Login into the JAMB UTME Portal Using Registration Number 2024

Login to the JAMB UTME portal using your registration number gives you access to the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination eFacility.

The JAMB efacility is an online portal for UTME students to print result slips & admission slips, access the JAMB CAPS, check admission status, apply for data correction, regularize admission, etc.

Every JAMB applicant must have access to the efacility portal. It gives you access to all the UTME services for students.

The procedure to link your email address to create your JAMB profile is here. Also, check here to learn how to create a JAMB profile.

This post aims to show you the procedures for login into the JAMB portal using your registration number, email and password.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance creating or login into the JAMB portal.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

JAMB Portal

Check admission status

The online JAMB portal serves the following functions;

Login to JAMB UTME Portal Using Registration Number

Here are the procedures to login into your JAMB portal using your registration number, email address and password;

Time needed: 1 minute

A tutorial on how to login to the JAMB portal using registration number

  1. Open your phone browser

    Launch your Google Chrome or Safari browser on your smartphonechrome browser

  2. Visit the JAMB online facility portal login page

    Go to https://jamb.gov.ng/Efacility on your phone browserJAMB efacility login

  3. Enter your email address and password

    Type your e-Mail Address and PasswordJAMB profile login

  4. Click on Login

    Select the blue button with the Login textJAMB profile login

  5. Select the JAMB examination year

    Click on the dropdown menu to select your JAMB examination yearJAMB Portal

  6. Click on any of the icons to access the JAMB portal

    Select any of the large buttons with text to carry out an activity on the facility portalCheck admission status


How do I check my JAMB result from last year?

1. Open your phone browser
2. Visit the JAMB result checker portal login page
3. Enter your JAMB registration number, phone number or email address
4. Click on Check My Results

Can I still print my JAMB result?

Yes, you can print your JAMB result on https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/CheckUTMEResults

How much does it cost to print the original JAMB result?

It will cost you the sum of one thousand naira (₦1,000) to print your original JAMB result from the online portal.

Can JAMB original result be printed twice?

You can print your JAMB original result three (3) times on the JAMB online portal. It is better to save your original result as a PDF file on your phone.

Is JAMB original result compulsory?

Yes, JAMB original result is compulsory for your first year clearance after getting admission to your school of choice. It will be requested by your school’s Faculty clearance admission officer.

How can I get my JAMB email and password?

Send “PASSWORD email” to 55019. For example, your text message should look like this – Password [email protected]

Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance in the comment box below.

I wish you success.

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292 thoughts on “Login into the JAMB UTME Portal Using Registration Number 2024”

    • Layo,

      You must visit the JAMB CBT centre to upload your O’level result to your CAPS.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  1. Hello sir I need your help about I want check my admission status but I logged my email and password but I saw invalid email or password, but I trying to add the email in to another phone do to know it’s a password’s problem or not and it be successful added, but at jamb portal it can’t what is the solution?

  2. pls sir i have serious issue i did FT (full time)during my Nd im now in final year so i went for regularization and the age on my jamb is 30 so i did not summit the form to my school im as to another and summit so i did caps using PT (part time )wont i have any problem when i went to summit it

  3. I did jamb in 2021 so I have access to jamb Caps and I registered another one in 2022 but my gmail wasn’t linked to the jamb but I have my number on it and we were told now to check jamb caps for admission and have been trying to check it but I couldn’t fill my registration number because the space provided wasn’t working and I don’t know what to do … I’m confused ? Any help?

      • Please I need your advice, I registered the wrong email in my Jamb and it seems that the email itself isn’t a registered one, I can’t be able to access my Jamb portal please what do I do?

        • Hello Unique,

          Visit the JAMB CBT centre to update your JAMB profile email address.

          Let me know if you have further questions.

  4. Please sir, I have been trying to get my password but it isn’t working (using the reset password) and through sms.
    Sir, please what can l do now.

  5. Hello sir
    How’re you doing?

    I hope you can help me sir

    I can’t login my jamb portal because I lost my gmail, password and sim card

    I didn’t remember my gmail password and I didn’t link nin to my sim card so I can retrieve it

    The information I have is just the email address and my registration number please ? sure

    • Hello Jubril,

      I’m doing well, thank you.

      In this situation, you must visit the JAMB CBT centre for assistance.

      Is there no way for you to retrieve your lost sim? That would make the process easy for you.

