13 Tips On How to Prepare and Pass WAEC Examination 2021

In this post, I will reveal helpful tips on how to prepare and pass your WAEC and NECO examination in on sitting once and for all. I assure you that these tips would also help you to pass your JAMB and first-year exams.

The West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination (WASSCE) is a national based exam. It is for students in West African countries. The National Examination Council (NECO) is for only students in Nigeria.

Passing either the WAEC or NECO exam is mandatory for senior secondary students. You need the SSCE result for admission into the University or Polytechnic.

The nature of the WAEC and NECO exam is multiple-choice, theory and practical. The practical examination is for science students only.

I remember many years ago when I wrote my WAEC and NECO exams. The night before the start of my first paper in WAEC, I felt unprepared. It overwhelmed me with anxiety because I thought I was going to fail my exams.

You do not need to be afraid that you will fail your exams. The secret to passing WAEC and NECO examination are to start preparations on time and study well.

In this post, I have also included some information about the WASSCE and NECO examination.

Also, read how to pass JAMB and Post UTME Exams.

If you have any question, let me know in the comment box below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Pass WAEC Examination Excellently

Here are tips on how to prepare and pass your WAEC examination excellently;

  1. Know The WAEC Exam Format
  2. Study with The WAEC Syllabus
  3. Create A Study Timetable
  4. Read Your SSCE Notes
  5. Read and Study
  6. Practice WAEC Past Questions
  7. Join A Group Study
  8. Practice WAEC Questions Online
  9. Attend WAEC Tutorials
  10. Write WAEC Mock Exam
  11. Eat and Exercise
  12. Avoid Social Media Distractions
  13. Believe in Yourself

Know The WAEC Exam Format

The first step to preparing for any examination is to know the format of the exam. It is necessary to know the exam format and the way to solve the problems.

Also, you need to know the number and subject combination for the exam. In WAEC, you must register at least six subjects and at most nine subjects. The English Language is compulsory for Science, Art and Commercial students.

Theory and multiple-choice questions are the nature of the WAEC exam. Science students write the practical exam in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for WASSCE.

I recommend that you follow the directives of your teachers in your secondary school. Ask questions about the WAEC exam format to get more clarification.

Study with The WAEC Syllabus

Studying the WAEC syllabus is the secret to pass the SSCE exam with an excellent grade. The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) syllabus contain topics that you must study.

The syllabus serves as a guide for students to read topics they would encounter in the exam. 

Studying outside the syllabus is the sure way to failure. You must read only the topics in the syllabus.

By default, every school uses the WAEC syllabus from SSS 1 to SSS3 learning. It is advisable to go through the syllabus not to omit any topic during your study.

The WAEC syllabus serves as a guide to how what you should study. For example, you will know which topic to read first before going onto the next.

At the end of this post, I have included a link to get the WAEC syllabus for all WASSCE subjects.

Create A Study Timetable

Creating a perfect study timetable is necessary for you to perform well in your exam. You have to assign a different subject for each particular day. For example, you can decide to study Physics on Monday, Chemistry on Tuesday and so on.

Your daily study timetable must not comprise many topics that you cannot read. 

Set your study schedule to something that you can achieve every day. 

Read according to the pace that you understand. Because your friend reads five topics in a day should not intimidate you. Do not adopt such a style when you yet know your reading capacity. 

There is no reward for the first person to finish the syllabus. Passing your exams in flying colours is the goal and nothing else. 

Start your preparations early enough to cover the syllabus no matter what your reading pace could be.

Creating a perfect study timetable is not enough. Stick to it every day. I know that studying for an exam is not an easy task, but you must persevere to burn the midnight candle.

Do not give up or try to encourage your laziness. It is far more fulfilling to pass your WAEC once and for all in one sitting than to rewrite the exam next year.

The time to pay the price for an excellent result is now. Make sure that you stick with your study timetable.

If you have any problem setting up a study timetable, let me know in the comment box at the end of this post.

Read Your SSCE Notes

Reading your SSCE note is also a vital key to pass your WAEC exam. You must know everything that you have done since your SSS 1 class till now.

