UNN Combined Social Science (CSS) Admission Guide 2024

Combined social science (CSS) is a department in UNN that gives you the opportunity to COMBINE TWO COURSE, especially in the FACULTY OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES.

Although, sometimes, people do combine with the course(s) in the FACULTY OF ART.

One department will be your MAJOR while the other will be your MINOR department.

You will offer more courses from the MAJOR DEPARTMENT, fewer courses from the MINOR DEPARTMENT.

It sounds stressful, right? yes,  every department in UNN is stressful and combined social science is not an exemption.

I also need to clear you on this, there is a big difference between a HARD COURSE and a HARD DEPARTMENT.

A course may be somehow simple but the department may be hard. Lions and Lionesses will understand, especially those in the faculty of the social sciences.

UNN Combined Social Science Combination

Combinations in combined social science are;

  • Political and Sociology
  • Political Science and Philosophy
  • Political Science and Psychology
  • Political Science and Religion
  • Economics and Political science
  • Economics and Philosophy
  • Economics and Psychology
  • Economics and Sociology
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Psychology and Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Religion and Public
  • Administration and Local Government (PALG), etc.

Combination outside Faculty of social sciences include…

  • Religion and history.

Some also combine with mass communication.

Make haste to purchase your shopping form now!

Requirements to Shop into Combined Social Science (CSS)

Here is all you need to shop into UNN combined social science (CSS);

Anyone who applied for any social Science course or arts course can shop to CSS. Those who applied for law can also shop to CSS.

It’s also good you note that it’s the CLEARANCE OFFICER in charge of COMBINED SOCIAL SCIENCE that gives you your Combination based on your WAEC or NECO subject result. You can also choose courses to combine if your do your clearance on time…

If I’m around during your clearance, I will direct you to CSS clearance officer.

UNN Combined Social Science

Why go for Combined Social Science in UNN?

I remember the day a graduate of UNN asked me if I want to be an educationist? It’s a question that trew me in quandary, I was completely bewildered that I have to ask him to at least give an infinitesimal elucidation on the question which he did without shilly-shalling.

Let’s come back to the question, why chose combined social science? It’s simple, it broadens your knowledge, it turns you to an educationist.

Even the likes of Wole Soyinka and many other distinguished academians, etc. all combined two courses during the time of their studies. 

It will also interest you to know that for the past four years, all first class graduates from Political Science department are all combined social science students, second class upper inclusive in all various combinations.

Also, CSS once produced the best graduating student in UNN, 2019/2020 graduating session, (ABEL NWANKWO, from the department of Combined social science (Religion and Public and Local Government, 4.98 CGPA, was the Best Graduating Student of that session).

Is our certificate going to bear double honours or just from the major department?

It depends on the Head Of Department (HOD) of the major department you are combining. Partially the students, i said students, because sometimes students will want their CERTIFICATE to bear the name of their major department alone, while some will want both. It all depends on the students choice…

After your first year you can change to your major department if you wish to and provided your CGPA is up to 3.5, but I don’t think you will consider that when you test the SWEETNESS OF COMBINED SOCIAL SCIENCE.

More information will be given to you once given admission into COMBINED SOCIAL SCIENCE in a WhatsApp group that will be created for you.

Thank you for reading through.

©️ Njoku Victor Ugochukwu, GCR, 0’24

©️ James Ndukwe, Economics/Political Science (Combined),  Comb. Rep. 0’24

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    • Yes, Nmesoma

      It is possible to transfer from Sociology to Law.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

    • Paul,

      Here is the subject combination for Political Science at UNN; Government or History plus two (2) other Social Science/Arts subjects.

    • Yes, Peace

      Changing from Combined Social Science (CSS) to Law in UNN is possible.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      • Please can I get admission In UNN to study political science without having or writing literature in my Olevel result?

        • Paul,

          Here is the subject combination for Political Science at UNN; Government or History plus two (2) other Social Science/Arts subjects.

  1. Please in the combination which is good to offer
    Eng b
    Maths b
    Crk b
    Civic b
    Govt b
    Economic b
    Biology b
    Lit c


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