ABU Zaria Academic Calendar 2023

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, will reopen on Monday, 24th October 2022, for the resumption of academic activities following approval of the revised academic calendar for the 2021/2022 academic session by the Senate of the University at its 516th (Emergency) meeting held today (Wednesday, 19th October 2022).

The calendar, earlier approved by the Senate at its 513th (Regular) meeting held on 25th November 2021, had to be revised largely due to ASUU’s eight-month-old strike, which was called off only last week.

ABU Zaria Academic Calendar

First Semester

Monday, 24th October 2022Saturday, 19th November 2022Completion of students registration
Monday, 7th November 2022Saturday, 3rd December 2022Consideration of outstanding examination results by the Senate standing committee
Monday, 24th October 2022Saturday, 17th December 2022PG seminars and external examinations
Monday, 19th December 2022Saturday, 31st December 2022Christmas/New Year Break
Tuesday, 3rd January 2023Saturday, 25th March 2023Lectures
Monday, 27th March 2022Saturday, 15th April 2023GENS/First Semester Examinations
Monday, 17t April 2023Saturday 28th April 2023EID FITR/End of First Semester Break
Monday, 18th January 2023Saturday, 21st January 2023Add/Drop

Second Semester

Tuesday, 2nd May 2023Saturday, 24th June 2023Lectures
Monday, 26th June 2023Saturday, 1st July 2023EID KABIRO/Mid-Semester Break
Monday, 3rd July 2023Saturday, 29th July 2023Lectures
Monday, 31st July 2023Saturday, 19th August 2023GENS/Second Semester Examinations
Monday, 22nd May 2023Saturday, 27th May 2023Add/Drop

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