Your notes will make you study well as it will help enhance your understanding as you read your textbooks.

When you are having difficulties understanding a topic, consult your old notebooks. It will help to make things easy for you.

Get your old notes to study the topics in the WAEC syllabus. 

Study your notes with the recommended textbooks for WAEC that is at the end of this post.

Read and Study

Reading and studying is the only way to pass your examination in flying colours. There are no two ways about it. It is the only secret how you can make A’s in WAEC.

Reading your notes and textbooks is not enough. You must study between lines to understand the topics in the syllabus. 

The spirit of laziness makes you want to skip difficult topics. Do not try it or else you will encounter problems on the day of your exam.

Tell me topics that you have difficulties understanding in the comment section. I will give you the guidelines on how you can tackle the problem.

Also, for difficult topics, watch tutorials on YouTube and search for an explanation on Google. Besides, meet your secondary school teachers to solve your problems.

Some subjects like Mathematics and Physics may need constant practice with problems.

How to Read and Understand

  1. Read at a specific time every day.
  2. Attempt to solve the calculation questions in your textbooks and examples in class.
  3. Do not cram the calculations in your note or textbooks.
  4. Study your note and textbooks between lines.
  5. Understand the concepts in a page before moving to the next.
  6. Do not check your WhatsApp and Facebook during study hours.
  7. Learn and understand the steps for calculations.
  8. Do not lie down when you are reading.
  9. Study in a serene environment with no form of distractions.
  10. Plan your study ahead of time.
  11. Use mnemonics to study that helps you to recall what you read.
  12. Create a perfect study environment.
  13. Do not read text aloud when you study.
  14. Suppress every feeling of laziness.

The truth of the matter is that WAEC Physics and Mathematics calculations are not hard. You need to understand the basic principle of how to solve the problems.

After you know the laws of the calculations, you can then begin to solve questions.

Practice WAEC Past Questions

Practising WAEC past questions and answers is the way to pass your examinations. Buy a past questions booklet with correct answers.

As you practice these questions, you get familiar with how WAEC set their exam. The theory section of the past questions will help you to know how to answer essay questions.

Do not make the common mistake of cramming the answers in the past question booklet. You need to practice how to solve problems. The purpose of the past questions is for you to learn how to tackle the questions yourself.

It is necessary to get past questions and answer booklet that has an explanation for the answers.

Join A Group Study

Joining a group study would help to make you better prepared for the exam.

WAEC group study is when few students about four persons come together to study. The group study is base on reading the syllabus and practising past questions.

A group study will help you to not relent on your exam preparations. Even when you feel like being lazy, other members will serve as motivation for you to study.

The common problem with group study is that one or two members of the group may be unserious.

It will go to affect the efficiency of the group tutorials in a negative way. Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, withdraw from the group.

Look for serious-minded students who want to pass the WAEC exam with distinctions once and for all. Do not get yourself into the wrong group that would distract you from your studies.

Note that a group study is not a substitute for your private reading. The group reading should comprise about ten per cent of your preparations. 

Your private reading takes the bulk for you to excel in your examination.

You and your group members should draft a timetable and decide the day of the week to meet together. For example, you all may choose to meet every Saturday at 2 pm.

Practice WAEC Questions Online

Practising WAEC questions online is necessary to make A’s in the examination.

Practice WAEC questions online on platforms like Myschool. You can also download WAEC android apps on Google Playstore. Also, if you have a laptop, you can download the Myschool WAEC Past Questions Software.

These platforms would help you to answer multiple-choice and theory WAEC questions. It will also help you to answer questions within a time frame.

You should know that the WAEC exam is a timed exam. That is, you answer all questions within a time frame. Thus, it is necessary to work with the clock as you practice questions.

In the exam, the key to answering multiple-choice exams is to skip difficult questions. Do not waste time on a question that you do not understand.

In these online platforms, you would interact with other students also preparing for WAEC. These connections assist in your preparations and boost your confidence during the exam.

Attend WAEC Tutorials

Attending WAEC tutorials would help you to understand difficult topics. In the tutorial centres, you get simple explanations of topics.

