How to Get Admission in UNN – Everything You Must Know

UNN mode of admission follows the regulations and requirements of JAMB.

Every year, over sixty thousand admission seekers apply to study at the University. 

It is necessary to know the UNN admission requirements and how to pass the UNN Post UTME screening exam.

These guides will help you to avoid common mistakes in your JAMB and UNN Post UTME registration. Also, you would be able to predict your chances of getting admission to UNN.

Getting admission into UNN does not only depend on a high JAMB and Post UTME score. There is certain UNN admission information that you must have at your fingertips. 

In this post, I will take you through all you need to know to get admission to UNN. 

Ask me any questions about JAMB, UNN Post UTME, Hostel & UNN Off-Campus Accommodation, etc. 

UNN Admission Requirements

Here are the UNN admission requirements;

1. UNN O’level Requirements 

Every department in UNN has its O’level requirements. They are the subjects you must have credits for in your O’level result. 

O’level is your WAEC, NECO, GCE and NABTEB result.

UNN requires that you have at least five (5) credit units in relevant subjects.

For example, if you want to study Medical Laboratory Science at UNN. You must have credits in the following subjects;

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology

Not possessing these results would lead to your disqualification.

Let me know if you are uncertain about the correct O’level result you need for the course you want to study at UNN.

O’level Result Combination

In UNN, you can combine two sitting results. It is also possible to combine WAEC and NECO. But some departments like Medicine and Surgery accept only one sitting.

2. UNN JAMB Requirements

The requirements for JAMB is straightforward like that of O’level. But the problem is that due to a lack of information, students register the wrong JAMB subjects.

It will result in you not getting admission for the course you want to study. Every department has its required JAMB combination.

For example, if you want to study Mechanical Engineering. Your JAMB subject combination should be;

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Ensure that you pick the correct subject combination during your JAMB registration.

Tell me the course you want to study in the comment box below. I will tell you the correct subject combination.

JAMB Score

JAMB score accounts for about 60% of your UNN aggregate score. The higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of gaining admission.

The University of Nigeria JAMB cut off mark is usually between 180 – 200. It means that you must have this score before you can apply for the UNN Post UTME exam.

Note that meeting the JAMB cut off mark does not mean that you will get admitted into UNN. Get a score above the cut off mark of the department you want to study.

You will need to read 12 Practical Tips on How to Pass JAMB Excellently.

3. UNN Post UTME Screening Examination

The nature of UNN Post UTME is CBT based on your JAMB subject combination. 

It is like the JAMB exam. This time you will answer 60 questions within an hour. That is 15 questions for each of your JAMB subject combinations.

For example, if you wrote English Language, Literature, Economics and CRS in your JAMB. Questions from these subjects are what you will see in your UNN Post UTME screening exam.

Your JAMB and Post UTME score makes up your aggregate score. The higher your score, the higher your chances of getting admission.

UNN Requirements for Post UTME

Application for UNN Post UTME is on the University Student Portal. It can be stressful for students who do not have the required documents.

Here are the documents you need to apply for UNN Post UTME;

  • Local Government of Origin
  • SSCE Result
  • Primary School Testimonial
  • First School Living Certificate
  • Birth Certificate

Breakdown of UNN Admission Process

UNN follows the National Universities Commission (NUC) admission quota, which is:

  • Merit – 45%
  • Catchment – 35% 
  • Educationally Less Developed States (ELS) – 20%

As an aspirant, you have two ways to gain admission into UNN. They are;

  1. Merit & Catchment
  2. Merit & Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)

UNN Merit List

Every student has equal chances of getting admission through the Merit list. To make this list, you must beat the departmental cut off mark.

Departments in UNN are in charge of setting the cut off marks. The general performance of students in the Post UTME and JAMB examination determine the cut-off.

For example, say 500 students apply to study Fine and Applied Arts at UNN.

The department is to admit 100 students for the academic year.

The merit list comprises 45% of the list.

