FSBN Scholarship Exam Date & CBT Centre for 2024

The Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN) shortlisting, examination date and CBT centre are now available on the scholarship portal.

Students who applied for the scholarship must now check their examination date and the CBT centre.

In this post, I will walk you through how to check your Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN) examination date and the Computer Base Test (CBT) centre.

The requirement to check your FSBN examination date and centre is your phone number or the last six (6) digits of your application number.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need further clarification. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

I wish you success in your scholarship examination.

How to Check FSBN Exam Date

The following are the procedures to check your Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN) examination date and CBT exam centre.

A description of how to check the Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN) examination date and CBT exam centre.

  1. Open your internet browser

    Launch your Chome or Safari browser on your smartphone or computerchrome browser

  2. Visit the Federal Government Scholarship Board exam portal

    Go to https://fsbn.com.ng/applicants/cbt on your internet browserFSBN exam portal

  3. Enter your phone number or the last 6 digits of your applicant number

    For example, 09027811917 or FSB/NA/2020/000000.
    Check FSBN exam date

  4. Click on the CHECK button to view your exam date

    Select the green check button to see your FSBN CBT centre and exam dateFSBN exam

  5. Print out your examination slip

    Click on the Print button to get your examination slip.

Examination Instructions

A student with a laptop

All Applicants Should come to the CBT Venue with the following;

  1. A Print out of your School or JAMB admission letter
  2. A Printout or this CBT Slip showing venue and time of the Exam.

FSBN Exam Venues

The following are the examination venues for the Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN);

Port Harcourt

FSBN Exam Format

Nigerian student studying

The following are the subject combinations for the Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN);

  • Analogy
  • Arithmetic
  • Current Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • English Language

FSBN Scholarship Results

It is impossible to check the FSBN scholarship exam results online because such information is not public.

You will receive an email or text message from the scholarship board if you get shortlisted for the scholarship by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Applicants who make the shortlist would then proceed to the verification exercise to get paid the sum of two hundred and fifty Naira (₦250,000).

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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297 thoughts on “FSBN Scholarship Exam Date & CBT Centre for 2024”

  1. Sir pls answer my question I’m trying to log into my account it was showing record not found then I create another account is that a problem???

  2. Hello,
    I’m trying to login to my BEA account but I keep on getting same reply saying ” invalid email address “. Is this an issue I should be concerned about?

  3. Hello sir I just signed up for the scholarship exams but when I try to type in my number it shows me another person’s information. Is it normal or did I do something wrong

    • Yes, Chiamaka,

      It is normal as you are trying to check the examination schedule which is not yet available.

      The details you are seeing is for last year. Your profile will be updated when the examination date is out.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  4. Good evening Sir..I’ve been seeing some information on google that bea applicants normally write cbt exams, how true is this? And is there a possibility writing this year

  5. Good evening Sir, from various informations I was seeing on google..bea applicants write cbt exams and later get shortlisted, how true is dis sir

  6. Good morning Sir, please i base in mararaba where can be my likely venue for my fsb cbt exams? Is it possible to be posted to another state to write the exams? Or here in mararaba

  7. Good evening ma/sir

    Have been trying to login into my account to check my CBT center using both my phone number and my applicant number but it’s showing no record found

  8. Please sir I want to ask if they have started sending text messages for nominations for 2023/2024 BEA and I will like to know whether the cbt center for BEA has been opened.

  9. Please sir I want to ask if they have started sending text messages for nomination for BEA and has the cbt Centre checker been opened for 2023BEA.

  10. Hello,
    Today I couldn’t login to my FSBN account cuz it keeps saying invalid username/password and it’s the same username and password that I have been using. So is there a problem?

  11. Hello.. good evening Sir…I was asked to send my scanned documents to FSB Email… which I did since 22nd December 2022..
    And I haven’t receive any further information since then…
    Want to ask when are we likely to get the disbursement.