You may find it difficult to ask questions in your convention classroom during the school period. But during tutorials, you have the opportunity to request more explanation.

Ensure that the tutorial you attend is exam-focused. Do not go to lesson centres where students go to show off the latest fashion and mobile devices. They are distractions to your exam success.

Most secondary schools organize WAEC lessons for their students. You would be better off attending the tutorial organized by your school.

Write WAEC Mock Exam

The WAEC mock exam is a preliminary exam organized by schools to test students for the SSCE exams.

Mock exams have the standard of the main SSCE exam. The nature of the mock exam is the same format as the WAEC exam.

WAEC mock exam allows you to determine your level of preparedness.

After the test, you would know your chances of passing the WAEC exam as you know your performance.

Do not make the common mistake of not taking the mock exam seriously. Prepare and write the exam as if it were the main examination.

If you do well in your mock exam, the chances are that you will pass your WAEC in flying colours.

Eat and Exercise

Eating healthy foods and exercising will help your brain to keep all that you read. As you prepare for your examination, only eat healthy foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Do not eat junk foods as they do not have any nutritional benefits to assist with your exam preparations. 

Also, as you read, make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

Exercising for about 30 minutes or more every day will help to optimize your brain. The body loves when you engage in physical activities like exercise.

I recommend that you create a workout routine when you can engage in exercise.

It is best to exercise in the evenings than in the morning for students.

  • Eat fruits and plenty of vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay dehydrated
  • Eat food rich in protein like beans, egg, fish, milk, etc.
  • Avoid junk foods.
  • Never study on an empty stomach.

Avoid Social Media Distractions

Staying away from Facebook and WhatsApp will help to make you prepared and pass your exams. 

These online platforms are a big distraction for many students.

They take away your study time. You must learn how to shut out these distractions as you prepare for the SSCE exams.

Here are tips on how to avoid social media distractions while studying;

  • Do not check your mobile phones while studying.
  • Turn off push notifications for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  • During the period of your preparations and exam, stay away from social media networks.
  • Do not pick unimportant calls while you are studying.
  • Discipline yourself not to check your Facebook and WhatsApp for a specified period like two days or one week.
  • Switch off your phone while you are studying
  • Get a torchlight phone to answer important calls.

Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself that you can achieve success is the key to how to pass your WAEC examination.

Doubting your mental ability is a kind of mental preparation for failure.

Do not look down on yourself that you cannot make it in the exam. It does not matter if you are not attending the best secondary school in your state. 

There is never an excuse for failure. Envision success with the little privilege that you have right now.

Develop a positive mindset inside of you that you will make distinctions in the exam. This self-motivation propels you to study harder for your exams.

You are not a failure but a victor. Do not give up on your dreams of passing your SSCE exam.

Are you scared that you will fail a particular subject in your WAEC exam? 

Let me know in the comment section so I can give you strategies to study and get success.

WAEC Syllabus

The WAEC syllabus is a subject outline for each topic you need to study for the WASSCE examination. WAEC syllabus serves as a guide for students to know what to read and understand for the exam.

Every student must prepare for their examinations using the WAEC syllabus. It is the only way to prepare for the exam.

Here is the WAEC syllabus for all the subjects you will write in your forthcoming exams. Both the WAEC and JAMB syllabus is the same.

How to Answer WASSCE Questions

The best way to answer WASSCE questions is to prepare for the exam and be confident with your answers. Learn how to answer multiple-choice and essay questions.

Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed with anxiety. Fear prevents you from utilizing your full potentials. It will make you choose the wrong options and not perform well in your exam.

Sometimes, anxiety can make your head go blank in the exam hall. That will not be your portion during your exam. Turn your fear into motivation to prepare for your exam.

I recommend that you do not waste time with unfamiliar questions. Attempt the questions that you know before tackling other problems.

Also, learn to work on your own inside the exam hall. Do not make the mistake of trying to collaborate with other classmates inside the exam hall.

Collaborating with other students inside the exam hall will affect your performance. As you are preparing, make the decision that you want to be independent during the exam. 