The best 45 students will make the merit list.

Say the 45th best student has 254 as aggregate.

The cut-off mark for Fine and Applied Arts become 254.

To make the Merit list, you must aim to have a high aggregate score. If you fall under the 45% radar, you will get admission.

Admission to UNN is competitive. Ensure you get the highest score possible in your JAMB and Post UTME examination.

Catchment Area

The catchment area is the second way you can gain admission into UNN. This slot is only available to aspirants from Enugu and neighbouring states.

Here are some of the catchment areas in UNN;

  • Enugu
  • Delta
  • Anambra
  • Ebonyi
  • IMO, etc

The admission quota for catchment is 35%.

If you miss the Merit cut off mark, you can still make the first list via catchment list.

For example, assume the Merit cut off mark for Pharmacy is 310.

You are from Delta State with an aggregate score of 290.

You will miss out on the Merit cut off because your score is not up to 310.

Say Pharmacy decides to admit five (5) students from Delta to the UNN primary admission list.

If your score of 290 is the second-highest for Pharmacy aspirants from Delta State.

Your name will be on the primary admission list. It is because you have the second-highest score from Delta State. It is how catchment admission works in UNN.

If you are from a UNN catchment area, aim for an aggregate that beats the Merit and catchment cut off mark.

Educationally Less Developed States (ELS)

Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS) quota is the third way you can gain admission into UNN.

This admission slot is for students who are from the ELDS states like Kogi, Kwara, Kaduna, Benin, Zamfara, etc.

The admission quota for ELDS is 20%. The smallest compared to the Merit and Catchment slot.

Only a few students from ELDS states apply to study at UNN. It is why the competition is less compared to catchment areas. 

For example, over 1,000 students from Enugu State may apply to Medicine and Surgery in UNN.

The number of students applying from Kwara State to study Medicine can be 10.

A student from Kaduna State (ELDS) with a score of 260 may make the primary admission list for Medicine. 

But a student with 290 from Anambra State may not make the Primary Admission list for Medicine. It is because the student did not meet the Merit and catchment area cut off mark.

Anambra State cut off mark is high because many students from the state apply to UNN.

Note that the Merit, Catchment and ELDS admission quota is for the Primary Admission list. It is the first admission list released by the University.

There is no tribalism in the UNN admission process.

It is my advice for you to work towards making the Primary Admission List.

Struggle to meet the departmental cut off mark and be among the best students from your state of origin.

If you do not meet the cut off marks, the University may decide to change your course of choice to something else.

For example, you applied to study Law without meeting the cut off mark. You may see your name on the admission list for Political Science instead of Law.

These changes do not usually go well for some students who want to study their dream course.

Change of Department in UNN

Change of department is possible in UNN after your first year. The application form is about fifty thousand Naira.

To change your course, you must offer the same subjects in your first year for the department you want. 

For example, you can change from Biochemistry to Pharmacy. You will offer all the first-year Pharmacy courses.

Change of department can be a little bit technical. The department you want to change to must accept your application. Also, your current department would need to approve your request to change department. 

My advice is to make the necessary inquiries concerning the change of the course process. Go to the department you want to change to and make adequate enquiries.

UNN Shopping Form

UNN shopping form is available online after the release of the first admission list. It is for applicants who do not meet the cut off mark.

You will be able to shop for some specified departments with a shortfall of students. 

The shortfall of students means that only a few students applied to the department. The shopping form is to get people to fill these departments.

You can get admission through the shopping list and also by supplementary list.

Many people buy UNN shopping forms to be on the safe side. So they do not miss out on the admission process.

If you get double admission, you can visit the University ICT to select the course you prefer. 

For example, you get admitted for Combined Biological Sciences through a shopping list. A few weeks later, you see your name on the admission list for Nursing Sciences.

You will go to the admission office and ICT to notify them that you prefer Nursing Sciences. They will sort everything out for you.