  12. Good afternoon, i tried checking my Cbt centre, I’m a bea applicant and I registered on the 22nd December and its showing record not found, why is that

  13. Please when will I check my cbt center because any time I check it, it always say record not found please help me out

  14. Hi there sir,
    I have a problem with NIN data ( My data of birth,local government registration certificate is correlate with that of NIN). My questions
    #What I should do now the application is closing on 6
    #Which date of birth and local government I should put down( is the one on NIN or both certificate)

  15. Hiii.
    Must you be admitted into a school in Nigeria before you can be qualified for the scholarship…I am asking because of the point stated earlier about having your admission letter in hand

  16. Is the exam date and centre venue choosen automatically for all applicants or Is the CBT venue and date supposed to be choosen by an applicant during His or her application process?

    • Hello Muhammad,

      You are expected to pick a state yourself but sometimes you may be posted out of the state you chose.

  17. Hello? Evening. How is one been given exam date and venue? I asked because when I applied, I did not come across a place where I was to choose the state I would like to write the exam from the options of location provided? How is the exam date and venue given to applicant? Please explain.

    • Hello Chukwuemeka,

      If you registered for the education bursary, the date for the examination has not yet been determined.

          • Sir I have the same problem with this guy question I applied for Bsc education when I try to check its showing someone details that it’s not mine my own its showing EB and other one it’s NA so I don’t understand their difference we that applied for EB are going to get the scholarship or what sir

  18. Hello there!
    I came to realize that qualified candidates must have a minimum of 4.00 CGPA in a 5.00 grade point system.
    I have 3.94, but I registered and sat for the exam on 15th.
    Does that disqualify me?

    • Hello Suleiman,

      Your grade disqualifies you. But don’t lose hope. Wait till they start contacting people for verification.

  19. Hi I want to ask, I misplaced my admission letter at the venue but I proceeded to write the exams, hope it won’t be an issue or affect my chances of getting the scholarship?

  20. I took the test on the 15th too at Ilorin. I will like to know if there is any idea of the cut-off mark. I heard it is likely 70%.

    Also, is the cut-off mark for undergraduates going to be different from that of postgraduates?

    • Hello Sonic,

      There is no cut-off mark. The results will not be released. So one cannot tell if undergraduates and Postgraduates have the same cut-off mark.

  21. Good afternoon ma,I registered on the 17th of October 2022.If I check my CBT centre the answer I get is “NO RECORD FOUND”.

  22. Good evening SIR,
    I missed out on the Exam schedule due to school examination, do dey conduct make up exams or it’s automatic forfeiture

  23. Hi, I took the exam for the scholarship today successfully, but I tried logging in with my Gmail it didn’t work, and I also tried recovery password and it showed my Gmail is incorrect, please what should I do ?

  24. Good day sir, I was not able to finished my exams , it was submitted automatically, is that a bad omen? Pls can you comment? Thanks Sir/ma

  25. Hi good morning, thank you ma’am for the information. Am having issue with checking my CBT exam slip am seeing a different person from Gombe sunusi uthoman ishola FSB/NA and am from kaduna FSB/EB and he is writing the exam today, pls can you explain when FSB/EB will be writing the exam i sent a mail [email protected] but the respond i got was their is difference between FSB/NA and FSB/EB.

  26. I am greatly been affected by the flood, I will be coming from Bayelsa state, base on the brake of the East West road, did FG postponed CBT exam or it’s still going on?

  27. Good day,
    While applying I found it difficult to print out the application form after a successfull application. I am now shortlisted, please is that application printout neccessary and if yet how can I get it?

  28. I applied for the FSB (NA) and I am also an education student. I have been shortlisted for the first one, would that affect my chances of getting the scholarships?

      • Good morning pls my exam is today, but a message from 55019 came in around 11pm stating that my exam center has been changed but the examination time and date remains the same. How do I go about it pls

        • Hello Goodluck,

          Were you posted to a different state? If it’s within the same state, you can reprint your exam slip and head to the venue.

          If not, you will have to head to the initial venue and explain your situation to them.

  29. Good day ma, how long does it take to be shortlisted for the exam, after the completion of the application?
    Because I completed mine yesterday and it’s showing no record found

    • Hello Joy,

      If you applied for the education bursary, you will not write the exam with this batch.

      You will be shortlisted for a different exam at a later time.

      • Pls admin is it possible that the exam center can be changed just some hours before the exam because I received an SMS from 55019 stating that my exam center has been changed but the examination time and date remains the same.

