How to Create Gmail Account for JAMB Registration 2023

Creating an email address with Google Gmail is the first step for your JAMB registration. It is with the email that you will use to create your JAMB profile.

JAMB profile is an online platform to get your pin for UTME registration. The platform gives you access to your CAPS and other related facilities. 

The creation of a Google Gmail Account for JAMB profile creation is free of charge. The best part is that you can create it yourself with ease by following the guide in this post.

You can set up your email with other email registrars like Yahoo, Microsoft Mail, e.t.c. But it is better to create a Google Gmail account. 

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A Gmail account is the best option as many students use android devices. It is easy to create with use for JAMB registration. 

Also, it would be easier for you to recover your password if you misplace the information.

Students who registered for the previous JAMB exam must create a new email for the new UTME. For example, if you wrote JAMB last year and you are retaking the exam.

You should create a new Gmail account. Do not use the email for your previous registration.

Many students always make the mistake of forgetting their JAMB email address or password. 

It is a serious challenge because you cannot accept your admission without your email. You must keep your email and password details safe to avoid difficulties later.

In this post, I will show you an easy step by step procedure on how you can create your email address for JAMB registration.

Information for JAMB Email Address

Here is the list of information you must have to create a Gmail account for JAMB with an example;

  • Full name – Foluke Amarachi
  • Email address –
  • Password – folukerachi1767@
  • Phone number – 08134182464
  • Date of Birth – 2nd November 2003

Note: Use your details for the above examples.

How to Create Email for JAMB

Here are the procedures on how to create an email address for JAMB registration;

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your phone

    You can use a Safari browser if you use an iPhone.enter Gmail as web address

  2. Enter as the website address

  3. Click on Get Gmail

    click on get mail to create Gmail

  4. Fill in your First and last name

    Your first name is your own name while your last name is your surname.enter your email details

  5. Enter your Username

    The username will be your email address.

  6. Type your Password

  7. Click on the blue Next button

  8. Enter your phone number

    Your phone number would be used to recover your account if you forget your password. Make sure that you use the correct mobile number.enter your personal details

  9. Fill in your alternate email address

  10. Select your date of birth

  11. Select your Gender

  12. Click on the blue Next button

  13. Scroll down and click on the I agree to button

    Here is where you will agree to the Privacy and Terms of on I agree

  14. You would be signed in automatically to your new Gmail account

    Here is the last step to create your Gmail account for JAMB registration.

How to Recover JAMB Email Address Password

Here is the procedure on how to recover your JAMB email address password;

click on forgot password
  • Go to on your Chrome browser
  • Enter your email address
  • Click on the Next blue button
  • Click on Forgot Password?
  • Enter the last password you can remember
  • Click on the Next blue button
  • Enter the verification code sent to your phone number
  • Click on Send
  • Create a new password for your Gmail account

I would love to hear from you.

Let me know in the comment box if you have any questions or need clarification.

Also, you can ask me questions related to JAMB and admission.

I wish you success in your JAMB examination. 

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19 thoughts on “How to Create Gmail Account for JAMB Registration 2023”

  1. I tried opening a jamb account/e-facility, for my jamb reprinting but it said invalid email when I wrote my email. And I linked that email address to jamb. What will I do next

    • Dear Andrew,

      It is possible to register the email you used for Jamb on your phone. Nothing can be done to change it in the jamb portal,

  2. Please how can I link my email address to jamb I have tried it so many times but it keeps saying that the site might have been changed Or temporary problem Pls help me out

  3. I do not understand,I’ve tried creating a new Gmail account but I don’t know what the email address because it’s my dad’s phone and he says he doesn’t remember the password he used to make the email address, please what can I do🙏🏾

  4. I’ve been trying to link my email to 55019 for almost a week now yet no reply from jamb neither is there any deduction on my airtime, it only shows “now, sms that all” please 🙏 what do I do

    • Hello Goodnews,

      Sorry about your experience with getting your profile code.

      Did you not generate your profile code during your JAMB registration?

    • Moses,

      You cannot create an email account with a button phone.

      Get a smartphone from anyone close to you to create your email address.

  5. I registered for jamb this year but I wasn’t asked to create an email and no email was put in during my registration. Now I can’t get my jamb profile. What do I do?


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