UNN Post UTME Admission List

Here are the different types of admission list in UNN;

  • Primary Admission List
  • Supplementary Admission List
  • Direct Entry Admission List
  • Shopping Admission List
  • Visually Impaired and Other Handicapped Admission List
  • Foreign Candidate admission list
  • VC’s admission list

UNN Cut Off Mark

The University of Nigeria does not release her cut off point online. It is students in various departments in UNN who post these cut off marks online.

UNN First Year Clearance

The UNN first year clearance is the final stage of your admission process. Faculty Officers in the various departments are in charge of the clearance process.

Read UNN First Year Clearance to get details on what you need to know. 

I would love to hear from you. Ask me any questions in the comment box below.

Success to you as you prepare to come to UNN – The Lion Den.

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37 thoughts on “How to Get Admission in UNN – Everything You Must Know”

    • Hi, Peace

      You have got a good chance to study Mass Communication at UNN.

      As I will always say, the higher your aggregate, the higher your chance of admission.

      You need to put up a good performance to get a high aggregate for Mass Com.

      I’m talking about above 290 in the Post UTME.

      Read how to study and pass the UNN Post UTME.

    • Ebenizer,

      Your JAMB score is okay for History and International Studies. You have a good chance.

      What you have to do now is to prepare for your Post UTME exams.

      The higher your aggregate, the higher your chances of getting admission.

  1. Sir, please I included economics in my jamb subject combination,(Economics, government, literature and use of English) though I got 252 and I want to study law, My question is _ Is anything wrong with my subject combination? 👆I just want to be sure I have not chosen the wrong Combination.

  2. Thank you sir, God bless you. I scored 252 in JAMB, do I have any chances to gain admission for Electrical engineering.

    • Yes, Augustine.

      You have a good chance to get electrical engineering at UNN.

      A Post UTME score of 280 will definitely put you on the Merit list.


    • Joy, you have got a shot. Though a slim chance.

      You’d need to score above 320 in your Post UTME to get a high aggregate.

      Also, your state of origin is a determining factor.

    • JAMB score of 200 is low for MLS in UNN.

      You stand a chance if you score high in the Post UTME exams or from an ELDS.

    • Your JAMB score is low for admission to UNN Law Faculty.

      You’d need to score above 320 to make up for the deficit in your JAMB score.

      You should consider doing a change of course to a less competitive department.

  3. I scored 212 in jamb for law in unn.In my waec,i had english c6,maths d7,literature c6,crk c4,govt c6,civic b2,marketing b3,yoruba e8,biology c5.Can i gain admission into unn to study law.

  4. Thanks a lot for these contents, it’s very helpful. I want to be certain about this.
    I have
    Agricultural science
    Civic education,as my o level it accepted for economics in unn?
    I’m asking because I’ve read lot’s of content on it,and sometimes they’re saying different things.

    • Hello Ugochi,

      Your O’level result can get you admission to UNN.

      Admission to Economics requires Mathematics, English Language, Economics and two (2) relevant art subject.

  5. Sir i got 199 in jamb and i want to study theatre and film studies pls what are my chances and also what i need to get in my post utme

    • Well, it is possible to get into Theatre and Films.

      Though, your chances are slim.

      You’d need to score up to 300 to get a good aggregate.

      Theatre and Film Studies is a competitive course in UNN.

      • Yuck man ain’t you the one here stripping little hope people have got left while you still have the outrageous article on here *how to freaking get admission with low jamb score* quite it mahnn!

        • My intention is not to strip students of their hope to gain admission.

          The goal of the Studentship is to provide academic guidance for students to secure admission to higher institutions.

          Let me know if you need admission guidance.

    • Yes, you have a chance though it depends on certain factors.

      You’d need to put up an exceptional performance at the Post UTME to get a good aggregate score for Law.

  6. I wrote economics in jamb, but it’s not in my o’level combination, instead I have crs in place of it…I got B2 in the crs, would they still give me admission?


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