  30. Hi,
    Thanks for your ceaseless efforts to clarify things to us.

    Please, how many subjects are we expecting for the CBT and how many questions for each subject, with their time duration, because I’m seeing different things online and I’m a bit confused.

    I’ll appreciate you listing them

    Thanks in anticipation

  31. Hi, thanks for your replies to my previous question, they were really helpful
    I have a question again how is the scholarship going to be awarded???

    • Hello Theophilus,

      It is my pleasure to help. After your application, the following follows

      -You’ll be shortlisted for the exam.
      -And after the exam ,another shortlisting will follow for those who passed the exam.
      – Finally, the verification process follows.

      It is after the verification that the money will be paid to your account.

  32. Hi
    My name is Agada Gift, I tried to check for my exam date and they asked me for the last six digits of my application number I entered it only for me to see another person’s details I don’t understand help me out

    • Hello Folasade,

      Try again now. Their website was down yesterday but it’s okay now.

      Also, if you registered recently under the education bursary, it’ll be blank because shortlisting has not started for that batch.

  33. Hi Chiamaka,
    Please is it possible for them to close down the site to download exam slips? Because people haven’t been able to log in

  34. Good morning. Please I tried checking the website to print the exam venue and date since yesterday but it is not loading. Please what should I do?
    And please, the printout that we are requested to bring to the exam venue, Is it the application printout?

    • Hello Favour,

      The website is down at the moment. Just keep trying. Hopefully, they’ll resolve it before the 15th.

      It’s not the application printout. The slip should show the venue, date and time of the exam.

  35. I tried checking to print my exam slip at midnight both with chrome and safari browsers but it showed database error.

    Is it possible for them to have locked up the portal?

  36. Good day. Please I have been trying to login to print my exam venue and date but the link is not loading in any of my browsers. Please what do I do?
    2) The printout we are to take to the exam venue, does this refer to the application printout?

      • Good evening ma’am, I am ugorji Gideon Chibuzo from port Harcourt, I apply for this bursary scholarship with application number FSB/EB/2022/028219, actually want to reprint my form to know when nd where I will write my cbt exam but am seeing a different name with different location Gombe state, what should I do?

        • Hello Blessing,

          Everyone is writing at the same time on the same day. I recommend that you look for somewhere close to your venue where you can sleep over so that you can be there on time.

          • Hello ma, please do I need to carry my credentials for the exam or am I only required to print the application and also exam details form?

          • Hello Peter,

            The only things you are required to take to the venue are your examination slip and your admission letter.

          • Thank you very much for your responses ma. My exam time is slated for 10am. Please how early am I supposed to arrive at the venue?

  37. Pls am chidiebere from Borno state,are we to show our CGP on the day of exam or only our admission letter and the print out of our date and exam.how many questions we are to answer and the time.how can i get past questions and answers for it

  38. Admin, please I have been trying to login to print my exam venue and date but the link can’t load from my chrome what should I do?

  39. Admin, please I have been trying to login to print my exam venue and date but the link can’t load from my chrome what should I do

  40. Hi
    I’ve some few questions to ask

    Firstly what are the requirements to apply for this scholarship

    Secondly what are the requirements/documents to present at the exams venue

  41. Good morning sir. Please, I was shortlisted for the exam sir, but I couldn’t log in to my FSBN account. I also tried to reset password, it’s saying “Invalid email”. Please, what could be wrong?

  42. Hello chiamaka
    Please do you by any chance know if we are allowed to bring calculator to the exam centre

    And how many minutes or hours will the exam last

  43. so when a person’s CGPA is less than 3.5 and was shortlisted for the exams, how about during documentations and physical screening?

  44. Hi am Faruq, i am among the shortlisted, but I lost my application printout, and I couldn’t log into the portal, kept showing invalid….is the printout(not the venue and date) needed anywhere else? Thanks

    • Hello Ibrahim,

      The scholarship is worth 100,000 Naira for undergraduate HND/NCE and for Postgraduates, it is worth 180,000 Naira.

  45. Are the board will Grant us with levies or is a sponsorship to Abroad And it’s related to the current scholarship of bursaries? If no, can I apply for bursaries scholarship ?