  6. good day sir I want to print my original slip but the portal is not allowing I don’t know why
    I need help sir it’s urgent

  7. Please sir have done my jamb in2021 and I want to use it this year but I can’t find it I don’t know how to find it I have the register number with sir

  8. Please sir I really want to know if my first choice of institution is correct so to know if I will buy form for change of institution

  9. I did my exam on first may I have not see my result I have tried it with the 55019 or 66019 and send it to the time an it saying my result is not yet release it already one week have not see my result have tried it online is not giving me any response these my registration number 202331544670CA help to check it please.

  10. Good evening sir
    I tried logging to my email to check my admission status through CAPS but each time I try i receive replies like no match, and I have also tried to retrieve the email account but to no avail
    Pls help me

  11. sir y is it that i cant login to my jamb profile and is the profile code the the password, bcuz am confused sir

  12. Sir am having issues with the number I used for my NIN because the number is not for me is for my sister nd she’s no more using it again nd like this I can’t check my result…so sir how will I go about it

  13. Please I can check my jamb result because I the Sim I use to register for jamb have lost so how can I get the result.

  14. hello sir,
    jamb has congratulate me for accepted the admission to Eksu, but not yet admitted in Eksu porta. i don’t know what happened.
    waiting for your reply.

  15. Please sir, I have an issue…. I misplaced d Sim card dat I used in registering jamb last year…. So during this year(2023)I tried to change the phone number but they said that it can’t be change, and they just put my email…. So I don’t know how to check my result.. I login into my jamb portal but I did not see it… Please help me….

  16. My exam center was at this address mention: prime Touch computer, plot 5&6 beside Gzi company Area 5. Opic Estate iperin, ogun state. But unfortunately getting there, because I used the Google map to get the address of place, getting I could not find any exam center, and I asked the people leaving around the vicinity of the area, but they all said no exam held at the place. So pls what can we see to this?

    • Hello Tomiwa,

      Sorry for missing the exam.

      Recheck your exam date because you should be rescheduled for another exam on Saturday.

  17. Hello, good evening please I was given on 26/4/2023 for my exam but unfortunately I was rescheduled. I am yet to be re fixed. Please help

    • Hello Joy,

      Sorry about the experience with your JAMB exam.

      You will be scheduled to sit for your exam on Saturday.

      I wish you success.

  18. My jamb portal is just showing last year exam year instead of this year 2023 what could be the problem ? And besides am I supposed to reprint for jamb mock exam

  19. Please sir I tried logging with my email and the correct password but couldn’t.
    Then I later tried to create a new account but it’s showing me invalid GSM number and that’s the very number I used for my jamb.
    Please what can I do? I seriously need your help sir.

  20. Pls sir am having an issue here i use the number i have use to register be4 and it bring same email I use that year and the problem is I don’t remember the password and the email has been link i don’t even remember the password for the jamb portal hope it won’t affect my admission process and will I be able to print out my jamb result slip pls help me sir

  21. Good evening sir am having a problem here sir the number I used to register for 2019 jamb is also what I used to register this year jamb so the email of 2019 also reflect with this year and the problem is I don’t no that email password again and the email is link with jamb in 2019 and also I can’t access my jamb portal hope it won’t affect me
    And I also want to print out jamb result slip can I do that in jamb cbt center pls reply me sir

  22. I can’t access my portal with my phone cause I don’t have access to my email and I’ve forgotten the password I lost my phone but My sim is intact

  23. Please I need help. I’ve been trying to login to my jamb CAPS to see if my results have been uploaded but anytime I click on ”access my CAPS’ it says I’m not eligible for the services . I don’t know what to do

  24. Am trying to login on the jamb portal with the email i used for my jamb but its writing invalid email…i tried opening another email and using it but its still writing the same thing….PLS HELP ME

  25. Hello
    I used the email I used for my last 2 years jamb and the email is invalid, i tried opening another email with it but it won’t work,, pls I need solution

  26. I couldn’t log in to the Jamb portal because the place to type in my email address did not work. Could it be because I don’t have a updated browser. I use opera mini.

  27. Good evening Sir
    Please my phone was stolen last year and I could not recover the Sim nor my email address
    Please my problem now is, I have to login to my jamb portal for regulization .. please I need your help

  28. Hi
    I’ve been trying to log in to Jamb portal. I’ve already linked my email changed password but it still won’t open
    Pls help me

    • Hello Israel,

      Can you open the wrong email you used on your phone?

