The Abuja Building – University of Nigeria, Nsukka

UNN Abuja Building

The ecstasy generated by the design and building of new Nigerian capital from scratch at Abuja in the early 1980s was still in the air when the construction of the New Faculty of Physical Sciences Block commenced behind the university zoological garden, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 

Looking very much like a giant industrial site, the new building attracted the attention and commendation of the university staff and students who quickly named it the “Abuja Building”.

UNN Abuja Building

The engineers and contractors were so professional that the project was completed at record time.

On completion, Abuja Building also had its own giant generating set, and two commissioned outdoor sculptures designed by El Anatsui and jointly sculpted in terrazzo by El Anatsui, Seth Anku and Mrs S.P.K. Awa (lecturers in the department of Fine and Applied Arts, UNN) in 1983.  

At the south end of the building stands “ For the Upliftment of Man” while the “Ambivalent Hold” sits patiently at the northern end.

Enjoy the beautiful trees and lawns around this historic edifice. Enjoy the beautiful sculpture pieces made by my former teachers. Enjoy also your forced vacation with your families around the country and abroad.

We would survive to tell the stories of what has happened. I am reporting from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 

UNN Abuja Building

Onuorah Chijioke

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