WAEC Syllabus for Christian Religious Studies (CRS) 2023/2024

The WAEC syllabus for Christian Religious Studies (CRS) is the topic you must study to sit for the examination. It contains the aims and objectives, notes and format for the Christian Religious Studies (CRS) exam.

Studying the Christian Religious Studies (CRS) syllabus is necessary for your exam preparation. It will serve as a guide for you to know the topics to read. There are also notes on concepts you should pay attention to learning.

Exam preparations without using the Christian Religious Studies (CRS) Works syllabus are like going to the farm without your agricultural tools. You will end up not being productive.

Ensure you begin your exam preparations using the syllabus.

This post contains the Christian Religious Studies (CRS) syllabus and recommended textbooks of the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

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WAEC Christian Religious Studies (CRS)

At the end of the three-year course of study, the candidate will be expected to;

  1. have knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the religious, cultural, historical and social background of the biblical materials prescribed to be studied;
  2. understand the nature of biblical moral lessons in the selected passages/themes from the Bible and the extent of their relevance and possible application to present-day social, political, religious and cultural life and existence;
  3. identify difficulties involved in the application of healthy attitudes, concepts and skills acquired from the Bible in ensuring peaceful co-existence and national development;
  4. demonstrate adequate preparation for higher education through critical thinking and independent work.

Scheme of Examination

There will be two papers, Papers 1and 2, both of which will be a composite paper to be taken in one sitting.

PAPER 1: Will consist of fifty multiple-choice objective questions all of which must be answered within 1 hour for 40 marks.

PAPER 2: Will consist of nine essay-type questions.  Candidates will be required to answer four questions within 2 hours for 60 marks.

The questions will be arranged in sections as follows:

Section A:  Themes from the Old Testament – four questions.

Section B: Themes from the Synoptic Gospels and the Acts of the Apostle – three questions.

Section C:  Themes from selected Epistles –  two questions.

Candidates will be required to answer four questions in all, choosing at least one question from each section and the fourth question from either Section A or Section B. 

The Revised Standard Version of the Bible will be used in the setting of questions.    

WAEC CRS Syllabus

Section A

Themes from the Old Testament

1   The Sovereignty of God
God, the Creator God

The Controller of the universe                            
Gen. 1; 2      
2Leadership role:
a. Joseph    
b. Moses        
c. Joshua       
d. Deborah
Gen. 37; 1-28, 41: 1-57, 45: 1-15
3Parental Responsibility: Eli and SamuelJudges 4
1 Sam 2: 11-36; 3:1-
18; 4: 10-22; 8: 1-5
4Consequences of Saul’s disobedience1 Samuel 15: 1-26; 16: 14-23; 31: 1-13
5Submission to the will of God
David’s submission to the will of God
David’s sin, repentance and forgiveness
1 Sam 26;
2 Sam 12: 15-25
6Making Decisions  
Solomon’s wisdom    
The unwise decision of Solomon and Rehoboam
1 Kings 3: 3-28; 4: 29-34; 5: 1-12; 8

1 Kings 9; 15-23; 11: 1-13; 12:1-20
7Supremacy of God
Religious tensions during Ahab’s reign  
Elijah at Mount Carmel
1 Kings 16: 29-34; 17: 1-7; 18: 1-19

1 Kings 18: 17-46
8Greed and its effects AhabGehazi1 Kings 21: 1-29
2 Kings 5
9Religious reforms The reign of King Josiah2 Kings 22; 23: 1-30
10Concern for one’s  Nation
The condition of the nation  
Response to the state of the nation
2 Kings 24; 25;1-17
Nehemiah 1; 2: 9-20; 4
Ezra 1; 4; 5: 1-2; 6: 13-22; 7: 1-10
11Faith in God Faith and courage   Faith and powerDaniel 3
Daniel 6
12Nature of God
(a) True religion and social justice – Amos
(b) God’s divine love – Hosea
Amos 2: 6-8; 4; 5: 1-24; 7: 10-17; 8

Hosea 1; 2; 3; 6

Section B

Themes from the Synoptic Gospels and the Acts Of The Apostles

1Baptism and Temptation of Jesus
The Baptism    
The Temptation                                          
Matthew 3:13-17
Mark 1: 9-11;
Luke 3: 21-22
Matthew 4: 1-11;
Mark 1: 12-13;
Luke 4:1-13        
2The Call and Demands of DiscipleshipMatthew 4: 18-25; 8: 18-22; 9:9-13 ;
Mark 1: 16-20; 2: 13-17;
Luke 5: 1-11; 9: 57-63; 14: 25-33
3Jesus’ Teaching on forgivenessMatthew 6: 12,14-15; 18:21-35
4The Trials of Jesus
Jesus at Gethsemane  
Peter’s Denials    
Condemnation of Jesus
Matthew 26:36-56;
Mk 14: 32-52;
Matthew 26: 69-75;
Mark 14: 66-72;
Luke 22: 54-62
Matthew 26:47-75
Mark 14: 53-72;
Luke 22: 66-71; 23: 1-12
5The Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Crucifixion and burial      
The Resurrection
Matthew 27: 32-66
Mark 15: 16-47;     
Luke 23: 26-56
Matthew 28:1-10
Mark 16: 1-14; Luke 24: 1-35
6Fellowship in the Early ChurchActs 1:15-26; 2:41-47; 4:32-37; 5:1-11; 6:2-6
7The Holy Spirit and the Mission to the Gentiles
The Holy Spirit at Pentecost
Mission to the Gentiles
Acts 2
Acts 9; 11:1-18
8Opposition to the Gospel MessageActs 4:1-31; 5:17-42; 6:8-9; 7:1-10; 12:1-24

Section C

Themes from selected Epistles

1.The Epistles of James
Faith and Works
Effective Prayers  
James 1: 2-27; 2:14-26
James 2:1-13
James 1: 2-8; 5:13-18    
2.The Epistle of 1 Peter
Good Citizenship
Christians Living among non-Christians
Interpersonal Relationship among Christians
1 Peter 2:13-17
1 Peter 2:1-25
1 Peter 5:1-11



  • The Holy Bible (Revised Standard Version)
  • New Clarendon Bible Series
  • Bright, John: History and Religion of Israel
  • Anderson, B. W.: The Living World of the Old Testament
  • Kee. H. C. & Young: The Living World of the New Testament
  • Cambell, D. B. J.: The Synoptic Gospels
  • New Bible Commentary – Cambridge.

Old Testament

  1. Quarcoopome, T. N. O. : History and Religion of Israel AUP, Ibadan, 1986.
  2. Dickson, Kwesi i.   
    • History and Religion of Israel Darton L & T 1968
    • From the Institution of the Monarchy to the fall of the Northern Kingdom

New Testament

  1. Guy, H. A.                           
    • The Life of Christ.                                                
    • The Acts of the Apostles                                                                                                         
  2. Pobee, John S: Matthew and Mark for Schools
  3. Dickson K . A: The Gospel According to Luke (Accra, Asempa Publishers) 
  4. Awolabi Joshua: Simple Approach to Christian Religious Knowledge  Elis Association, Lagos 2011
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