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Based on consultation/interaction with an important stakeholder (a member of our community) in the ABU 2021 admission exercise, we will like to inform our members that certain important decisions were taken and these decisions are likely to come with huge consequences.

They are summarized as follows:

1. No applicant will be given admission to a course he/she did not apply to.

This implies that if a candidate couldn’t secure admission for the course he/she applied for, he/she will automatically lose the admission for 2021.

2. The above point further implies that if the quota for a course is met after following the requirements, a candidate would not have the chance of being taking to another course as it use to be a tradition in the past.

E.g, In the past, if an applicant for MBBS has a JAMB or UTME score of say 230 and couldn’t get admitted into his chosen course MBBS, he can be given another course say Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biological sciences, etc.

This is not going to be possible this year due to the stand of the university not to impose courses on any student as accused in the past.

3. Cut-off mark is to be adhered to strictly. For example, if the cut-off mark for Civil Law is 240, and a candidate’s UTME average is less than that, he or she won’t get Admission in Law and even in any other course given the above points.

4. It is important to note that the difficult decisions were made after due consultation with relevant stakeholders. This is to avoid the accusation of imposition of courses/petition by parents/relatives of applicants when their wards could not secure admission in their first choices.

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