As you decide to work alone, your brain will make you study harder for your exams. This inner push is because you know there is no other way to pass your exams.

It is necessary to obey the instructions of the WAEC officials in your exam centre. Violating any of the rules may lead you to failure.

Never be in a rush to answer questions in the exam.

Read the instructions in the question paper before you begin the test. For example, you have to answer four questions out of six questions in the question booklet.

Online Quiz for SSCE Students

Online quiz for SSCE students is a platform like Myschool Classroom students practice WAEC multiple-choice and theory questions. Other online quizzes for SSCE are available as WAEC mobile apps on Playstore. Also, you can use CBT software to practice SSCE questions if you have a laptop.

How to Pass WAEC Without Stress

You cannot pass WAEC without stress if you do not intend to cheat during the examination.

Be aware that exam malpractice is against the policy of the West Africa Examination Council. You will not get your result if you violate the rules of the examination body.

Prepare for your exam by going through the necessary stress. 

WAEC Exam Secret

The secret to passing WAEC is to study for the exam using the WASSCE syllabus. Persistency in studying is the key to excellence. Attend tutorials

  • Read your books every day
  • Practice past questions
  • Be confident in yourself
  • Seek help to understand difficult topics
  • Avoid social media distraction

The recommended textbooks for WAEC are materials that help you to understand the subject matter in the syllabus. Get these textbooks from bookshops around you.

You can check the different recommended textbooks on the JAMB Integrated Brochure and Syllabus Syllabus System (IBASS).

You do not need to get all the recommended textbooks for your studies. Of course, there is no way that you can read all of them before your examination.

Get at least one of the recommended texts for each subject. The textbooks follow the WAEC syllabus.

WAEC Study Tips

The best time to study for your WAEC exam is now. Even if you are in SSS1 or SSS2, you can begin to prepare for the SSCE exam.

Do not wait till your last class in senior secondary school before you start your preparations.

If you are currently in SSS 3, it is not too late to start your preparations. Draft out a study schedule that will work for you.

  • I would love to hear from you in the comment box below. Ask me any question about WAEC, NECO, JAMB, Post UTME, etc.
  • Also, share this post with your friends by clicking on the social icon below.
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I wish you success in your exams and admission pursuit.

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57 thoughts on “13 Tips On How to Prepare and Pass WAEC Examination 2021”

    • Here are the core WAEC courses for Engineering aspirants.

      1. Mathematics

      2. English Language

      3. Physics

      4. Chemistry

      5. Biology

      6. Agricultural Science

      7. Technical Drawing

      and others.

      For the weekly timetable.

      You can assign a subject to study on a particular day.

    • Blessing,

      Your best bet is to practice Physics calculations as often as you can.

      Try to learn the principle for every calculation.

      It will be of great assistance if you meet your teachers or friends to explain difficult calculations to you.

      Also, you can learn Physics calculations on YouTube.

    • Emmy,

      I would need you to be specific.

      What challenges are you experiencing with these subjects?

      Also, read the comments below to get helpful tips.

  1. Hello. Please how do I get the recommended textbooks for.
    English lang.
    Data processing.
    Computer sci.
    I want to prepare myself for WAEC EXAM for 2022. You’re suggestion will be appreciated

    • English: A-Z English Textbook by Dele Ashade

      Chemistry: Lamlad’s SSCE & UTME Chemistry by F. O. Ayinde and F. O. Asubiojo

      Physics: Lamlad’s SSCE & UTME Physics by O. Ajaja and H.B. Olaniyi

      Biology: Explicit Biology by O.J. Olaoye

      Mathematics: Integrated Mathematics Textbook Afolabi J.R.

      Government: Comprehensive Government for Senior Secondary Schools

      Literature: Exam Focus Literature-in-English

      Economics: Essential Economics for Senior Secondary Schools

    • Isabella,

      You do not need to be afraid to fail mathematics. It is necessary at this stage to face your fear.

      Get all the help you can to pass Mathematics.

      The key is to practice math questions as often as you can.

      Meet people to teach you difficult topics.