    • Hello Bakura,

      I don’t fully grasp your questions, but you can only apply for the bursary scholarship if you are studying education.

  46. Hi chiamaka my name is usman I mistakenly filled the application form my department is industrial chemistry but I wrote biochemistry but I was shortlisted can I write the test? Thank you

  47. Good day
    As you said as long as the person was shortlisted to sit for the exam even if he did not reach the require criteria.
    How about when then the time for the physical screening or documentation?

  48. Good day
    As you said as long as the person was shortlisted for sit for the exam even if he did not reach the require criteria.
    How about when then the time for the physical screening or documentation?

  49. please I just checked my slip and notice there is an error in my name
    how I can get it corrected & Hope it won’t stop me from writing the exam

    • Hello Crown,

      There’s nothing that can be done to correct it at this time.

      If you get to the exam venue and it tries to pose an issue, you can explain yourself to the examiners.

    • I was shortlisted for the exam. I am a medical student. I don’t know if the scholarship is only for Education Students. Also, I am still in 100l so no CGP yet, will that be a problem?

      • Hello Jessy,

        The first batch of the POST UTME is generally for Undergraduates and Post Graduates but the ongoing application is only for students in Education.

        If you were shortlisted for the first exam, you can write it though I do not know how that will be possible without your GPA.

  50. Hello
    Good Day Sir/Ma
    My friend was shortlisted to write for the exams of fsbn.com.ng but he did not reach the required criteria like, his CGPA is less than 3.5 on a 5CGPA grading system.
    so will he further to go and write the exams or not?

    • Dear Ahmad,

      The scholarship is for undergraduates in Nigeria and Post Graduates abroad.

      There’s also one for undergraduates who wish to school in Russia and some other non-English speaking countries.

  51. Hey Chiamaka, I heard that in d last two batches all candidate who were shortlisted and wrote the exams were all awarded the scholarship, that being shortlisted is as good as being awarded. How true is this?

  52. Hey Chiamaka, I heard that in d last two batches all candidate who were shortlisted and wrote the exams were all awarded the scholarship, that being shortlisted is as good as being awarded. How true is this?

  53. Hey Chiamaka, I heard that in d last 2 batch, all candidate who got shortlisted and wrote d exams were awarded the scholarship, that getting shortlisted is almost as good as getting it. How true is this pls?

    • Hello Joseph,

      Getting shortlisted is just one step in the scholarship process. You also have to pass the exam to be awarded the scholarship.

    • Hello Anita,

      Many people apply for the exam in a year. There are not enough materials for all of them. So the federal government chooses to cut that number according to its requirements.

      You might not have completely met the requirements or you might have been cut off for reasons best known to the board.

  54. Hello good, I am Abba Shada I applied for scholarship and I have been shortlisted for the test, I’m living in Maiduguri, Borno State and my examination center is in Yola, Adamawa State as contained in my slip. Does that means I must have to travel to Yola for the test, and please is the cbt test compulsory?

  55. I’m Fatima Usman Haruna
    From Kano state.I have checked the portal for my exam venue and time but they said ‘record not found ‘.
    Please and please address Me!

  56. I by name Abdulsalam sani
    From zamfara, I intend to see my time and venue,
    They said ” the record not found
    Please address me please

    • Hello Abdul,

      Right now, the application has ended the Board requires that you have to be a full-time student of a University or Polytechnic to be eligible for application.

    • Hello Rasheed,

      It means that you were among the shortlisted candidates for the exam.

      If you are still eligible, you can apply next year.

      • Pls if I may ask ma, when exactly is the exam commencing ? Cos I’m still yet to get my exam venue and date. And I’m sure I met all the requirements cos I’m on a CGPA Of 4.34

        • Hello Olamide,

          The exam is scheduled to hold on 15th October.

          If it is implying “no records found”, it means you were not shortlisted for the examination.

          • Hi, I just finished my exams and was automatically submitted, but showed me candidate completed the exams, is that a bad omen?

        • Hello I’m aysha from Kano. I applied for PhD scholarship but I’m yet to be contacted as we speak and I met all the requirements.
          Kindly assist


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