however l, WES did not provide there email to receive this. Please how best can school send to WES electronically?

    • Hello Emmy,

      That would not be a problem.

      The UNN transcript department can send your results electronically to World education services (WES) Canada.

      They already have the information in their database.

      I wish you good luck.

  5. Hi good evening, how long does it take to verify result sent.i paid since last week of december, but verification has not been done.

  6. I made payment for transcript online on 28th December 2022. I am yet to get tracking details and can’t even find my profile again. Is this normal?

      • I’m trying to get my transcript because I’d like to apply to schools abroad. On the transcript page, it asks for the Institution/Organization I need the transcript for:

        What do I type into that field, since I have no specific organization I need the transcript for currently?

        • Hello Damilare,

          There is no need requesting for the transcript with no purpose at the moment.

          Apply for it when you begin to process your admission abroad.

  7. Please, I have paid online for the electronic itranscript on 13th Dec 2022,but I ve not gotten any message on the shipment.

    • Hello Vivian,

      It can take up to two (2) weeks for the shipment.

      If you do not receive any response, you will have to contact UNN ICT.

  8. Please sir when will UNN release their postutme form for registration 2022. Do we still have hope that they will conduct postutme exam 2022. Other schools have release their form


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