      Also, you can learn all mathematics topics on YouTube. Video. will enhance your learning.

    • The compulsory WAEC subject combination for Mass Communication are;

      1. English Language

      2. Literature in English

      3. Mathematics

      4. Government

      5. Economics/Geography

      6. Any Nigerian Language like Igbo, Yoruba, etc.

      7. CRS/IRS

    • Serena,

      The best way to know that you are understanding what you are reading is by testing your knowledge with questions.

      Your study is effective by the time you are able to answer questions on the topics you have read.

  2. Sir,I need to know how to prepare for my study timetable and how to follow it.
    I also finding Mathematics difficult, please sir,how can it be easier

    • Rachael,

      1. Write down the subjects that you are taking in your WAEC exams.

      2. Assign a day to a subject.

      3. It is better to start the week with a difficult subject.

      4. Discipline yourself to follow the timetable. For example, no checking of WhatsApp messages or status until you finish your target for the day.

      For mathematics, well, you need to do more practice.

      Do not study mathematics like Biology.

      Make effort to know the principle of every mathematical problem.

      Apply the principles by practising questions.

  3. Hello sir, please I need the waec syllabus for Chemistry, physics, maths, biology, English,economics etc

    Also, please is there any WhatsApp group I can join to learn and prepare for waec.
    I appreciate your effort sir.

  4. Please, I need a reading timetable and also a waec syllabus for mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Those three subjects are the main problem. I will have a flying color in my exam and I believe I will. Thank you, pls I really need a reading timetable. Thanks

    • Yes, Eniola

      You can be good at Mathematics and Literature.

      Check the comment below where I explained how to be good in Mathematics.

      For Literature, you need to study the recommended textbook.

      If peradventure you notice that you do not understand basic concepts in Literature. Get started from the beginning.

      Start to study the basics of Literature with understanding.

      Dedicate time to study without any form of distraction.

      The more you read the better you become.

  5. pls what can I do,I try my every best to read always
    .sometimes I will remember what I read and sometimes I might not remember anything

    • Forgetting what you read is normal.

      It only a few people that can read a book once and recall what they have read.

      You are not alone.

      The way around this is to practice and practice. What I mean is to read over and over again.

      Learn to test yourself with questions after reading. It is a form of active reading.

      You can arrange with a friend to study together once or twice a week.

      By the time you begin to explain a topic to your friend, you will remember everything.

      It will make you have a sharp and retentive memory.

      Develop confidence in yourself.

      Read topics online and watch YouTube tutorials. You’d be amazed how far you will go.

      Let me know if you need further clarification or assistance.

    • Hello Jeffrey,


      You can be good in Chemistry by reading your Secondary School textbook.

      You will encounter some difficult concept as you study for your WAEC exam.

      At this stage, you will have to make use of the internet. Check out any concept that you don’t understand on Google.

      Better still, you can watch tutorials on YouTube. Trust me, you must get an understanding after seeing video tutorials.

      I recommended you watch tutorials from Khan Academy and Organic Chemistry Tutor on YouTube.


      Physics has theoretical and calculation part.

      For the calculation aspect, you need to practice as many Physics questions as you can.

      Your goal should not be to just look at calculations in your textbooks.

      Learn the formulas and solve questions with your hands in a notebook.

      The more you solve problems the better you will become in Physics.

      You can also check out YouTube video for guidance.

      For the theory aspect of Chemistry, study with the goal to get understanding.

      Look for someone serious that is also taking the exam. You both can meet once a week to teach each other.

      You cannot forget what you teach.

      Let me know if you have any further question.

    • The problem is that many of us did not get a good foundation in Mathematics.

      Now, the solution to your challenge is to get the determination to know the subject.

      Studying mathematics requires that you solve the problems yourself. You can not learn the subject by mere looking at your note or textbooks.

      I will advise that you get a good mathematics textbook.

      Attend tutorials or meet someone to teach you.

      Start from the basics of mathematics.

      Solve questions yourself.

      All of these tips will help you to know the subject.

      I will love to hear from you as you continue to make progress. You can make it.


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