      If you can’t, I’ll recommend you go to the JAMB office.

  29. Ma pls I used a wrong email address and I couldn’t get the password to login I went to jamb office and they told me to send STATUS 2022 to 55019/66019 I tried it but it has been replying unable to charge,now I want to ask is because of the network I am using which is airtel or what because I don’t know what the problem is

      • I’m having the same problem here but I didn’t use a wrong password
        I’ve forgotten my gmail password and my phone got stolen and I can’t retrieve the sim
        I’ve been trying to check my status through sms but it’s saying network error

  30. Hello sir, i am able to access the jamb caps but when i click on check admission status it doesn’t respond non of the menu respond s

  31. pls i’m having an issue here
    lost access to my email, i have been trying to retrieve it and its not going through
    i cant login to confirm my o level upload currently
    cant access my profile and portal too
    pks anyway you guys could help ?

  32. Good day
    pls my sis is having an issue
    she lost access to her gmail account and we cant have access to her profile and the portal online
    anyway you guys can help ?

    • Hello Ephraim,

      Did she forget the password to the account or did she forget the email address she used?

      The email address she used is written on the JAMB slip she used during the examination.

      If she disputed the wrong email, she can use that wrong email to open another Gmail account.

      Can you please say what exactly the problem is?

    • Hello Precious,

      You can use the method below

      -Text, using the SIM used for the JAMB registration, STATUS 2022 to 55019/66019
      -A confirmation message will enter your phone after being charged N50.
      -This message should state if you’re offered admission for the year or not.

      Or you can resolve the issue you have with your email address by going to a JAMB centre.

      • I logged into my caps,selected 2022 as the examination year but the registration number updated is that of 2021 and i cant click on it to change it ,the activities showing on my caps is 2021 activities because of the registration number.what do i do please?

  33. I used an email that I’ve used to write jamb before to register for this year jamb and now I can’t seem to login to this year’s portal

    Is there anyway I can login using just my Registration number?

      • Ma, I am unable to access my Jamb CAps.. It’s telling me to input my registration number for 2022 but I am unable to click it. What should I do ma?

        • Dear Mayomi,

          It is a general problem faced by all who wrote JAMB this year. Your details have not yet been uploaded to the JAMB site.

          • I wrote jamb twice but when I change the year to this year only my previous year’s details and registration number are still showing. What should I do?

          • Hello Wofai,

            There’s no cause for alarm. The details of those who wrote JAMB this year have not been uploaded to the JAMB portal. That’s why it’s displaying your details from last year.

            Let me know if you have more questions.

  34. Please, I want to access my 2022 profile on jamb portal, and they are asking me to supply my registration number, how do I go about it?

    • Dear Daniel,

      I suggest you open the same email with your phone if it still available as linking it with a new email address is not exactly possible.

  35. Please Sir I Linked Wrong Email To My Jamb And I Have Been Trying To Get My Password Through Sms But Their Reply Is Unable To Charge Net Err I Dont Even Know What To Do Please Help Me What Should I Do

  36. Please sir I forgot my jamb portal password and I’m trying to reset it but it’s saying that the email is invalid
    But it’s the same email I used to register my jamb
    What do I do please

  37. Sir I can’t access my jamb caps…anytime I login using 2021 my registration number is showing but not after changing the year to 2022..
    The registration space is always null if I change the year to 2022 and I’m using desktop mode but I still can’t input my registration number..

    • Adedeji,

      You would need to visit the JAMB office to correct your wrong phone number.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  38. Please I’m having difficulties in accessing my jamb portal what should I do I need to print out my jamb result please help me out

    • Dickton,

      What exactly is the challenge with accessing your JAMB portal?

      Is this your first time attempting to log in to the JAMB portal?

  39. Sir, I used my last year email to login to my portal, but the problem is that I wrote another jamb this year and I can’t check the admissions I have been given on that portal… It keeps requesting for registration number and the space where I am supposed to type it isn’t responding.. What do I do??

      • Am having the same problem
        I just did change of institution so I want to check if my name has reflect but it’s not opening what do I do

        • Ifeoluwa,

          Do you mean you cannot access your JAMB profile or CAPS?

          Note that it can take weeks for the changes to reflect on your JAMB profile.

        • Dear Mary,

          The details of those who wrote JAMB this year have not been uploaded to the JAMB site and that has been the source of the problem for most candidates.

