WAEC Syllabus for Information and Communication Technology 2023/2024

The WAEC syllabus for the Information and Communication Technology is the topic you must study to sit for the examination. It contains the aims and objectives, notes and format for the Information and Communication Technology exam.

Studying Information and Communication Technology is necessary for your exam preparation. It will serve as a guide for you to know the topics to read. There are also notes on concepts you should pay attention to learning.

Exam preparations without using the Information and Communication Technology are like going to the farm without your agricultural tools. You will end up not being productive.

Ensure you begin your exam preparations using the syllabus.

This post contains the Information and Communication Technology and recommended textbooks of the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

WAEC Information and Communication Technology


The aims of the syllabus are to test:

  1. candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of Information and Communication Technology.
  2. the capabilities of candidates in the application of ICT knowledge in education and business.
  3. candidates’ preparedness for higher studies.

Scheme of Examination

There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2 both of which will be a composite papers to be taken at one sitting.

PAPER 1:  Will consist of forty multiple-choice objective questions all of which must be answered within 45 minutes for 20 marks.  

PAPER 2:  Will consist of four compulsory test of practical knowledge questions, and six essay-type questions.  

Candidates will be required to answer the compulsory test of practical questions and any two of the other questions within 2 hours for 80 marks.

WAEC Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Basic ICT Concept and Computers
  2. Computer Hardware
  3. Computer Software
  4. Threats to Computers and Users
  5. Word Processing
  6. Spreadsheet
  7. Presentation
  8. The Internet
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