      • Have linked my email to jamb but they didn’t send me password,please i need yourr help.i tried resetting the password yet nothing.

        • Hello Michael,

          Are you sending the message with the phone number linked to your NIN?

          It could be network problem. Try again at night.

  40. Good morning sir
    I’ve created my jamb profile but I can’t access my jamb Caps it keep on showing not eligible
    I just write the exam this year

  41. Hi I just did my jamb reqularization I want to log in to it back to print in out in colour printing I can’t log in to my profile they said invalid email or password how do I go about it please answer me quickly the email is [email protected]

    • Shukurat,

      Were you previously able to log in to your JAMB profile?

      Was the admission regularization slip printed from your JAMB profile?

      • Good day I’m having issues to login my jamb portal
        1. I’ve forgotten my password
        2. I’ve lost that sim card i used to register
        3. When i try logging in it says: Invalid e-Mail Address or Password Try Again.
        What can i do to have access to my jamb portal again pls there’s a jamb office closest to me.

  42. Good day sir, I tried to access CAPS through the portal by trying to put in my registration number but can’t, please help me???

  43. Please I have linked my Email but I didn’t get my login details
    I went to jamb office to complain
    They asked me what do I want to do,I told them change of course

    Before that…jamb responded to me online that I should repeat the process
    So I went back …in the process of repeating they found out that I have already linked the email…so
    They created a pin for me and asked me to make payments
    Which I later did because they were shouting that if am not serious I should get out of the office that am doing ITK…


    • Hello Glory,

      Sorry about your experience at the JAMB office.

      What happened next after you made payment at the JAMB office?

      Have you gotten your login details to access your JAMB portal?

  44. How can I log in to my jamb caps with only my registration number.
    because I have linked my email to my jamb profile, but the caps is just showing my olevel results I just uploaded this month, and while trying to access my jamb Caps it was saying please supply registration number

  45. I want to log in my jamb portal but it taking me to my last year jamb detail
    Instead of this year details
    Please is it because I use the same email address

    • Hello Victoria,

      Click on the drop-down menu at the top of your screen to select your current examination year.

      Let me know if you encounter further challenges.

  46. Please am having difficulty in supplying my registration number on jamb cap it showing last year own

  47. I opened my jamb profile last year(2021) do I till need to open another one dis year(2022) because I can’t seems to check my O’level result

  48. Yes, I have tried it. I didn’t get any message from that. That’s why I said I lost the Sim card I used registered then. I there any other way?

      • Please sir I’m really sorry to intrude in this I’m facing the same issue sir so I’ll have to proceed to the jamb office closest to me to retrieve my account… What are the details I’ll have to go with to the jamb office

  49. Pls, am an HND student and I have problem trying to logic in to my jamb portal. The problems is that I have forgotten my password and I have also lost the Sim I used registered. Is there any other alternative? Pls!

  50. How can I log in to my jamb caps with only my registration number because I’ve forgot every detail of the email I used

    • You can only access the JAMB CAPS portal by login in with your email and password.

      Have you tried to retrieve your password?

  51. Hi..
    I recently uploaded my O’level result to jamb portal for admission 2022/2023 academic session but I couldn’t view it at Jamb portal.
    Pls, why is it so?

    • Hello Collins,

      You may have to try again later, at night.

      The issue is with JAMB.

      Let me know if you encounter an error at a later date.

  52. please is there a way i can print admission letter without email address just with registration number. if there is tell me the procedure.

  53. I went for change of name on the 10th of June,after it was done, I received an email on the 11th of june saying that my application for change of name has been rejected because the name does not relate to the previous name. Am really confused pls help me

  54. I tried logging into JAMB portal with my linked email and password ,but it rejected it saying wrong email or password meanwhile I got the password from 55019 after linking my email

    • Kausara,

      Try again later in the later. It could be a problem with the JAMB portal.

      Let me know if the problem persists.

  55. I have tried sending UTMERESULTS to 55019 but they keep telling me your results has not been released,I don’t understand please help me

  56. I can’t access if my O’level has been uploaded because my jamb caps is not going it’s showing supply registration number. What should I do? Or is there a way I can access my caps information through registration number?

    • You will have to find a way to retrieve the sim card or visit a JAMB CBT centre for assistance with checking your result.

      The JAMB result is not yet available online.


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